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E- Magazine August Issue 2016

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E- Magazine August Issue 2016

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  1. Huawei Cloud Open Labs for digital transformation Xerox brings Color Multifunction Device for SMBs 1999 - 2016 1999 - 2016 September 2016 VOLUME XVII ISSUE 12 AUgUSt 2016 PRICE Rs. 50 A B ????????????? ???????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 1 August 2016

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  3. ????????? ???????? ?????? ??????? ?????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ????? ?????? ??????? ???????? ??????? ?????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????? ???????? ????? ?????? ?????? ???? ?????????? ????? ??????? ? ?????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? 3 August 2016

  4. The world’s top companies count on AMD. Available with all leading OEMs 4 63 August 2016 June 2016

  5. Ricoh “introduces “Cloud Print” for MFDs NETGEAR expands its NAS Portfolio with ReadyNAS 210 Series 7th Eastern India Information Technology Fair 2016 7th EIITF Emphasizes the major pain points of Indian SMEs VOLUME XVII ISSUE 12 AUgUSt 2016 PRICE Rs. 50 SUBSCRIPtION COPY NOt FOR SALE Data Center Infra to touch $5 Bn by 2018 29pg Emerson to sell Network Power to Platinum Equity E Platinum Equity and a group of co- investors for $4 billion. It will retain a subordinated interest in Network Power and the sale is expected to close by December 31, 2016, subject to customary regulatory approvals. “This agreement marks a major milestone in the strategic portfolio repositioning we announced last June,” said David N Farr, chairman and chief executive officer, Emerson. With revenue of approximately $4.4 billion in fiscal 2015, Network Power is a leading provider of thermal management, A/C and D/C power, transfer switches, services and information management systems for the data center and telecommunications industries. merson announced an agreement to sell Network Power to Verizon to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 bn V will acquire Yahoo’s operating business for approximately $4.83 billion in cash, subject to customary closing adjustments. The transaction will create a new rival in mobile media technology reaching over 1 billion users with an unrivaled roster of the world’s most beloved brands. “Just over a year ago we acquired AOL to enhance our strategy of providing a cross-screen connection for consumers, creators and advertisers. The acquisition of Yahoo will put Verizon in a highly competitive position as a top global mobile media company, and help accelerate our revenue stream in digital advertising,” said Lowell McAdam, chairman and CEO, Verizon. Yahoo will be integrated with AOL under Marni Walden, EVP and president, Product Innovation and New Businesses organization at Verizon. erizon has entered into a definitive agreement under which Verizon 5 August 2016

  6. Motivation is your best accessory. One tracker. Every occasion. The new Fitbit Alta™ features interchangeable bands so you can switch your tracker to fit your style. With auto-exercise recognition, all-day activity tracking, call and text alerts and reminders to move, finding your fit has never looked better. 6 August 2016

  7. 7 August 2016

  8. HELLO INDIA Pokemon Go…… Is all about Enterprise Mobility! I smartphone users in India and the time they spend on the internet. With the disruption, new technologies will emerge like Social Media, e-commerce and now Augmented Reality. Generally technology is for the good cause, and if it is not used properly it can be a disaster also. One of the very recent innovations, PokemonGo is indicative of the power of the technology. However, the game’s huge popularity can be credited to the company Keyhole, Inc. that created the technology behind Google Earth and Google Maps. Pokemon Go has leveraged these mapping resources to create a game that appeals to the masses, while illustrating the potential of augmented reality. It is now the World’s most popular mobile game since its launch in July, but not everyone loves it. Secondly, interesting thing about the game is when you actually start playing. It is a free-to-play, location-based, multiplayer online mobile game. You need to have a stable online connection at all times in order to play along with having your GPS signal turned on. So you can expect a user to be using a good amount of data whilst walking around and playing this game. Hence there will be rise in data usage, for both storage and accessibility. The Pokemon Go team learned this the hard way as iPhone users unknowingly grated full access to their Google accounts which provides the developers the ability to see and modify most information in the users account. Chances are bright that it can see the content of all Google properties including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Calendar and raises security concerns among Google users. Pokemon Go layers a digital world on top of the real one, challenging players to go outside and find the virtual creatures hiding in their surrounding areas. In a very short span the game has become very popular and as hysteria over the popular mobile game swells, leading police departments and safety agencies to warn players of Pokemon Go to stay safe and alert. Most important is risks; while enjoying the game, the user is exposed to many threats and introduces whole new categories of life risks, armed robberies as criminals have used the game to locate and lure intended targets. Many countries have raised their concerns and Iran is the first country to ban PokemonGo. Lastly, Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one of the biggest tax reforms for India. it is the new system to be completely online, a single tax rate across the country will substantially improve the ease of doing business.simplify the Indian indirect tax regime by replacing a host of taxes by a single unified tax, thereby subsuming central excise, service tax, VAT, entry tax, etc.The passing of the GST Bill offers quantum of promises to lift the Indian economy and unifying it as a single competitive market. We feel that GST will simplify compliance and will free up resources to concentrate on business expansion. Though implementation will be done only after things are put in place, companies need to start planning for future. n today’s consumerized interpretation of IT, connections are inevitable. The India enterprise mobility market is expected to grow to US$ 2.3 billion in 2017. This radical growth is due to the explosion of 8 August 2016

  9. 9 August 2016

  10. CONTENTS Website: Publisher: Deepak Kumar Sahu Editor: S Mohini Ratna Executive Editor: Dr. Vijay Anand Consulting Editor: Pravin Prashant Assistant Editor: Samrita Baruah Copy Editor: C. M. Dutta Sr. Correspondent: Aparna Mullick Art Director: Rakesh Kumar Network Administrator: Ashok Kumar Singh Manager-IT: Subhash Mohanta Manager-SEO: Bidyadhar Behera BUSINESS: Commercial Manager: Amit Kumar Jha Sr. Marketing Manager: Ashok Ranjan Dash Circulation Executive: Manish Kumar Marketing Manager: Dipendra Kumar 29pg CORPORATE OFFICE: VAR House, A-84A/3 Rose Apartment, Paryavaran complex, Ignou Road, new Delhi - 110030 Tel: 011-41656383, 46061809 Email: FACE TO FACE 28| HPE Transactional Business Model (TBM) Bangalore: Bureau office Marketing Manager: S. Kamala kar Correspondent: L. g. Swami D-103 g.F., Ashish JK Apartments Thubarahalli Extended Road Bangaluru- 560066 Tel: 080-49530399 | Mobile:09886280836 E-mail: EVENT 50| 7th EIITF Emphasizes the major pain points of Indian SMEs 48pg Implementation of GST A Positive Move Mumbai: Bureau office Regional Manager (West): Anil Kumar Sr. Correspondent: Mamta S. Anurag Residency, 203 - “B” Wing, Plot no-5, Sector-9, Kamothe, navi Mumbai-410 209 Tel: 022-65561292, Mobile: 08108017479 E-mail:, for the Industry CHANNEL CHIEF 12| A robust backup strategy key component for Ransomware Attack Chennai: Bureau office Branch Manager: Parthiban K A2, R.C.Residency, Cholambedu Road, Thiruvenkada nagar, Ambathur, Chennai - 600 053 Mobile: 098400 55626 E-mail: (From Left to Right): Mr Manoj Agarwal, Enterprise Business Manager - NetApp India Marketing & Services; Shri Manjit Nayak, Addl. Director- Officer-in-charge, STPI (Kolkata); Mr Deepak Kumar Sahu, Chief Editor – VARINDIA; Mr. HPS Bawa, CEO-WEBEL Technology Ltd.; Mr. Uday Bhaskar Rao, MD & CEO - IRam Technologies; Col. A.K. Nath, ED - C-DAC; Mr Amit Roy, CEO - MCS and Mr. N C Mohapatra, Director Alliances – CSDC Systems Hyderabad: Bureau office Branch Manager: Sunil Kumar B 383 HAL Colony, Balanagar HYDERBAD, Telengana - 500042 Tel: 040-32989844/ Cell no. 08100298033 E-mail: VAR SECURITY Kolkata: Bureau office Marketing officer: Sunil Kumar Correspondent: Kiran Kumar 67 Sarada Park, garia, Kolkata - 700084 Mobile: 08100298033, E-mail: Mobile: 09903088480, E-mail: 54| A robust backup strategy key component for Ransomware Attack VAR MOBILITY 56| "We will launch 20 feature phones and 10 smartphones in the next two quarters" Printed and Published by Deepak Kumar Sahu on behalf of M/s. Kalinga Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. and Printed at Pushpak Press Pvt. Ltd. Shed no. 203 - 204, DSIDC Complex, okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, new Delhi-110020 and Published at A-84A/3 Rose Apartment, Paryavaran complex, Ignou Road, new Delhi - 110030, Editor - S Mohini Ratna. For Subscription queries contact: Subscription: Rs. 500(12 issues)Rs. 1000 (24 issues) REGULARS Round About 14 All payments favouring: KALIngA DIgITAL MEDIA PVT LTD © All rights are reserved. no part of this magazine may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher. (1999-2016) Hot Bytes 16, 18 On the Ramp 20, 22 Voice N Data 24 * All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Delhi only. Channel Buzz 26 10 August 2016

