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Activity in TIA TR-42 PowerPoint Presentation
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Activity in TIA TR-42

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Activity in TIA TR-42
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Activity in TIA TR-42

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  1. Activity in TIA TR-42 Bob Jensen TR-42 Chair

  2. TR-42 Responsibility Premises Telecommunications Cabling Standards All Optical Fiber Standards

  3. Election results from the February meeting • TR-42 Chair: Bob Jensen • TR-42 Vice Chair: Valerie Maguire • TR-42.2 Chair: Ray Emplit • TR-42.2 Vice Chair: Bob Jensen • TR-42.6 Chair: Steve Huffaker • TR-42.6 Vice Chair: Jonathan Jew • TR-42.12 Chair: Mike Kinard • TR-42.12 Vice Chair: Brett Lane • TR-42.16 Chair: Mark Harger • TR-42.16 Vice Chair: Rich Jones

  4. Initiatives Operational Guide Open item regarding Scope The TIA Engineering Manual requires elections of Formulating Group Chair’s and Vice-chairs. These elections provide a method of having peers choose their leadership. However, when leadership changes, it can cause difficulty in understanding the needs of the committee and TIA process. This guide is offered to enhance the smooth transition of leadership and provide a structure to the Engineering Committee. The TIA Engineering Manual and its Advisory Notes, along with the TIA Style Guide take precedence over this guide.

  5. Initiatives TAG meetings being held in conjunction with TR-42 meetings US TAG to TC86, SC86A, SC86B and SC86C These TAGs are becoming more “correspondence only” US TAG to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG3 These meetings began this year and are found to be beneficial towards harmonization

  6. Initiatives • Loss Budget Task Group (TR-42.11) • Encircled Flux Round Robin (TR-42.11) • TSB is being worked on • Bend insensitive multimode fiber • Being worked in TR-42.11 and TR-42.12 • Attempting to ensure encircled flux compliance • Task Group is pursuing the next edition of premises standards in TR-42 (e.g., 568-D Series) • Next generation balanced twisted-pair cabling Task Groups have identified objectives • Developed Editor's draft 0.2 of PN-568-C.2-1 (to be published as ANSI/TIA-568-C.2-1, "Specifications for 100Ω Next Generation Cabling”) to work with 40GBASE-T

  7. Initiatives • Educational Facilities • Draft under review by Subcommittee • Large facilities (e.g., stadiums, airports) • Task Group established beginning investigations • Ensuring security of cabling (physical) • Task Group draft established • Includes Electronics, cabling, physical damage, terrorism, industrial sabotage, data security for wired and wireless • Fabric architecture for data centers • Document out for ballot • STEP will be proposing a new Subcommittee within TR-42 at June meeting

  8. Initiatives • M2M will be monitored (joining TR-50) • Telecommunications Cabling Guidelines for Wireless Access Points • Written in 2006 and will be revised to include current and future wireless access points (e.g., 802.11ac) • Distributed antenna systems (DAS) • Currently included in educational facilities document • Energy Management Systems • Will be discussed in TR-42.1 to determine whether an addendum to TIA-862-A is favorable. • Addendum to TIA-607-B, Bonding and Grounding • Grounding electrodes and their testing

  9. Initiatives • Began working with BICSI Standards to coordinate efforts on standards development • TIA developing requirements • BICSI developing “best practices”

  10. Issues being worked on by TIA • Document management (processing) • What documents are due for committee action? • Hundreds of documents are the responsibility of TR-42 and its Subcommittees • System is needed to alert Subcommittees or Engineering Committee of pending action (notification after 3-year mark and 5-year mark) • Assigning ballot numbers • Keep the list current on TIA WEB site • Allow automated ballot numbers for new projects • What is the status of a publication? • Is the document in TIA? ANSI? Projected publication date? • Voting member status • Expand to have primary and alternate • Allow as a choice of each company • Useful for operational efficiency of member company

  11. Issues being worked on by TIA • Document searches (numbering) • Difficult to search • Need specifics to search (TIA-, TIA/EIA-, EIA/TIA-, EIA-) • Some documents have additional punctuation (TIA/EIA-492.AAAC) • Better (more forgiving) search engine may be needed • Resolving issues will likely free-up Standards Secretariat’s time, ease work-flow in Subcommittees, allow timely updates to standards documents Training session after February Opening Plenary; will likely continue at each meeting

