hybrid cloud with openstack bridging two worlds n.
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Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack: Bridging Two Worlds PowerPoint Presentation
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Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack: Bridging Two Worlds

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Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack: Bridging Two Worlds - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack: Bridging Two Worlds. Hai Ming Yang ( yhaiming@cn.ibm.com ). Outline and Presentation Objective. Provide common terminology for discussion What is Hybrid meaning in OpenStack scope? How to bridge two “worlds” The Major User Cases benefit from the hybrid model

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outline and presentation objective
Outline and Presentation Objective
  • Provide common terminology for discussion
    • What is Hybrid meaning in OpenStack scope?
    • How to bridge two “worlds”
  • The Major User Cases benefit from the hybrid model
    • Extend your workload for extra resource in demand (Auto Scale)
    • Recover your OpenStack workload in another cloud (DR)
    • Specific usage cloud (storage cloud and computing cloud)
  • Current Effort on Hybrid
    • An Method of hybrid prototype
    • Where we are
    • The challenge of making hybrid happen
what is hybrid
What is Hybrid
  • Hybrid is to connect public cloud, private cloud to fit the business requirements
    • Public cloud for pay-as-you-go and auto-scale
    • Private cloud for enhanced security, performance, reliability and ultimate control
bridge clouds with regions
Bridge Clouds with Regions
  • Bridge two clouds with two regions
    • The same shared service (Keystone)
    • Multiple regions and each region may cover one rack of servers
  • Targeted for resource consolidation in the same data center
    • Multiple virtualization hypervisor, and bare metal
bridge clouds with federation distributed cloud
Bridge Clouds with Federation (Distributed Cloud)
  • Bridge Two OpenStack Clouds
    • Nothing shared, and two clouds operated independent perfectly
    • Federated Keystone
    • Identity service using external identity providers
  • Targeted for OpenStack hybrid with OpenStack
    • Primary OpenStack cloud and secondary OpenStack cloud in the same enterprise
    • Private and public OpenStack cloud
bridge cloud with the wild hybrid
Bridge Cloud with the “Wild” Hybrid
  • Bridged OpenStack Cloud with cloud having different architecture
    • OpenStack with Amazon (not through OpenStack EC2 APIs)
    • OpenStack with whatever cloud (completely different architecture)
  • Targeted for OpenStack hybrid with Non-OpenStack
    • The resource from the other cloud is viewed/operated as another OpenStack region
    • The user applications built upon OpenStack APIs don’t need to change
    • Resource consolidated across multiple cloud vendors
    • More flexibility to choose cloud resource vendors
how to leverage hybrid cloud model use case 1
How to Leverage Hybrid Cloud Model – Use Case 1
  • Meet temporary capacity needs that can not be met by the private cloud
    • Service capability automatically expanded according to the workload
    • An application runs in a private cloud or data center and "bursts" to a public cloud when the demand for computing capacity increases
    • An organization only pays for extra compute resources when they are needed
how to leverage hybrid cloud use case ii
How to leverage hybrid cloud – Use Case II
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup
    • Buy extra resource in public cloud to prepare the worst time
    • Replicate the operation/metadata did from private to public
    • Content (volume, VM, images) is replicated according to service agreement
    • Recovered to private cloud after private service recovered
how to leverage hybrid cloud use case iii
How to leverage hybrid cloud – Use Case III
  • Special usage cloud (Storage cloud, and Computing cloud)
    • Organization stores sensitive client data in house on a private cloud application
    • Interconnect that application to a billing application provided on a public cloud as a software service
    • Use the computing capability in Public cloud as pay-as-you go
hybrid openstack cloud implementation i
Hybrid OpenStack Cloud Implementation I


  • Create another OpenStack cloud in the targeted OpenStack/Non-OpenStack cloud
    • TripleO: create OpenStack on top of OpenStack for OpenStack based cloud
    • Deployer: Major four steps

Step 1: Bare Metal provision

Step 2: Deploy with specific topology

Step 3: Configure the cloud

Step 4: minimum set of tests to ensure the cloud is working

Operated as an extension of my private cloud

VPN connectivity


SoftLayer Firewall services

SoftLayer data center

Customer managed

Big data

Development & Test


OpenStack API

OpenStack web portal (Horizon)

OpenStack Cloud Management Software

IBM managed

(24x7 support, 99.95% SLA)



SoftLayer Bare Metal Servers (dedicated infrastructure)

hybrid non openstack cloud implementation ii
Hybrid Non-OpenStack Cloud Implementation II
  • Hybrid Framework for Two Clouds
    • A framework to accept requests from applications
    • A plugin to translate the requests to another cloud APIs

Hybrid Cloud Management

(e.g. Horizon)

Cross Cloud Scheduler

Hybrid Engine Framework

Amazon Adapter


Other Clouds


On Premise Private Cloud




Off Premise shared (Public)

Off Premise dedicated (Private)

the prototype for hybrid with softlayer





Block Storage


SoftLayer API

The prototype for Hybrid with Softlayer
  • Jumpgate
    • https://github.com/softlayer/jumpgate
    • translation layer to convert incoming OpenStack calls to different cloud provider’s API calls
challenge of hybrid implementation
Challenge of Hybrid Implementation
  • What has been done
    • Federation in keystone
    • Multi-region in OpenStack
  • What needs to be done (need help from community)
    • Workload is not able to cross hybrid clouds
      • Heat across multi-region
      • Volume replicated cross hybrid clouds
      • Big layer 2 switch with isolation and security
      • Bare metal provisioning
    • Glance repository to cross the hybrid cloud
      • Different formats of images
      • Require the image repository to have the same images
    • Swift across private and public