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Asheville HUB an interactive workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Asheville HUB an interactive workshop

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Asheville HUB an interactive workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asheville HUB an interactive workshop
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  1. Asheville HUBan interactive workshop Dave Brown HUB Interim Executive Director August 21, 2007 Shirley Tenney, Class Representative

  2. HUB Overview • Vision of What Asheville Can Become • Catalyst for Getting There • Strategies • Coordination (City, Towns, County, Region, State, Chamber) • Clusters • Collaboration • Organization • Board • Cabinet • Website • Fact Sheet

  3. The leaders are on board! K. Ray Bailey Terry Bellamy Janice Brumit Robin Cape Dale Carroll Jack Cecil Steve Cochran Joe Damore Scott Dedman Cliff Dodson Joyce Dorr Vernon Dover Wanda Greene John Hunter Gary Jackson Robert Logan Rick Lutovsky Kim MacQueen William Massey David McConville Cheryl McMurry Doug Orr Mack Pearsall Anne Ponder Nathan Ramsey Bob Roberts Pat Smith Virgil Smith Alan Thornburg David Young

  4. HUB Cabinet • Becky Anderson, Handmade in America • Dave Brown, HUB • Adrienne Crowther, Asheville Area Arts Council • Ray Denny, Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce • Jim Fox, UNCA • Brian Moore, Mission Hospitals • Ed Katz, UNCA • Sharon Morrissey, AB Tech • Sam Powers, City of Asheville • Max Queen, AB Tech • Kenneth Reeves, NC Coop Extension • Tom Tveidt, Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

  5. Alliance’s HUB Project Asheville and Buncombe County’s COLLABORATIVE, SUSTAINABLE, INTENTIONAL community, cultural, and economic development strategy

  6. HUB described by NCCCR Workshop Participants • HUB is the catalyst to shape Asheville & Buncombe County’s future to ensure a sustainable high quality of life for all---Beth • Musical conductor. Engine for collaboration. • Cooperative catalyst growing out of a vision to effect responsible sustainable growth and development. • Attitude of organizational and individual cooperation that links all of us to grow together. • Collaborative visionary catayst striving to ensure quality sustainable future for everyone.

  7. Without HUB we would not have • High Speed Computing ($1.5M, RENC) • 1st Geek-like Collaboration for Development • 30 business plans for new ventures (CTC) • SEO Analysis of Clean Energy Cluster in WNC • Downtown Farmers’ Market • Proposed Fed Appropriation for Clean Energy Business Incubator at AB Tech

  8. Slide #3 Not Have Without HUB---continued • Plan for a climate/weather museum attraction • Climate Emphasis (designation as NOAA community) • Developing sustainability metrics • As much networking & synergistic knowledge sharing

  9. National buzz attracting tourists, businesses, creative class, professionals, students & retirees, but it will not be sustained without bold, collaborative action HUB’s Focus = Competitive Advantage + Collaboration + Hot Themes + Equitable Impact

  10. Slide #8 We have a great vision— to better jobs & higher quality of life By Geography By Cluster Manufacturing Land-Agriculture Enterprise-Entrepreneurship Branding-Marketing Rejuvenation- MindBodySoul Creativity-Arts Technology-Visualization

  11. Metrics--- • Economic Prosperity (Jobs, Wages, Investment) • Social Responsibility (Housing, Middle Class) • Cultural Dynamism (#artists,ticket receipts) • Environmental Stewardship (Sustainability) • ------------------------- • *3 data sets for each of the above 4 objectives • *Each index weighted 75% for prime variables • and 25% for variables from other objectives

  12. Business Clusters – Traditional Manufacturing Cluster Land-Agriculture Cluster Enterprise Cluster

  13. Business Clusters – Other Creative Cluster Rejuvenation Cluster Technology Cluster

  14. Potential County Projects • Center for Environmental Interpretation • Broadband network expansion (national Lambda rail) • Technology Commercialization Center

  15. Potential City Projects • Wilma Dykeman Parkway • Center for Environmental Interpretation • Digital Media Center • National Design Center • Eagle Street Redevelopment • Health Adventure • Performing Arts Center • Civic Center renovation • Art Museum renovation

  16. A Few Personal Favorites • Hatchfest • Design Center (Handmade in America) • Climate Initiative (application of data) • River Corridor • I-26 Connector • Keep Asheville Weird