  11. T:230 mm S:220 mm RIGHT NOW, YOUR BUSINESS CAN GO IN A MILLION DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. AND ONE OF THEM IS RIGHT. S:330 mm T:340 mm GROWTH IS LIVE. SAP’s suite of affordable solutions for small and midsize companies gives you constant control over your business. Live and in the moment. On premise or in the cloud. So you can make the right decision – right now. ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? 11 August 2016

  12. CHANNEL CHIEF Consumer business growing vis-a-vis Commercial for AMD India is an important market for AMD as far as the expansion of OEM partnership and the growing gaming category is concerned. Throwing more light on how AMD is growing in the country, Peter Chambers, Director – Consumer Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan – AMD shares with VARINDIA the various aspects of its growth in the India market - Peter Chambers Director – Consumer Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan – AMD of its business is happening and is adding value to that space as a major player. “We have defined the Radeon RX line-up with feedback from gamers and enthusiasts who use our graphics technology. The Radeon RX series are premium cards with compelling features that will entice enthusiasts worldwide. Our focus on R&D also enables us to bring great products to the market,” says Peter. The Channel... The channel is very important to AMD, considering the fact that they are the life blood of its business and is the last mile connectivity with its customers. AMD relies on them for its market penetration and reach. “However, when talking about our partners, it’s not only the channel partners who sell our productsthat we consider but also the OEM partners with whom we work and without whose products it’s impossible to enable our platforms. In the last 6 months, ourlevel of engagement has changed,” points out Peter. The number of platforms that have been brought to India has broadened and so has its engagement with all its OEM partners. “AMD has recorded 3 consecutive quarters of growth and we are thankful to the channel for that. The channel is everything for us,”he says. There are a number of different things AMD has been doing to grow the channel. The first one is to give them the right products to address different segments of the market. “This has been a key to the success of AMD partners. The next step is to improve coverage and engagement with partners, for which we find education as an important element. We want to help enable sales people and partners by providing adequate training and education so that they sell the products with a value proposition to the customers,” Peter adds. AMD today works with OEMS like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo. Both the consumer and the commercial segments are growing for AMD; commercial is particularly growing because the number of platforms and the OEMs who are supporting it to grow are increasing. Talking about the channel programs and schemes, this is something AMD has been working on for the last couple of quarters and are going to continue in the coming quarters as well. “There are a number of initiatives we are doing to empower our channel and inculcate the confidence in them to sell more. Face to Face training, online webinars are some of the ways through which we connect with the channel on a regular basis. We are starting to conduct monthly meetings with partners in which we bring experts who are subject matter experts from our head office, whether it is gaming, graphics or any other components. The primary objective is to make available technical expertise and knowledge to them, besides bringing the partners and the AMD team under one roof. We also give them the scope for value addition in our products while selling them to their customers,” Peter concludes. Going ahead... Growing the base and bringing the channel partners on board will be an important focus area for AMD. The company will try to offer the best return for its channel on its products and also deliver product differentiation that will set the tone for a healthy competition. n India is a focus market for AMD; it is a big focus at the moment from the entire APJ region perspective. The investment coming is also a significant one. AMD’s history has always been marked by a commitment to innovation that is truly useful to its customers. Its legacy is and will continue to be built around delivering high-performance products at competitive prices that offer high functionality and provide the best experiences possible. The 7th Gen APUs are the latest consumer products from AMD. “AMD is quite excited to be launching these new APU products as we see up to 50% improvement in CPU performance over the past two years. We are bringing great innovations in these products. As we see the world trending towards video streaming, we have enabled hardware acceleration that gives the customer a great experience when streaming content. We are also seeing extended battery life in these products. From the memory standpoint, the products will support DDR4 memory, which is another great innovation. Our Radeon graphics continue to provide exceptional performance that not only provides great experience when gaming but also accelerated performance to video editing,” explains Peter Chambers, Director – Consumer Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan – AMD. In the gaming segment, AMD is quite excited with its new RX series graphic cards. The company focuses on bringing performance graphic cards to the masses, enabling mainstream gaming performance at a level that has not been seen before. It is focused on those buying US$100-300 graphics cards which is 84% of the market, where majority 12 August 2016

  13. 13 August 2016

  14. ROUND ABOUT Which gender should I use for addressing the Next US President? I n less than three months, the world will get to know who will be the next president of the United States. A lot of hype has been created in the candidature of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Some people discount it as an insignificant buildup, while others say that never in the history of the US presidential election, the rhetoric in the campaign trail has touched such a “low” level and personal. It is almost ritualistic for me to write an open letter to the next candidate when he (or she) takes over as the president in January every four years. I distinctly remember having written two such letters to President Obama. But this time around, I want to depart from the earlier practice of welcoming the US President and presenting him with a wish list when he/she is about to take over the mantle. You would have noticed the word that I have used he/she, since there are two candidates of different gender, representing Democrats and Republicans – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It is for the first time that the oldest democracy in the world has elected a woman candidate for the presidential election from the primaries. If she makes it to the top, it would be a double whammy for the Americans, since they will have a lady as the president for the first time. I seldom dabble in the politics of that country, neither of my country of birth – India. This time around, apart from the open letter, which I will write later in this column, I thought of treating the heat and dust that has been kicked off in an unprecedented manner in the US election trail. Is it because the contest is directly between a man and woman or the unorthodox pitch that it has gained, which has compelled some of the election watchers to express the view that the electioneering in the US has entered a new phase of low. Are the accusations born out of the intemperate language and tenor of accusations used in the campaign or on account of electoral promises such as banning migrations forever in the US for certain racial minorities or people from certain regions? At the time of India getting independence, there were hardly three or four political affiliations. The Congress Party ruled the roost for several decades in the federal system. But down the line, India had witnessed proliferation of political parties representing regional interests. Could we have such trends in the US also, where there can be regional parties coming into being to represent their specific interests? Could there be political parties to protect the interests of the immigrants? Could there be political parties to protect the interests of the people of African origin or Asian origin or Hispanics? Could there be political division to protect the regional or racial interests? It cannot be ruled out in a democratic system and that too in a matured democratic system like the US. While we have to wait till November to get to know the final result of the keenly contested election, one thing I can narrate with certain accuracy is that the largest democracy in the world – India – has left the oldest democracy far behind in certain things. It had a woman prime minister, equivalent to the US president, several years before. Not only did women hold and still are holding levers of power in a more significant manner in India than in the US but also we have three states being ruled by women chief ministers, equivalent to that of Governors in states in the US – West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. These are chief ministers who got re-elected and that way have proved their mettle. Till recently, we had a woman chief minister in Gujarat. States like Goa, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh had women chief ministers at different times. Political watchers are unanimous in their view that in India the trend would pick up since there are many women coming forward to take a political plunge. They are of the opinion that sooner or later we will have complete gender equality in terms of power exercised at the political level. We have other impeccable credentials also, such as woman President, women Speakers in Parliament, women opposition leaders, party presidents and the list goes on. Does it mean that India has scored over the US, in leaps and bounds, in projecting women leaders? Are the world’s largest democracies learning from each other? Seemingly, there are reasons to believe that they are impacting each other. While the US electoral scene is learning the ropes of political demagogue of India and are trying to put in practice some of them, India is gradually settling with a bipolar party system. But it will take years to reach that stage, sometimes, decades since apparently both are comfortable with their own existing systems. The common man in both countries is least bothered about the changes or proposed changes since for them election, which gets repeated after four or five years, is a drama unfolded. They do not align their future with the outcome of the elections, disdainfully believing that elections are for politicians and least to the common man. Friends, I will be back soon in December this year with the wish list for the new president. I assure you that I will be careful with the gender noun that I will be using, lest I should be caught unawares if the US is on its way to make history. In the meantime, good luck to both candidates since I have made it abundantly clear that I am apolitical. Does it mean that the US soon will have a multi-party system like in India? I will not be surprised if such situations arise in the future. How does a political party come into being? When there are different interests not represented by major political interests, there is the possibility of emergence of newer political affiliations. 14 August 2016