  12. Standards being published • ANSI/TIA-568-C.0-2, Generic cabling • ANSI/TIA-942-A, Data Centers • ANSI/TIA-570-C, Residential • ANSI/TIA-606-B, Administration • ANSI/TIA-1183, Test fixtures for balunless network analyzer measurements • Some glitches had been fixed by TIA to further the process of publication

  13. Standards Update Annex

  14. TIA-568-C.0 • Generic Telecommunications Cabling for Customer Premises, February 2, 2009 • Addendum 1 – Updated Reference for Balanced Twisted-Pair • Published September 2010 • Addendum 2 – General Updates • Agreed to publish at February 2012 meeting • This addendum updates various optical fiber topics including polarity, field-testing, revisions to application tables and to the MICE table. • Field testing harmonizes with IEC 61280-4-1

  15. TIA-568-C.1 • Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard, February 2, 2009 • Addendum 1 – Pathways and Spaces • Approved for publication at October 2011 meeting • This Addendum specifies additional requirements, exceptions and allowances to ANSI/TIA-569-C for commercial buildings. • Addendum 2 -- General Updates • Approved for publication at June 2011 meeting • Updates references, revises entrance facility description, and refers to ANSI/TIA-568-C.0 for centralized cabling,

  16. TIA-568-C.2 • Balanced Twisted-Pair Telecommunications Cabling and Components Standards, August 2009 • No addenda published to date • Task Group working on next-generation cabling • TSB-190, Guidelines on Shared Pathways and Shared Sheaths • Published June, 2011 • TIA-1183, Test fixtures for balunless measurements of balanced components and systems • Agreed to publish at February 2012 meeting

  17. TIA-568-C.3 • Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard, June 18, 2008 • Addendum 1 -- Addition of OM4 Cabled Optical Fiber and 24-fiber array connectors • Approved for publication, June 2011

  18. TIA-568-C.4 • Broadband Coaxial Cabling and Components Standard, March, 2011 • Approved for publication February, 2011 • Includes topology, performance requirements, installation requirements, field-testing • Will be referenced in TIA-570-C (Residential)

  19. TIA-569-B • Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces, October 2004 • Addendum 1 – Temperature and Humidity Requirements for Telecommunications Spaces • Published • Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces • Developing “Generic” requirements • Not specific to commercial buildings • Approved for publication at October 2011 meeting

  20. TIA-570-C • Residential Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard, April 2012 • References 568-C.4 for coaxial cabling • Approved for publication in February 2012

  21. TIA-606-B • Administration Standard for Telecommunications Infrastructure • Approved for publication February 2012 • This standard is intended to harmonize with ISO/IEC 14763-2-1 • An optional PoE and PoE+ symbol

  22. TIA-607-B • Generic Telecommunications Bonding and Grounding (Earthing) for Customer Premises • Published • Includes information for bonding and grounding from the entrance facility to the equipment racks in telecommunications rooms • Allows larger gauges of bonding conductors • Includes a 2-point ground test using a earth ground resistance tester • Addendum being balloted for ground electrodes and ground testing

  23. TIA-758 • Customer-owned Outside Plant Telecommunications infrastructure Standard • Published • Few changes made to the standard • Testing includes technologies such as XDSL

  24. TIA-862-A • Building Automation Systems Cabling Standard • Published • Few changes made to the standard

  25. TIA-942-A • Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers • Agreed to be published at February 2012 meeting • Harmonized with TIA-568-C.0 Series • Recommendations for energy efficiency added • Recognized optical fiber connectors are LC for one or two fibers and MPO for more than two optical fibers. • Recognized multimode optical fiber cable for horizontal and backbone cabling has been changed to OM3 and OM4 850nm laser-optimized 50/125 um multimode fiber cable. OM1 and OM2 are no longer recognized in this standard. • Category 3 and category 5e are no longer recognized for horizontal cabling. Recognized balanced twisted-pair cable types for horizontal cabling are category 6 or category 6A.

  26. TIA-1005-A • Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Industrial Premises • Approved for publication at October 2011 meeting • Based on the TIA-568-C.0 standard and TIA-569-C and includes appropriate allowances and exceptions to those standards for industrial premises.

  27. TIA-1152 • Requirements for Field Test Instruments and Measurements for Balanced Twisted-Pair Cabling • Published September 2009 • Includes accuracy of balanced twisted-pair test instruments

  28. TIA-1179 • Healthcare Facility Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard • Published July 2010 • For telecommunications infrastructure of healthcare facilities (e.g. hospitals, clinics). • It specifies cabling, cabling topologies, cabling distances and pathways and spaces (e.g. sizing and location).