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New Concepts in Pivot-Based Trading PowerPoint Presentation
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New Concepts in Pivot-Based Trading

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New Concepts in Pivot-Based Trading
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New Concepts in Pivot-Based Trading

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  1. New Concepts in Pivot-Based Trading with Frank Ochoa

  2. Secrets of a Pivot Boss • Learn 3 Powerful Indicators • Market Profile Levels • Floor Pivots (with Pivot Range) • The Camarilla Equation • New Pivot-Based Techniques • 7 Two-Day Pivot Relationships • Forecasting with Pivot Width • The Power of Pivot Trend Analysis • Multiple Pivot Hot Zones • And MORE! • 4 Powerful Candlestick Setups • The 6 Types of Trading Days • The Types of Buyers and Sellers • Money-Making Setups • 8 Proprietary Indicators and Systems

  3. Secrets of a Pivot Boss “Your book is one of the best (if not the best) that I have ever read regarding day trading!” – Tom H. “I have to tell you that I just love your book. I only wished I had purchased it sooner!” – Marcia D. “It is like black magic trading according to your advice in the book. GREAT STUFF!” – John B.

  4. A Brief History of Pivots • Used by Floor Traders to calculate levels of support and resistance • Pivots can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy • Purely price-based indicators (no lag) • Help identify value, over-bought, and over-sold conditions

  5. Market Profile Levels Floor Pivots Camarilla Pivots R2 H5 R1 H4 VAH TC H3 POC PP VAL BC L3 S1 L4 S1 L5

  6. Pivot-Based Concepts Pivot Trend Analysis Pivot Width Analysis Pivot Relationships Multiple Pivot Hot Zones

  7. Pivot Trend Analysis Buy Support in an Uptrend, Sell Resistance in a Downtrend

  8. Pivot Trend Analysis • Buy at Support in an Uptrend • Sell at Resistance in a Downtrend • Keeps You Disciplined to the Trend • Certain Pivots Become “Retired” During a Trend • Focus on Higher-Probability Reversals

  9. Triquint Semiconductor Buy Dips

  10. Natural Gas Futures Sell Rips

  11. Crude Oil Futures Buy Dips

  12. E-Mini Russell 2000 Futures

  13. E-Mini S&P 400 Futures

  14. Pivot Width Analysis Trading Range Behavior Trending Behavior Narrow Wide

  15. Pivot Width Analysis • Prior day’s price behavior can forecast next day’s price behavior • Unusually wide pivots lead to sideways trading • Unusually narrow pivots lead to trending markets • Allows you to anticipate certain types of markets

  16. Research In Motion

  17. Altria Group, Inc. Wide H3 L3 Narrow Wide Narrow

  18. Apple, Inc.

  19. Mini Sized Dow

  20. Whirlpool Corp.

  21. The 7 Pivot Relationships Higher Value Overlapping Higher Value Lower Value Overlapping Lower Value Unchanged Value Outside Value Inside Value

  22. The 7 Pivot Relationships • Allow you to gauge market strength/weakness • Allow you to anticipate/plan your trades • Allow you to focus on the best potential trades • Keep you disciplined • Force you to do your homework

  23. Higher Value: Pivot Range

  24. Higher Value: Value Area

  25. Lower Value: Camarilla

  26. Lower Value: Pivot Range

  27. Inside Value: Camarilla Equation

  28. Inside Value: Value Area

  29. Multiple Pivot Hot Zones Multiple Pivot Hot Zone

  30. Why are Hot Zones Important? • Confluence is King • Confluence across pivot-based indicators • Confluence across timeframes • Call to Action for Different Market Players • Intraday Pivots: Day Traders • Weekly Pivots: Swing Traders • Monthly Pivots: Position Traders • Yearly Pivots: Investors

  31. Double Pivot Hot Zone (DPZ)

  32. Multiple Timeframe Hot Zone (MTZ)

  33. Golden Pivot Zone (GPZ)

  34. FREE 50-Page eBook • The PEMA Method Explained • 4 Indicators • 4 Systems • 4 Powerful Setups • The PEMA Pull-Back • The PEMA Breakout • The PEMA Crossover • The Modified PEMA Crossover • Includes Custom Scripts • 9 Total Scripts!

  35. Modified PEMA Crossover

  36. Simple Setup, Amazing Results • Identifies best “Buy the Dip, Sell the Rip” opportunities • Can be used in any timeframe • Can be used in real-time or EOD trading • Amazing for day, swing, and position trading The Modified PEMA Crossover is designed to pinpoint the best pull-back entries during established trends.

  37. Understanding the Mod PEMA XO • Uses 1- and 3-period PEMA Crossover • Uses 21-period PEMA Trend Confirmer • Use in Trending Markets • Avoid in Range Markets

  38. Crude Oil: 5-Minute Chart

  39. Patriot Coal: Daily Chart

  40. E-Mini S&P 400: 5-Minute Chart

  41. NASDAQ Composite: Weekly Chart

  42. Setups for the Current Market COP SHLD Crude Oil E-Mini S&P 400 Silver Futures

  43. COP

  44. SHLD

  45. Crude Oil

  46. MCH1

  47. Silver

  48. Praise for Secrets of a Pivot Boss “Frank! I just got your book and it looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!” – Maggie P. “It's well organized, and if I pay attention, making sure I understand what you're talking about before moving on, IT REALLY WORKS!” – John K. “Great book. Very detailed and complete. Will take a lot of time todigest all of the content.” – Bob V. “Got your book late last week. A few chapters in so far, and already thinking about buyers & sellers differently! Thanks!!!!” – Dwayne M. “This book incorporates all of the key tenets one needs to know to successfully speculate in the markets.” – Michelle S.

  49. Contact Me! Frank Ochoa Author, Secrets of a Pivot Boss Sr. Market Analyst, Nirvana Systems, Inc. Contact Info: Email: Web: Twitter: RSS:

  50. New Concepts in Pivot-Based Trading with Frank Ochoa