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UNDAC Team Ghana_Sunday 16.09.2007. Operation. Security General clearance for the country received Clarity about the security phase in NORTHERN part of the country needed Clearance for use of military aircraft cannot be expected until we know which aircraft we will be using

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  • Security

    • General clearance for the country received

    • Clarity about the security phase in NORTHERN part of the country needed

    • Clearance for use of military aircraft cannot be expected until we know which aircraft we will be using

    • French helicopter is a SUPER PUMA, clearance requested

    • Safety and Security briefings obligatory for every single team member (Olga)

  • Information management

    • UNDAC Sitreps to the UNCT

    • Reporting line through the RC to UNCT and OCHA

    • Groove to be used for info sharing

    • OCHA team to be assigned accounts

    • Link information to entity working on flash appeal

    • Two-member mapping team will join tonight

Operation 2
Operation (2)

  • On-site coordination

    • Centre of focus is TAMALE

    • Establishment of coordination centre

    • Liaison focus for the team in ACCRA (one person, two max)

    • OCHA team works on information coordination/CERF/Requests for Relief

    • Establish a capability to carry out three assessments in support of IASC simultaneously

  • Support to IASC assessments

    • Support to three missions/areas simultaneously

    • Support one coordination base

    • Information collation through established base in the north

    • Information sharing with OCHA Accra

    • Support to assessment methodology development


  • Operational in close collaboration with the Government, Plan to be developed together with operations centre

  • No internal constrains/team is adequate, and in particular strong in communications support

  • UNICEF to provide on-site support

    • V Sat

    • Accommodation

    • Transport pick-up from the airport

    • Office space

  • Link to French helicopter contingent established


  • Work closer with the national operations management team

  • Deploy the entire UNDAC team except the team leader

  • Establish stronger links with organizations on the ground

  • Assess the vulnerabilities of the plan with regard to internal and external security

  • Advocate through bilateral actors for comprehensive humanitarian coordination


  • Administrative support through UNCT outstanding

  • Tidjanne to work closely with Chris Opart (UNDP)

  • Need must be re-assessed if no comprehensive tasks are given to the UNDAC team

  • Workspace to be found

Team members
Team Members

  • James Brown (Assessment and Coordination) Local mob.: +233-(0)24-535-2462

  • Gisli Olafsson (Assessment and Coordination) Local mob.: +233-(0)24-535-2978

  • Pascale Micheau (Assessment and Coordination) Local mob.: +233-(0)24-535-2976

  • Olga Proshhina (Logistics, Safety and Security) Local mob.: +233-(0)24-535-3587

  • Sofia Albrechtsson (Information Coordination)

  • Josef Reiterer (Liaison and Civil-Military Coordination) Local mob.: +233-(0)24-535-2979

Team members 2
Team Members (2)

  • Peter Nyrell (Communications and Information)

  • Jon Jespersen (Communications and Information)

  • Associate Team Members

    • Sebastien Lannes (Communications and Information) Local mob.: +233(0)24-535-2975

    • Benoit Chabrier (Communication and Information) Local mob.: +233(0)24-535-2975

    • 4 to 8 UNCT to work hand in hand with UNDAC in JOINT ASSESSMENT

  • OCHA Support Team

    • Ibrahima Barry - HAO/Surge Unit and team leader

    • Katy Thiam - Information Officer

    • Moctar Hanne - National HAO coming from Mali.

    • Tidianne Barry - Admin Officer/OCHA Guinea

Team members 3
Team Members (3)


    • Philipp Morre

    • Kirsty Ferris


  • 16.09. Work out of coordination cell

  • 16.09. Visit to national operation centre

  • 16.09 Develop a communications plan

  • 17.09. Joint deployment to the north under the leadership/facilitation of the government

  • 18/19.09 Interagency-Assessment??

Media procedures
Media Procedures

  • UNDAC Field Handbook Checklist

  • James Brown media focal point

  • Josef to get guidance from RC/HC

  • talk about coordination work, not about figures

  • Use UNDAC TOR as starting point

  • Inform Josef when an interview has taken place


  • 1/ Assist and work under the authority of the Resident Coordinator (RC) and the UNCT;

  • 2/ Strengthen existing coordination links between government established coordination (Office of the President, MOI, NADMO, Ministry of Information and National Orientation and the UNCT in the initial response to the floods in collaboration with UNDP;

  • 3/ Assess, in collaboration with UNHCR, existing mapping capacity and mobilize additional resources as directed by the RC in consultation with the UNCT.

Tor 2
TOR (2)

  • 4/ Provide, in collaboration with WFP, logistics support to a inter-agency assessment mission in the disaster-stricken area.

  • 5/ Facilitate on-site coordination in Tamale under the overall umbrella of the UN regional establishments of UN Agencies (WFP, UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA).

  • 6/ Establish and maintain a disaster response coordination cell at the UNFPA premises in Accra.

Tor 3
TOR (3)

  • 7/ Establish, following an initial assessment in Tamale, and maintain an on-site coordination cell to facilitate the work of the local emergency management authorities and the international/national response community.

  • 8/ Liaise with domestic military forces as appropriate and requested by the UNCT. In particular, logistics coordination with the Ghanaian Armed Forces.

Tor 4
TOR (4)

  • 9/ Assess, upon request of the RC and approval of NADMO the availability of international military capacities in the region.

  • 10/ Support the mobilization of international relief as requested by the UNCT.

  • 11/ Provide joint situation reports from the disaster stricken area based on the inter-agency assessments to the UNCT through the RC;

  • 12/ Establish a strong link between the support provided by the regional OCHA team and the UNDAC team;

Tor 5
TOR (5)

  • 13/ Carry out any other tasks within its capabilities.