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What should I be Eating. Two guides for healthy eating . A unit of heat that measures the energy available in foods. Calorie:. How many calories do I Burn?. How many calories do I Need?. Digestion: The process that your body breaks down nutrients to be used thought out the body. -Start

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Digestion the process that your body breaks down nutrients to be used thought out the body
Digestion: The process that your body breaks down nutrients to be used thought out the body.


Step 1 - Chewing

Step 2 - Esophagus

Step 3 – Stomach

Step 4 – Small Intestine

Step 5 – Large Intestine

Step 6 – Kidneys



In your mouth you have 3 saliva glands. to be used thought out the body.

Parotid salivary

Sublingual salivary gland

Submandibular salivary gland

These glands produce digestive juices.

These juices called saliva contain enzyme that aid in breaking down food with chemical reactions.


Stomach to be used thought out the body.

It has a very acid atmosphere and

very little is absorbed but this is the

Breakdown of the food for the small


Small intestine

Small Intestine is a coiled tube from 20 to 23 feet long in which about 90% of digestion and absorption takes place.

Small Intestine

Large intestine

A tube 5 to 6 feet in length that plays a part in both digestion and excretion.

Large Intestine

Colon rectum
Colon/Rectum digestion and excretion.

  • The final step of solid waste leaving your body.


Are organs that remove waste materials digestion and excretion. such assalts, from the blood.


Activity digestion and excretion.

  • Go to this web site and find out what your daily food log should look like.

  • http://www.choosemyplate.gov/myplate/index.aspx

  • After completed look at the health tips and categories and find 3 interesting facts

  • Print out your food log and write your three interesting facts on the back. IN p