  15. 15 August 2016

  16. HOT BYTES TP-LINK emphasizes on supporting Partners T end support service, with the addition of new services such as MiscallCallback Prysm partners with Microsoft P Prysm Visual Workplace and has integration Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Office 365, making it easier to work with Microsoft tools and applications. Prysm has made it easy for customers to connect Prysm to their existing OneDrive for Business environments to make it a seamless experience for end-users to access, search for, and sync with content from OneDrive for Business. Within a Prysm Visual Workplace project, users may now access, work within and download content from Office 365 using Prysm’s built-in web capabilities. These new integrations are in addition to the previously Microsoft Business built using the Microsoft Software Developer Kit (SDK). “Momentum Jharkhand” to promote “Digital Jharkhand” T has launched its maiden investment campaign “Momentum Jharkhand”. Meant to promote a “Digital the event opened with the unveiling of the brand logo and launch of the campaign website momentumjharkhand. com. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghubar Das said in his opening remarks, rank among the best in terms of business reforms and have instituted best practices to fast-forward investments, based on DIPP (Department of Industrial Promotion) guidelines." Telit ties up with Tech Mahindra T with Tech Mahindra for developing complete solutions for Internet of Things (IoT). The relationship is centered on combining and integrating Telit’s portfolio of IoT products and services with Tech Mahindra’s unmatched system integration expertise and strengths in developing end-to-end enterprise solutions. Both the companies are also jointly pursuing new business opportunities across many markets and industries, such as IoT horizontal elit c o l l a b o r a t e d has rysm has enhanced its offerings within change their product right away. Bill Ye, Director & Country Manager, TP- LINK India, said, “We are thankful to Indian customers for supported TP-LINK as a brand and for bringing it to the top level. We would like to support TP-LINK users by more means – be it by offering them best product at a reasonable rate or by providing them with one-of-the-class after-sales service. Once customers purchase TP- LINK’s products, he/she should be less worried on products issues." P-LINK enhanced its back- has announced with having and around the world. “This collaboration will address the broad IoT solutions with particular emphasis on the industrial internet and Industry 4.0 programs of our manufacturing customers,” Karthikeyan Senior VP & Global Head of Engineering Services, Tech Mahindra. industrial IoT Corp. service of new service centres across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. A new and better processed walk- in RMA of TP-LINK in “Bhiwandi, Mumbai” is a blessing for customers who want to walk in and and Opening Kolkata, said Natarajan, Ramco strengthens CloudPay with its Solutions C have entered into strategic partnership to help enterprises take better advantage of cloud payroll solutions. The partnership will combine CloudPay’s SaaS platform and expertise in managed payroll for multinational organizations with Ramco’s payroll software to deliver solutions for today’s increasingly complex and disbursed workforces. Alibaba Cloud joins hands with HTC A with HTC Corporation (“HTC”), wherein both the companies will work to explore high scalable and price-competitive virtual reality (“VR”) solutions for customers worldwide. Leveraging the advanced cloud computing technology of Alibaba Cloud, the companies will focus on developing By using Ramco’s loudPay Ramco Systems and breakthrough innovative solutions bandwidth data transmission and data processing needs in areas such as VR video production and VR broadcasting. The partnership bring together industry developers to build a VR cloud and extend “Viveport”, HTC's VR app store to Alibaba Cloud’s cloud computing platform. libaba has Cloud partnered platform, CloudPay will enhance and its managed services for existing and new customers more than 120 countries it serves. Ramco will leverage managed services solution to bring its Multi-Country Payroll platform global organizations and continue to develop next generation innovations in payroll technology. to tackle expand payroll a allocation, announced Skype integration, for across CloudPay's will also to ecosystem, CtrlS expands partnership with SAP C with SAP to provide infrastructure services for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a private, secure cloud fully managed by SAP and supported by global partners, and is offered for companies that run mission-critical applications in the cloud. “We are delighted to partner with SAP,” said Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder & CEO, CtrlS. “We believe this partnership is a perfect he Government of Jharkhand Deskera now a GST-compliant Software Provider D it is the first cloud-based software suite that is Goods and Services Tax (GST)-ready in India. Deskera has been working with various government departments and businesses in Singapore and Malaysia in helping them move to the GST- based system. Malaysia switched to the GST era in April 2015. Deskera, which caters mostly to the SME market globally, with its affordable products, is headquartered in Singapore. “Deskera is the fastest- growing ERP vendor in trlS Datacenters has joined hands fit for customers seeking a comprehensive, robust and solution to host SAP HANA. As the world leader in the enterprise promotion branded eskera announced that has secure Jharkhand”, the region, and is the first Cloud-based software suite that is GST compliant in India. With the Government’s one of the biggest tax reforms in the country, we are looking forward to it. We have always been ready for GST in India since our products are already being used in GST-compliant countries like Singapore and Malaysia,” Shashank Dixit, CEO, Deskera. enterprise “Jharkhand software domain, SAP is absolutely the right partner to help transform the way businesses adopt SAP HEC and experience the potential business benefits.” said Policy & 16 August 2016

