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Geography of Europe. Where is Europe?. How is Europe a Continent?. But seriously how is Europe its own Continent?. A continent of Peninsulas. Definition

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A continent of peninsulas
A continent of Peninsulas


Peninsula- A peninsula is a geographic feature described as a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides and a land mass on the other.

Europe is thought of as a continent of peninsulas because it is made up of a bunch of connected peninsulas. Europe itself is one big peninsula.

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What makes Europe a Continent?

The alps
The Alps

The Alps are very steep mountains and cover much of the South East of the European continent.

Major rivers
Major Rivers

  • Rhine River- Very important to the economy of Europe because it drains into the Atlantic ocean.

  • - Why does it draining in the Atlantic make it so important?

  • Volga River- Longest in Europe with a length of 2,294 miles. Compared to the Amazon at 3,889 miles, the Mississippi at 2,320 miles and the Nile river at 4,132 miles

Rhine River tour

Volga River Tour

Can you name the continents of each of the rivers above?

Major lakes seas and oceans
Major Lakes, Seas and Oceans

  • -Baltic Sea, Black Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea

  • English Channel

  • Atlantic Ocean

  • No major fresh water lakes?

    • Why might this be?