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What Did Maureen Musset

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What Did Maureen Musset - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Did Maureen Musset. Welch Do to make this. School Possible?. By Dina T. – April 2006. Maureen Welch. Maureen Musset Welch was an amazing influence to students and teachers. Furthermore, she was such a lovely woman. Because of her there is a school in Council Rock

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What Did Maureen Musset

Welch Do to make this

School Possible?

By Dina T. – April 2006


Maureen Welch

Maureen Musset Welch was an amazing

influence to students and teachers.

Furthermore, she was such a lovely woman.

Because of her there is a school in Council Rock

that is named after her!


Early Life . . .

  • Maureen M. Welch was born February 19th 1935 in South

Orange NJ

  • She liked to roller skate
  • She took Piano lessons at age 5
  • She did not have any siblings

Parents . . .

  • Her parents both attended college which didn’t happen much in their time.
  • Her father’s name was Sebastian Musset, and her mother’s name was Frances Musset.
  • Her father was an engineer and her mother was an elementary school teacher.
  • Maureen must have gotten the idea to be an elementary school teacher because her mother was one.

Regular Life . . .

  • In 1958 she married Richard Mathew Welch in South Orange New Jersey
  • In 1959 she gave birth to her first son Richard Jr.
  • In 1961 she gave birth to her son Michael
  • In 1962 she gave birth to her youngest son Robert

Career . . .

  • She began her career teaching at Mount Vernon Elementary School
  • After that in 1970 she moved on teaching second grade at Churchville Elementary school in the Council Rock School District.
  • She had students that were always well behaved and eager to learn
  • She was a strict but fair teacher
  • In 1985 she had retired from teaching

Maureen M. Welch Elementary School!

  • A donation was made by Maureen’s sons in to help to build a school.
  • They gave $500,000!!
  • The school was named after their mother. Maureen M. Welch Elementary school
  • The school was finished in 2000.
  • The first principal’s name was James Marchesani, he was honored to work at this school

Inside The School . . .

  • There are about 35 classrooms with two computers and a TV in each room
  • There are two computer labs and there about 30 computers in each Lab
  • The library has around 23 computers and about 15,000 books!!!

Inside The School . . .

  • The school even owns 30 Laptops for the students to use!
  • The grades are from Kindergarten to six
  • There is a Gym, Music room, art room and there is a Library
  • During the years of 2005-2006 there are near 720 kids in attendance each day

Maureen M. Welch

Maureen M. Welch started out teaching at Mount Vernon

Elementary, moved on teaching at Churchville Elementary

school. And ended up having a school named after her in

Churchville Bucks County PA.