  17. WIRELESS INDOOR CAMERA 17 August 2016 Email: | Website: |Toll Free: 1800-233-0000 | |

  18. HOT BYTES BJP connects Party Office- Bearers with “DigitalBJP” H Haryana, Shri Manohar Lal Khattar has launched DigitalBJP, a mobile Oracle buys NetSuite O agreement NetSuite, the very first cloud company. transaction is valued at $109 per share in cash or approximately $9.3 billion. The transaction is expected to close in 2016. The closing of the transaction to receiving regulatory approvals and satisfying other closing conditions, NetSuite tendering a majority of NetSuite’s shares in offer. In addition, the closing is subject to a condition that a majority of NetSuite’s outstanding shares not owned by executive officers directors of NetSuite, or persons affiliated with Larry Ellison, his family members and any affiliated entities, be tendered in the tender offer. Zebra to increase collaboration with ISV partners Z a global software vendor (ISV) initiative designed increase collaboration with ISV partners and expand engagement with the wider community. Zebra has also appointed Pemberton as the global lead of this initiative. James Global ISV Director, Zebra, “Innovation driven by the ISV partner and developer communities strategically aligns with the industry product portfolio Zebra offers to its customers, and we are poised to successfully reach more developers focussed on enterprise projects than ever before.” Huawei Cloud Open Labs for digital transformation H Cloud Open Labs in the presence of global racle has entered into a definitive to and workers across the country down to the Mandal level of the party, to a central information repository. The DigitalBJP on’ble Minister Chief NFV China of Enterprises, (OPNFV), Association Communication Accenture, uawei launched has its of acquire The is subject certain Red Hat, VMware and Wind River. The Cloud Open Labs aim to enable operators' success. operators, organizations partners, including the Linux Open Platform industry including stockholders project follows the vision of digital empowerment to all members of the party. Cloud-based application specially designed BJP, with the objective of connecting office-bearers and for business Foundation, outstanding the tender for Tyco officially launches its products in Maldives T officially launched its range of security products in Maldives with invitees from the Maldivian government and businesses. With this launch, Tyco will now focus on pioneering and delivering integrated security solutions across the island of Maldives, including hotels & resorts, homes, apartments, airports, schools, hospitals, government sites, special projects, etc. In achieving Infor announces investment in India, Middle East and Africa I India, Middle East and Africa with the creation of its IMEA business unit. Tarik Taman, who has led Infor's global HCM business since 2009, will lead the IMEA business unit from Infor's office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Infor has a plan to quintuple its market share in the region by 2020. "Infor already has a solid footprint across the region, but the growth this, Tyco has partnered with Spectra X Stream as their authorized system integrator in Maldives. “We look forward to doing our part in enhancing the safety and security of civil society and business establishments by offering our integrated security solutions through dedicated and qualified local solutions integrator Spectra X stream,” said Rajeev Samanta, Director for Tyco Products – South Asia. yco Products Security opportunities are virtually limitless," said Taman, General Manager, IMEA, Infor. "India is one of the few major economies still growing near double digits, the Middle East is transforming from oil- based economies to the private sector large investments in the cloud, and Africa is the last economic frontier – all factors that made creating a dedicated IMEA region a compelling decision for Infor." nfor has announced a new focus on has Tarik or worldwide Maldivian driving the Security ebra Technologies has announced independent Riverbed expands Global R&D Capabilities R opened a new global Research & Development facility in Bangalore. The company is also expanding its engineering team in the region three- fold over the next several years as part of its effort to accelerate the delivery of next-generation cloud networking and application performance solutions worldwide. The new centre will be the largest Riverbed R&D facility outside the US, L&T to implement Nagpur Smart City project L as implementation partner to convert Nagpur, the Orange City, into the country’s first large scale integrated Smart City. This is in line with the government’s vision to use Vanguard Technology for creating smart solutions to improve quality of life of citizens. As per Phase L&T’s Smart World Communications business vertical, which is a part of L&T Construction, will lay 1,200 km of optical fiber network backbone, create 136 City Wi-Fi hotspots at key to and focus on solving some of the toughest challenges. “At our core, we are an i v e r b e d Technology has locations, establishing 100 digital interactive kiosks and developing surveillance systems with 3,800 IP-based cameras. Further, as an avant- garde endeavour, the city has identified a strip of approximately 6 km (from Japanese Garden Square to Orange City Hospital Square) to be developed as a ‘Smart Strip’ with state of the art systems powered by smart ICT interventions like smart transport, solid management and smart lighting etc. which can be leveraged in a phased manner to cover the entire city. arsen & Toubro has been identified developer city James Pemberton, Strategy said, engineering company that builds its own technology, and India is a central player in our strategy of global shared development,” said Jerry M. Kennelly, Chairman Riverbed Technology. 1, leading waste & CEO, ultimately 18 August 2016

  19. 20160728_TS-831X_(w20x30cm).pdf 1 2016/7/28 下午 04:01:00 8-bay Turbo NAS Enjoy powerful 8-bays NAS with full 10GbE support on a budget. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K USB AES 256-bit Encryption 10GbE Ready SSD DDR3 Up to16GB cache acceleration 3 x USB 3.0 10GbE-ready with built-in 10GbE SFP+ ports The TS-831X includes two 10GbE SFP+ ports enabling full support of 10GbE high speed networks for higher performance at an afordable price. Rapid development of IoT applications with Container Station Container Station provides an ideal platform with countless available containerized apps enabling developers to try easily, develop rapidly, and deploy IoT applications conveniently. SSD cache acceleration for extreme IOPS The TS-831X fully supports SSD caching to improve the entire workfow of IOPS-demanding applications. VJBOD for maximized sharing benefts Use the TS-831X to attach to QNAP NAS storage with VJBOD to create virtual storage pools and volumes on the virtual disks for operating NAS services. QNAP Systems Inc., (INDIA) | Challam Towers, New No. 113, Dr. Radha Krishan Salai Road, Myalpore, Chennai - 600 004 Tamil Nadu Copyright © 2016 QNAP Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. 19 August 2016

  20. ON THE RAMP AXIS launches Q60 PTZ Dome Cameras A Communications introduced six models to its AXIS Q60 PTZ Dome Network Camera Series, bringing a new range of performance and efficiency features for demanding surveillance applications. The new are the first cameras in AXIS Q60 Series to offer Zipstream, a H.264 compatible compression technology that reduces bandwidth and storage Epson unveils InkTank – L655 E launch of their first-ever duplex InkTank printer –Epson L655. This is an all- in-one printer with ADF, Wi-Fi, networking, fax and duplex functionalities as well as a suite of connectivity aimed at achieving cost- effective speed quality. Epson prints colour documents with razor sharp text and images, and black prints that are additionally water and smudge-resistant. It offers reliable quality of 4,800 dpi high- resolution output. Siva Kumar, DGM, InkJet Printers, “Epson’s printers have been a runway success in India. The corporate and office segment has been asking for an InkTank printer with Duplex capabilities, ADF and in-built fax. With Epson L655, we answer this need." Panasonic expands Visual Communications Segment P portfolio with the HD Visual Communications Systems segment. The HDVC- VC comes with a raft of new features which are in line with the Panasonic’s commitment reliability with innovation while also on the KX series from 2015. Ajay Senior General Manager, Communication Division, Panasonic India, “Our strategy in India is focussed on increasing our B2B imprint while also solidifying our position as one of the leaders in the HDVC segment. We feel that tthis will make us a formidable player in the market.” Xerox brings Color Multifunction Device for SMBs X launch of DocuCentre SC2020, an affordable, feature-rich device, equipped with Xerox color printing technologies for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in India. Balaji Rajagopalan, Executive Director, Technology, Channels & International Business, Xerox India, said, “This is a device meant for developing markets and it will be a game- changer in the A3 category in the pson announced has the erox announced has the x i s has new requirements to 50% camera Zipstream control over bandwidth peaks, allows users to preserve more forensic detail where and lowers installation and maintenance costs significantly. by up even movements. provides during country. The product comes packed with high- end features that give you all the functionality of A3 multifunction device. Its automation features and the digital image registration control are expected to create a major impact.” features, video and L655 cameras needed Seagate expands its flash memory portfolio S new flash innovations that extend the limits of storage computing performance in enterprise data centers to unprecedented levels. This include a 60 terabyte (TB) Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) solid-state drive (SSD) – the largest SSD ever demonstrated – and the 8TB Nytro XP7200 NVMe SSD. “The explosion of data can translate into more value for enterprises, if they have the right means to accommodate that data. RDP launches 14.1” Laptop – RDP ThinBook R RDP ThinBook ultra- slim laptop for under Rs.10,000. Developed association with Microsoft and Intel, the new device aims to address the needs of entry-level consumers looking for an affordable yet robust device. The device comes packed with the Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Processor. The on-board High-Speed USB allows 10X data transfer speeds vis-a-vis USB 2.0 said, If anything is certain, it is the fact that across industries, the limits of data growth are boundless. Seagate is committed to staying on top of this growth and, in turn, ever- changing customer needs, and providing new and varied technologies to help customers stay ahead of the data management curve. New products like the 8TB Nytro XP7200 NVMe SSD and 60TB SAS SSD are testament to that,” said Brett Pemble, Seagate’s GM & VP of SSD products. eagate Technology has announced two InkTank offered on similarly-priced laptops. Vikram Founder & Director, Workstations, said, “At RDP, we believe that a lower price point at the cost of performance will not be accepted by the end-consumers. We are confident that the consumers will appreciate the overall package that has been designed to deliver sturdy performance and good looks all under Rs.9,999.” DP has introduced affordable 14.1” Redlapalli, Managing RDP in printing 3.0 anasonic expanded its B2B has SHARP launches CR4 Series of MFPs S launched its next- generation new series of mid- to high-volume colour document systems. These MFPs are offered in two distinct variants – Advanced and Essentials Series. Built on a single- engine design, this new family of colour MFPs empowers businesses of every size to choose the performance and features they need, while taking advantage of the learning curve of a common interface. Smartly designed CR4 series offers print speed varying from 30 PPM to 60 PPM and are packed with user-friendly innovative RSA announces RSA NetWitness Suite R NetWitness advanced threat detection and response solution that helps security teams detect and understand the full scope of a compromise like never before. Adding new threat intelligence, behavioural and automated analytics capabilities to one of the industry’s most advanced security analytics solutions, the RSA NetWitness Suite is engineered to provide a deep level of insight that security teams need to contain and ultimately eradicate threats and limit consequential harp Systems Business has impacts. The RSA NetWitness Suite has been optimized to monitor a far broader set of attack vectors while capturing activity over long periods of time. This promotes a much more comprehensive and deeper level of understanding so security teams can be more effective in shutting down an entire attack campaign instead of merely resolving a single incident. Analysts will be able to drill down and record, replay, and connect incidents over time and across endpoints, networks, and into the cloud to decipher the full scope of an attack. SA has unveiled the 1000SX RSA Suite, towards features to help businesses manage their workflow seamlessly. Built on the platform of Sharp’s latest technology, these models offer many productivity enhancements, such as high-speed scanning up to 200 images per minute, a walk-up motion sensor that brings the machine to ready condition within 10 seconds. Businesses will also appreciate the common toner supplies for all ten models in this series. improving Madan, said, business 20 August 2016

