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  1. CLINTONMIDDLE SCHOOL MEDIA CENTER Orientation Presentation 2009-2010

  2. LIBRARY HOURS • Open from 8:00 – 3:30 • Only open at lunch for students with a library lunch pass.

  3. How do I get a pass to go to the library before school starts? • Obtain a pass from Mrs. Gallagher the day before. • Eat breakfast first if you are going to. • Go directly to the library. You will need a pass. • Once you are in the library, you will not be allowed to leave until the 8:20 bell rings.

  4. How to get a lunch pass….. • You must get your lunch pass before the 1st hour tardy bell. • Passes are given first come, first serve: 15 total per lunch. • We will not give you a tardy pass if you are late to class…you must get it in time to get to class. • You must have your pass to show the adults on duty in the cafeteria or you will not be allowed to proceed to the library.

  5. YOU MUST HAVE PASS AT ALL TIMES!! • Check out a book • Take an RC quiz • Research on the Internet • Class assignment • Special permission • We will be watching!

  6. INTERNET PROCEDURES • You must have your library pass (agenda) with you. • You must have written permission and an assignment from a teacher. You will not be allowed to play games during instructional time….only at lunch with the appropriate pass. • If you are here during lunch, you must have special permission. • We watch all computers and we decide what is and is not appropriate.

  7. Inappropriate behavior includes: • Checking e-mail, MySpace, Facebook, and other social networks. • Shopping online • Viewing any Websites that might be considered inappropriate– by me and Mrs. Branch…not you. • Listening to music without a special pass given by me. Remember, using the Internet is a privilege, not a right.

  8. CMS LIBRARY PROCEDURES P rocedures: • You must have a pass and a purpose • Sign in • Return books in book drop espect: • Enter quietly • Work quietly, being respectful of others • Return to class quietly ndividual: Appreciate and respect others ifferences: Celebrate our diversity veryday: • Read everyday • Work hard and do your best everyday PRIDE R I Procedures Respect Individual Differences Everyday D E

  9. ENTRY PROCEDURE • EVERY TIME you enter the library you must come in on the right. • You must stop and sign in on the clipboard. • If you are returning books, drop them in the drop box. Do not leave them on the counter. • Never put a book back on the shelf. • ALWAYS exit on the right.

  10. CHECK-OUT • Anytime your teacher gives you permission. Some teachers will be on the schedule every 2 weeks. • Give us your student ID number at the circulation desk. • You may check out 2 books at a time.

  11. FINDING RC INFORMATION • Blue dot books • Destiny Library Search • Look in Reading Counts to see if we have the test

  12. SEQUOYAH CHALLENGE • READ at least 5 titles. 3 of the books must be from the Intermediate list. • DEADLINE will be early April, 2010. • We will have a special voting party where you will get lunch, play games, and vote for your favorite Sequoyah book.

  13. HOW TO FIND A BOOK • Destiny Search: By title, subject, author, or keyword. • Browse selection of books: Fiction, Non-fiction, Biography, Reference, Spanish, and promotional areas. • Dewey Decimal: The address of the book. • Ask! We will be happy to help.

  14. On-line Digital Catalog • Click on Library Search from desktop in the library. • Internet Search at from home. • Link on Clinton Webpage, Library tab • Search books at Clinton only or at all Tulsa Public Schools. • Login using student i.d. and last name to see your account.

  15. Clinton Middle School Library Webpage

  16. We LOVE to have fun READING! • Monthly Reading Counts contests with prizes and parties • Sequoyah Challenge • Teen Read Week bookmark contest • Book fairs • Book club • Flip-flop book character contest • Read Across America project • 25 Book campaign • TEAM library grant

  17. READ • READ • READ We ALL need practice to improve our skills!