  17. HUB Website

  18. Login code: dbrown DavE2007

  19. Volunteer Jobs for HUB(suggested by Dave Brown) • Board and Cabinet Secretary • Webmaster • HUB representative • Cross Silo Volunteer Coordinator • Chief Communications Officer • Grant Writer • Make up Your Own Job

  20. Volunteer Jobs for HUB(suggested by Participants) • Committee to bring out. • Coordinator of communication. • Volunteers sell the project at local meetings • Educate the community about hub • Talk to your neighbors. Input from grassroots. • Get involved with the look of Asheville

  21. Questions for Break Outs • List specific actions we might take to increase the impact of retirees upon the quality of life (for long term residents) in Asheville (at least 3)! • Expand and/or elaborate the list of volunteer jobs for HUB • Identify 3 questions to ask Dave Brown, and then select the 1 that you believe will be of most interest to the group

  22. Participants’ List of specific actions we might take to increase the impact of retirees upon the quality of life (for long term residents) in Asheville • Volunteering with govt, schools, rsvp, tax assistance, handy person • Participate in public hearings, sharing experiences from elsewhere, etc. • Utilize life skills of retirees. Match skills with opportunities. Match-maker. E.g.—provide life skills to former prisoners, get involved with mediation center. Use computer skills • Create a list of skills and opportunities (such as exists at Hands on Atlanta) • After school programs, especially teaching special things

  23. Participants’ List of specific actions we might take to increase the impact of retirees upon the quality of life (for long term residents) in Asheville • Retirees want to be asked, feel useful. • Become employed part-time. • Volunteering, especially pro bono. • Support research efforts. Serve as subjects of research. Collect data re retirees. • Retirees are buyers of services, goods. • Stroke community builders. Affirm and praise the community they’ve built

  24. Participants’ List of specific actions we might take to increase the impact of retirees upon the quality of life (for long term residents) in Asheville • Add new ideas from others • Cross generational activities desired by retirees. • Encourage new retirees to buy local. Publicize a trail of local businesses. • Implement ethnic diversity

  25. Questions for Dave • Growth limit? • ABTech jobs to support new masters who migrate here! • How can we reduce advocacy and destructive local arrogance? • Can’t we fill the transportation gaps, esp for people from outlying counties • Would you consider transportation needs survey?

  26. Questions for Dave • Why is no one dealing with transportation? • How do you volunteer for HUB? • HUB Continuity?

  27. Challenges for Creativity Cluster(notes from Adrienn’s presentation) • Hard to measure. Quality of life is part of our objective. • Creating visibility for the arts. • Grassroots grants program • Getting local govt support for arts • Need more emphasis on music and dance • FOAM has JUST organized • Need rehearsal and performance space

  28. Caucus--- Everyone! • the most important or interesting thing I learned today, or • where I’m having the most trouble agreeing and/or understanding, or • the cause you’d like HUB to push, or • how I would like to volunteer, or • the points I wish someone had made, or • any or all of the above.

  29. Caucus Points • Beth. Care about the little people who fall through the cracks! Not just wealthy. • Jim. Transportation infrastructure, e.g. airport. • Jim. Labor leaders on your board. • Keep to be burr in the saddle. Push people to coordinate and cooperate. • Sallie. Develop NCDC and related industries.

  30. Caucus Points • Diane. Wish we could have learned more about other clusters. • John. Tap in to immigrant population. • Marge. HUB projects seem important. • Marge. Need to highlight opportunities for involvement of retirees • Kathy. Pleased to learn about the mission. Impressed by # of community leaders.

  31. Caucus Points • Ginger. Not sure what I signed up for. Today some of that feel of vitality is beginning to take shape. We’re thinking of the big picture. Go for it! • Jim. Impressed. Change HUB name to give it meaning. Need a contest! (Asheville Alive. Loving Asheville) Hub rep. • Loise. Important opportunity for me. Life must be an ongoing vision. Collaborative and catalystic. • Loise. Prevent growth of the jail and justice system. Need new life center at the BC correctional center.

  32. Caucus Points • Shirley. Impressed by the enormous task. Have everythng to gain. Need to get knowledge and understanding out to the people, and get support (vote, funds). • Allison. Feel a sense of urgency--- the developers are on the rampage. Talk with the developers. • Jackie. Have concern. Will emphasis still be there? • Shirley. New paradigm.

  33. Caucus Points • Jody. Diversity of organizations. • Susan. Concern. Chamber of commerce must not overstep its role in the HUB project. Transportation…… • Hans. Is enough being done? • Sherry. Performing Arts Center.