  21. 21 August 2016

  22. ON THE RAMP Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX vShape delivers enhanced performance F vShape integrated system which now benefits from 20- per cent i n c r e a s e d performance compared to its previous generation with the incorporation of Fujitsu’s powerful PRIMERGY M2 servers. Powered by the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 product family processors and DDR4 memory Ricoh “introduces “Cloud Print” for MFDs R application that enables its business-class printers and multifunction (MFPs) Google Cloud Print Ready. It allows companies to print directly from smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices. Ricoh app uses Google Cloud Print to submit and manage print jobs. Google Cloud Print then sends the print job to the Ricoh Printer, with the particular options the user selected and provides print-job status within the app itself. A. T. Rajan, MD & CEO, Ricoh India, said, “The new is part of information – mobility strategy, which enable our customers to easily access, transform and manage information even when on the move.” Lenovo Launches ideapad 110 L latest consumer laptop from the ideapad family, Lenovo ideapad The ideapad 110 delivers supreme functionality and durability at a great price. At a starting price of Rs.20,490/-, Lenovo is also offering the Accident Damage (ADP) Cover to protect laptops from unexpected damages, Bhaskar Choudhuri, Director – Marketing, Lenovo India, “Ideapad 110 is a value laptop with features users need, but without a high price tag. Its dependable processing power, good memory, ample storage, attractive display, and integrated graphics make it one of the best entry- level laptops for the college goers and young working professionals.” Samsung introduces EVO plus 256 GB MicroSD Card S memory card – EVO Plus 256GB microSD card. The EVO Plus 256GB offers the highest capacity for a microSD card in its class, delivering fast speeds and an expanded memory storage for use in premium smartphones and tablets, 360-degree video recorders, action cameras, and drones. Consumers can now record up to 12 hours of 4K UHD video or 33 hours of Full HD video on their mobile device or action camera without needing to change technology with up to 2,400 MHz frequency, the dual-socket FUJITSU S e r v e r PRIMERGY systems d e s i g n e d to w o r k l o a d s quickly while maintaining low-energy consumption. This efficiency is enhanced by the reduced costs associated with cooling, thanks to Fujitsu’s Cool- safe Advanced Thermal Design. ujitsu has unveiled its PRIMEFLEX amsung India has unveiled its newest icoh India has released an are process products or replace the memory card, allowing them to experience worry less about running out of memory. The EVO Plus 256GB raises the bar for capacity and performance microSD cards, thanks to Samsung’s advanced V-NAND technology. more and of Micromax adds to its laptop range M new laptop series to its existing computing range – Micromax Ignite and Micromax Alpha. The company is now foraying into the mid-level consumer laptops segment to target the mass market of Intel Core i3 Processor and the Intel Pentium Processor that together accounts for majority of the laptop purchases. Shubhajit Sen, CMO, Micromax Informatics Limited, said, “The decision to foray into Brocade launches Fibre Channel Directors B 6 Fibre Channel directors for mission-critical storage connectivity and business resiliency solutions designed for the all-flash data center. The new Brocade X6 director family and the Brocade SX6 extension blade for Fibre Channel, Connection (FICON) and IP storage replication, combined with Brocade Fabric Vision technology, enables customers drive always-on business icromax launched has two operations.“Legacy networks will bottleneck flash storage minimizing the performance economic benefits this game-changing technology. Brocade’s Gen 6 Fibre Channel solutions unleash the full value of today’s flash technology and enable tomorrow’s next-generation storage based on Non- Volatile Memory Express (NVMe),” Rondoni, Vice- President of Storage Networking, Brocade. rocade announced the Gen has application Ricoh’s and of will newer categories is solely basis the understanding of consumer demand and need and matching it with our strong credentials in the Indian market. While the laptop category is not growing very rapidly, the focus is to give a high- performance product at an accessible price.” flash Fibre enovo unveiled has its said Jack to 110. Veeam announces Availability Suite 9.5 V that the new Veeam Availability Suite will fully integrate with Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V technologies used in the data center. Veeam, in collaboration with Microsoft, deliver greater security and offer easy integration between Microsoft’s releases of Windows Server 2016, Hyper-V 2016 and enterprise applications. “It is our goal to be one of the first Availability solutions to fully support Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V 2016 technologies, but Matrix launches COSEC DOOR FMX U Access Control domains, Matrix has launched its multi-spectral, biometric fingerprint based premium door controller - COSEC DOOR FMX, which outperforms other sensors by improving accuracy, speed and security. COSEC DOOR FMX is proven to work well for chemical industries, mines and companies with manufacturing units or remote locations having extreme weather conditions. This advanced technology of Lumidigm made sensor reads two layers of a user’s finger – the surface and subsurface. Hence, even if a worker is nder the Time- Attendance and also to deliver the most comprehensive support. The latest version of Veeam Availability Suite will provide users with the ability to utilize the most current Microsoft technology and benefit from enterprise-grade security and complexities. working together with Microsoft, the right combination of virtualization, fast recovery to deliver Availability Always-On Enterprise,” said Doug Vice-President of Product Strategy, Veeam. eeam has Software announced Protection 9.5 aged with wrinkled fingers or a worker has dirty, oily, wet, dry or sticky fingers, he or she would still be granted access without any complications.And this gives an edge to the device over the biometric devices with sensors. It offers effective biometric combating the issue of finger identification, which tends the HR to reenrolla user’s finger. said, reduced Veeam, will provides and other for the solution Hazelman, 22 August 2016

  23. 17 May 2016

  24. VOICE-N-DATA 344 Railway Stations Under CCTV Surveillance Indian has already Close Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) 344 stations over Indian Railways. Indian Railways has also planned to install Video Surveillance System (VSS) at 1,000 stations under Nirbhaya Fund. Total estimated cost of VSS at 1,000 stations chargeable to Nirbhaya Fund stands at Rs 500 crore and outlay to the tune of Rs 54.91 crore has been proposed for Integrated Security System which includes CCTV works for FY2016-17. Idea 4G services available in Maharashtra & Goa Idea Cellular, No 1 operator in Maharashtra and Goa has rapidly expanded Idea 4G LTE services to cover 390 towns across 32 districts in Maharashtra & Goa. Idea is the first and only service to offer 4G in 300 of these towns. Idea 4G LTE services now available in major towns of Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Vasco, Sangli Miraj and Panjim, covering over 27 pecent population. Idea’s world 4G LTE service is now available in the major towns of Gondia, Alibagh and in addition to Nagpur and Ahmednagar where services were launched earlier this year. As the leading telecom operator in the market, Idea has focussed on investing in spectrum, expanding the network and enhancing customer service Maharashtra & Goa. Telenor trials 4G network in Anand I gradation plans, Telenor has announced the launch of a pilot to deliver high- speed 4G services for its customers in Anand. Subscribers will now experience high-speed wireless mobile internet on the company’s advance network architecture and get on to the digital superhighway to cater to their data needs. The pilot in Anand follows the successful test pilot of Telenor’s 4G services across its 6 circles in Varanasi, Vizag, Amravati, Agra, NETGEAR expands its NAS Portfolio with ReadyNAS 210 Series N launch of its ReadyNAS 210 Series of Network A t t a c h e d Storage (NAS) devices for home and home office networks with new two- and four-bay models in India. Based on a quad-core 1.4GHz ARM Cortex processor, ReadyNAS 212 (RN212) and ReadyNAS 214 (RN214) have set a new standard for consumer NAS by n line with its network up delivering 1,080p video transcoding so that one can view HD on any screen, anywhere home and over the Internet. Subhodeep Bhattacharya, R e g i o n a l Director India and NETGEAR, “NETGEAR ReadyNAS is the undisputed choice in storage for streaming, transcoding video, and protecting your data.” real-time ETGEAR announced the has high-definition Lucknow, Vijayawada, Tenali, Eluru and Bhimavaram. With this, Telenor has moved a step closer to its ambition of Internet for All and becoming the preferred partner in the digital life of its customers. Customers can avail 4G services with Telenor in Anand city with 2 STVs – STV 159 offering 1GB 4G data and 25 Paise local and STD calling, and STV 229 offering 2GB 4G data and 25 Paise local and STD calling. Ranchi, Railways provided content at at – SAARC, said, 38 central universities to create Wi-Fi campus T development (MHRD) is planning to create Wi- Fi enabled campus area network in 38 central universities. The purpose of this exercise is to provide central universities a Wi-Fi enabled campus network which would be connected to the National Knowledge Network (NKN) so that they can leverage the potential of ICT in teaching and learning process for the benefit of all the learners in higher education IBM and Vodafone ink 5-year agreement over IT infrastructure I five-year agreement. IBM will manage IT services support for Vodafone’s IT infrastructure and applications environment. Vishant Vora, Director, Technology & Network, Vodafone India, said, “We are a technology- driven organization and introducing the latest advances is the key to delivering the best of experiences to our customers. Partnering with (ISS) institutions in any time and any where mode. The Wi-Fi enabled campus area network will help in providing low cost and affordable high quality e-content of all learners in the country. On behalf of MHRD, National Centre Services (NICSI) has floated request for proposal (RFP) for supply, commissioning & integration of hardware, software & services for creation of Wi-Fi enabled campus area network in 38 central universities. he ministry of human resource IBM will help us enhance customer’s with intuitive capabilities and build a cost optimized, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure.” Vanitha Managing IBM India, said, “We are delighted to our relationship Vodafone India. IBM’s leading-edge will help Vodafone India’s vision of delivering differentiated client experiences.” BM and Vodafone India have inked a experience Narayanan, Director, Informatics continue with Inc capabilities strengthen provider services Airtel launches 4G in Kharagpur B telecommunications services provider has launched 4G services in Kharagpur. Airtel 4G in Kharagpur has been rolled out using dual spectrum bands of 2300 MHz (TD LTE) and 1800 MHz (FD LTE). The combination of TD LTE and FD LTE ensures higher network capacity, which translates into a superior customer experience. This also makes Kharagpur amongst the few cities in India to have an integrated dual band 4G network. Airtel 4G enables customer to enjoy uninterrupted HD TRAI to look into inter-connection issue of Reliance Jio A between existing telecom operators and Reliance Jio over inter-connection, Telecom Regulator Authority of India said it will quickly respond to communication, if any, from the Department of Telecom. Earlier Reliance Jio has urged the regulator to take legal action against the company’s top phone companies for violating license terms by not providing enough interconnection points to allow calls originating from the Mukesh Ambani- harti India’s Airtel, largest owned operator’s network to go through. Meanwhile, Cellular Association has questioned TRAI’s discussion inter-connection charge. There have been allegations between the incumbent operators and Reliance Jio, with COAI dubbing the latter’s testing of network as an effort to bypass regulations and the Mukesh Ambani firm hitting back saying the charge is a bid to block its full rollout. mid charges and counter-charges video superfast uploading and downloading of movies, music and Airtel 4G is available to customers across a range of smart devices including mobile phones, hotspots and dongles. Commenting on the launch, Ravindra Singh Negi, CEO – West Bengal & Odisha, Bharti Airtel said, “We are delighted to roll out our 4G services in Kharagpur. Customers can look forward to a superlative experience with Airtel 4G and enjoy superfast access speeds." streaming, the images. class Operators (COAI) Amravati, Kohlapur, Wardha, 4G paper on usage smartphone in 24 August 2016

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  26. CHANNEL BUZZ eScan strengthens its channel engagement with ASIRT Members e product launch and training programme for its registered members in Mumbai. It is part of its channel engagement programme to strengthen and educate partners for the growing business opportunities in Security Solutions with Digital India and Smart Cities being at the forefront of India's digital growth plans. With the changing landscape of cybercrimes and the growing IT dependency by small and medium businesses for business growth, SMB businesses are becoming potential targets for the cybercriminals. Keeping the growing trend of attacks on SMBs by various ransomware to Trojans, etc, eScan has developed specialized products such as eScan Corporate 360, eScan Enterprise Edition, eScan Corporate Edition, eScan Endpoint Security, Total Security Suite for Business and Internet Security suite for Business and to provide real-time protection to these businesses with least dependency by IT support or Admin team. eScan being a strong channel- driven organization, and being Rashi Peripherals and Toshiba organize Partners Meet R Toshiba, has held regional Surveillance training sessions across Gujarat, in association with a name well known for surveillance solutions their partners. Cities covered included Rajkot, Palanpur and Vadodara. Training sessions helped over 500 partners to increase the interest in the surveillance industry with ambitious road map for the country, and discuss forms of support from the Distribution house and the Storage titan. The day sessions were attended by partners from the tier-II to tier-IV cities. The seminar included a mix of lectures, technical sessions, through interaction with the participants and training. Discussions revolved around the future of the a pureplay security solutions developer has taken strides in its endeavour to provide greater opportunity for the SI partners. To strengthen its association further, eScan held the exclusive Scan, in association with ASIRT, held an exclusive ashi cooperation Peripherals, in with for surveillance industry and the opportunities that lie ahead for the partners, joined by Avtron, who enable the partners in understanding the dynamics of this business. Rashi and Toshiba’s first leg of an ambitious upsell even was met with much appreciation and participation. The trio will host these extensive and comprehensive meets across India, where partners from all tier cities can attend, which would, in turn, help them tap the surveillance industry. product training programme and to educate partners about the giving business opportunity. As the threat landscape expands its horizon to target SMB businesses, eScan security solutions provide a new business opportunity and profitability for these members. At present, in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, leveraging technology to help sustain profitable business growth is a focus for most channel partners, hence eScan too has developed modules to train and educate qualified partners who are looking for expanding their business profitability by adding security solutions to their product / service portfolio for their customers. Toshiba’s the practical SOTI partners Airtel S telecommunications provider. SOTI a strategic relationship with Enterprise division of Airtel to provide enterprise Enterprise Mobility Management solutions. SOTI’s vision is to connecting the mobile and IoT system. The company announced an investment of $12 million in the Indian market, through the increase of the current employee base in the country, adding 300 new jobs within the span of two years. The investment will be for enhancing technical support and R&D in the country. SOTI has also expanded its operations to a new facility in Gurgaon built on the vision of creating an environment to enable creativity and foster innovation. Presently, SOTI’s customers in India include: The Lalit, The Peninsula and “This is an exciting time to be in India. With the proliferation of mobile phones, the Indian ecosystem is monumental digital disruption. We believe competency in mobility and focus on enabling OTI has partnered with Airtel, India’s largest services signed has business transformation across vertical sectors, we are uniquely positioned to execute on a connected enterprise mobility and IoT strategy,” said Carl Rodrigues, CEO, SOTI. “We have a deep focus on innovation, and this expansion is part of the company’s larger R&D growth strategy. SOTI is leading the way to the next generation of mobility management,” added SOTI. SOTI is the only player in the industry that works across solutions for both the knowledge and task worker, rugged and consumer devices, peripherals and all major OS’s. Known as the industry leader in Android management, SOTI’s Android+ technology includes over 95 device manufacturers representing more than 90 percent of the Android device market. SOTI’s Android+ leadership is recognized within the Indian marketplace, as the company continues to build out its local partner network, offering the deepest management the broadest range of Android OEMs. Radware Hosts seminar for its Channel R on ‘Mastering Application Service Level Assurance’ for its channel partners in Mumbai and Bangalore. The India VAD partner, RAH Infotech coordinated the events at both locations. Yaron Azerual, Product Marketing Manager, Radware addressed the audience importance of understanding how application visibility and performance impact business goals and why it is critical to for the businesses to gain insights into the nature of application networking and how application delivery controllers (ADC) can be a key component to reliable and secure applications. He spoke in detail about application networking best practices and why Radware is a global leader in application security and delivery solutions for virtual, cloud, and software defined data centers. The highlights of the session were customers adware India has recently conducted seminars has also on ‘Application Assurance – The End Goal of Virtualization’ and ‘Virtualizing Appiication Delivery – Cloud, SDN, NFV – What Does It All Mean?’ A huge gathering of over 80 participants from Radware channel community in each city benefitted from this seminar and had a chance to interact with Yaron understand more about how they can help their customer improve application networking performance while virtualizing application delivery and securing the same. Service Level connected one-to-one to undergoing a with SOTI’s enterprise across 26 August 2016

  27. 27 August 2016

  28. FACE TO FACE HPE Transactional Business Model (TBM) ..............enabling partners to fulfil customer requirements faster In a chat with VARINDIA, Barun Lala, Director – Indirect Sales, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India Sales Pvt. Ltd. and Vikram K, Director, Servers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India shares where and how is the server market moving, besides giving details about the new Transactional Business Model that will be a game changer strategy for its partners for responding to customer needs - the world’s first product for Composable infrastructure, wherein compute, storage and Networking come together as fluid resource pools that can be activated for any style or size of workload,” Vikram points out. Recently, HPE has also launched the Edgeline EL1000 and Edgeline EL4000, the converged systems for the IoT, integrating compute, storage, data capture, control and enterprise-class systems and device management built to thrive in hardened environments and handle shock, vibration and extreme temperatures. In view of the growing server market for HPE and based on extensive market research on the most popular/fast selling Server products, HPE has formulated the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Transactional Business Model (TBM). This is a program under which it is enabling its partners to fulfil their customer requirements quickly and smoothly. Vikram K, Director, Servers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India Barun Lala, Director – Indirect Sales, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India Sales Pvt. Ltd. Right Products, At The Right Price,…Right Now’ is the motto of the new Transactional Business Model Join the revolution, sell fast and accelerate your earnings of the players have the complete portfolio on the latest Intel platforms. For empowering partners, who are an important consideration for HPE, the company is launching a lot of demand generation programs along with its distribution & channel partners to drive awareness for these products. “We did extensive market research, priced products based on the market operating price or “street price” and shared these prices with our partners. This program has received a tremendous response from the partner community,” says Barun. The server market is undergoing TBM – All about Empowering Partners Transactional Business Model (TBM) as a program has a select number of Servers bundled with Services and which addresses the ‘heat of the market’ and meets majority of SMB and mid-level enterprise customers’ needs. The Transactional model focuses on speed. Around 70% - 80% of the SMB and mid-level enterprise customer needs can be fulfilled by these SKUs. “Transactional Business Model is beneficial for a business that is characterized by the minimum of predefined products sold through the channel, to meet the price/functionality needs of a large percentage of SMB customers (typically below 500 users) who are price and availability sensitive or do not want complex solutions. It is channel and a marketing driven initiative,” says Barun Lala, Director – Indirect Sales, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India Sales Pvt. Ltd. “In short, ‘Right Products, At The Right Price,…Right Now’ is the motto of this new program of TBM,” he says. Through the HPE Transactional Business Model (TBM) program, HPE has built the product list and identified those products that are fast selling, as well as the most competitive pricing. All the servers in the TBM program are from the latest generation and with the latest configuration. This also gives an advantage for early movers, since not many considerable changes, impacted by broader technology megatrends like cloud, mobile and big data. These new technologies bring in the opportunities of new deployments and upgrades for the server vendors. New implementations and upgrade opportunities along with various government initiatives such as Smart Cities & Digital India projects are collectively driving the growth for the server market in India. Currently, the server industry in India is also witnessing growth from start-ups especially from e-commerce players & service providers. “While blade servers and micro servers are the major growth drivers, High Performance Computing is also on the rise. Moreover, x86 servers are effectively addressing the real time data transaction needs of organizations, which in turn significantly contributes to the growth of the server market,” explains Vikram K, Director, Servers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India. As the industry’s leading server vendor, HPE is committed to bringing new infrastructure innovations to the market that enable organizations to derive more value from their data. This year the company has launched HPE Synergy, an intelligent infrastructure designed application delivery in both traditional and new IT for the Idea Economy. “We call it Looking ahead... 2016 has been a year of technology disruption with the continuing evolution of cloud, mobility, social computing, big data and security. HPE believes that together with partners and the new TBM program, the company will be well-positioned to address the challenges and opportunities of this new market paradigm through New Style of IT. “The Transactional Business Model by HPE model is all about partner empowerment by offering power, choice and flexibility to take on the most demanding workloads at the right price. Join the revolution, sell fast and accelerate your earnings,” concludes Vikram with a note of encouragement to the partners. n to accelerate 28 August 2016

  29. Data Center Special Data Center Infra to touch $5 Bn by 2018 India will remain as the centre for outsourcing around the globe and that brings unlimited opportunities in Big Data & Analytics that has the potential to leverage data assets to transform India into a Digital India. To address the digital needs of the huge population and sustain the growth of ever-growing sectors of IT, telecom and banking, the support of infrastructure also needs to be in place. Data center is the critical support infrastructure and has been the focal point of this development phase. With the growth in online and e-commerce business, data centers is a high-growth business. We expect that with technology capability and rising scale, India could also become the hub for data centers businesses globally and India has the potential to lead the world in the adoption of the nexus of forces, which is the convergence and mutual reinforcement of social interaction, mobility, cloud and information. Expansion of e-commerce, online users and increased transactions, coupled with growing acceptance of cloud services in the SME segment, is expected to add further in the growth trajectory. Going forward, the paradigm for innovation is fast moving towards consumer-centric solutions and demands for customer experience zone is very impressive. Given the complexity and scale of challenges faced by the corporates, there is a sense of urgency and the need to develop similar quality-focussed and innovation-driven mind-sets to become competitive in today’s globalized environment. With the rollout of 4G in the backdrop, increasing higher data consumption owing to affordable 4G devices will lead to the growth of the data center market in India and is forecast to reach 22 per cent YoY against the 12 per cent globally for the period 2016-18. Secondly, India is home to over 51 million small and medium businesses. Indian SMBs are leveraging digital technologies across business processes, driving topline growth, maximizing output and deriving cost-efficiencies. While today only 40 per cent of these SMBs are influenced by technology, the number is expected to increase to 90 per cent of all SMBs by 2020. SMEs are focussed on broadening the role of technology within their organizations. 29 August 2016

  30. Data Center Special Data Center: Future Promising Indian data center infrastructure market is expected to reach $5 billion in 2018, thanks to consumer mobile data, government, BFSI, manufacturing, retail/e-commerce and healthcare As per Gartner, the Indian data center infrastructure market is forecast to reach $2 billion in 2016, a 5.2 per cent increase from 2015. The market is bound to grow, thanks to mobile data, government, BFSI, manufacturing, retail/e-commerce, healthcare verticals. Even enterprise and government vertical have shown increased willingness to adopt public cloud-hosted data center and plan to move from local data centers. The data center market looks promising as Indian data center infrastructure market is expected to touch $5-billion mark by 2018 and it is predicted that India would be the second-largest market for data centers in Asia -Pacific by 2020. All this is very encouraging as even the government of India is also in the final stages of accreditation of cloud services of private cloud providers in the country which will open up new services like digital storage of certificates and others. The focus of Indian data center infrastructure market is more on setting up new data centers as well as modernization of existing data center to provide cloud services. All these will help in benefiting corporate as it will help them in their digitization story. “Public cloud may suit applications where security is not a major issue, whereas private cloud may be a logical choice for higher levels of security. However, hybrid cloud is the optimum solution given their specific security and data issues, evolving regulatory environment, unique infrastructure requirements, and an overriding need for standardization, automation and virtualization. So it is not surprising that market trends clearly show that a hybrid Cloud will dominate the market over the next five years,” says Vikram K, Director, Servers - Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Speaking about modernization, Atul Anchan, Director- Systems Engineering, Symantec modernization is one of the key drivers for infrastructure spend in India. Automation and orchestration are becoming high priorities for businesses in India. Software-defined infrastructures, and an increased focus on disaster recovery and business continuity has also increased spend on infrastructure." Modernization of existing data centers will also help in reducing IT management cost, complexity and increased security, thereby helping CIOs to opt for public, private or hybrid cloud depending upon their choice. Speaking about converged infrastructure, India, said, "Data center Top data center providers in India · BSNL · CtrlS Datacenters · Cyfuture India · ESDS · GPX · IBM · Microsoft · Netmagic · NxtGen · Nxtra Data · Pi Datacenters · Reliance Communications · Reliance Jio (To be operational soon) · Ricoh India · Sify · ST Tele Media (formerly Tata Communications Data Centers) · Web Werks · Wipro Raghuram Krishnan Director – Partners & Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems, India application and Raghuram Krishnan, Director – Partners & Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems, India, said, "Converged infrastructure helps modernize the enterprise and be ready for private, public or hybrid clouds and deliver operational efficiency by adopting advance automation. It improves organizational agility by quickly deploying new applications and services that respond to changes in business needs. It also helps reduce IT management cost and complexity with coordinated, comprehensive provisioning and administration of virtualized and private cloud environments." "Red Hat and demonstrated expertise infrastructure performance enhancements and historic cost savings by moving customer data centers from silos of mismatched legacy equipment to a streamlined, standardized, open platform that is optimized for physical, virtual and cloud deployments. This procedure not only offers quantifiable short-term value but also lays the basis for a self-service, cloud- ready, elastic environment that can act to dynamic business priorities on demand," said Neeraj Bhatia, Director - Partners, Alliances & Commercial Sales, Red Hat India. Data Center Opportunities Increase in mobile data usage and proliferation of data is having a significant impact on servers, storage, networking, facilities and IT operations, thereby leading its partners in have driving Atul Anchan Director - Systems Engineering, Symantec India Neeraj Bhatia Director - Partner, Alliances & Commercial Sales, Red Hat India 30 August 2016

  31. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS); Platform- as-a-Service (PaaS); Business-Continuity-as-a -Service (BCaaS); Dev/Test-Environment-as-a -Service (DevOps); and Virtual-Desktops-as-a -Service. Speaking on MeghRaj, Piyush Somani, Founder, MD & CEO, ESDS Software Solution, said, "We have already participated in the MeghRaj opportunity and the government is evaluating all the bids." MeghRaj is a big government initiative and all data center players in India would like to leverage it by setting up data centers in India. In last six months we have seen several announcements by leading MNCs to set up their own data centers in India. to rapid growth of the data center market in India. e-commerce, cloud-based services and emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) will play a key role in stimulating growth for data center business in India. "As the number of subscribers and transactions grows from an e-commerce perspective, storage, availability and business continuity/disaster recovery will become pertinent. With IoT millions of devices will be connected and combined with data analytics humungous amount of data would be generated – all of this would require data center support in the form of large storage, high and continuous availability and data security. All of them will trigger growth of data centers in India and offer great opportunity for new players," said Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, CtrlS Datacenters. The government of India is also in the final stages of accreditation of cloud services of private cloud providers in the country and is offering a new model of cloud computing services (including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) to the users through ‘GI Cloud’ coined as MeghRaj. The focus of MeghRaj is to evolve a strategy and implement various components to ensure proliferation of cloud in government verticals Piyush Somani Founder, MD & CEO ESDS Software Solution SDN and NFV Deployment All data center players based in India are deploying or planning to deploy new technologies like SDN (Software-Defined- Network) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) as it technology advancements vis-a-vis existing technologies as it will help in benefiting enterprise customers. Netmagic has already adopted software- defined networking in its Chandivalli data in the accreditation of cloud services of private cloud providers in the country.” GI Cloud or MeghRaj will be a set of discrete cloud computing environments spread across multiple locations, built on existing or new infrastructure, following a set of common protocols, guidelines and standards issued by the Government of India. The primary purpose is to enable DeitY to provisionally accredit the cloud service offerings of private service providers for an initial period of two years. This will be an open accreditation process to allow for new entrants into the accredited list of cloud service providers as well as the re-accreditation of the already accredited cloud service providers. In order to be accredited by DeitY and be part of the GI Cloud Services Directory, the cloud service offerings will require certification of compliance to a common set of standards and guidelines on the security, interoperability, data portability, SLAs and contractual terms & conditions. The government is looking at various requirements from private service providers like: service management and provisioning; user/admin portal; WAN; data center facilities; cloud storage service; virtual machines; security; legal compliance; management reporting; and exit management/transition. DeitY has invited proposals from the private cloud service providers for provisional accreditation of cloud service offerings for a combination of security level 0 or security level 1 or both for has tremendous Sridhar Pinnapureddy Founder and CEO CtrlS Datacenters Mandar Kulkarni Director – Cloud and Datacenter Programs, Marketing & Operations Microsoft India integration; LAN/ center. ESDS has deployed new-generation technologies like SDN, SDS and NFV to reduce the latency and improve agility of our cloud services. The company has a unique concept implemented between Mumbai and Nashik data centers, which allow virtual machines to float between both the data centers in near real time. Microsoft's cloud platform is built using state-of-the-art technologies like SDN, Azure CloudSwitch, to build software- defined hyperscale data centers. Deployment of SDN and NFV in Pi Datacenters has enabled a more agile and less failure prone environment through a fully closed loop software-defined architecture that works on rule and policy-based processes and heals itself to perfection in any eventuality. Speaking on SDN and NFV deployment, Mandar Kulkarni, and Datacenter Programs, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft India, said, "Our cloud platform is built using state-of-the-art technologies like SDN, Azure CloudSwitch, through private cloud players. The aim of the cloud policy is to realize a comprehensive vision of government private cloud environment available for use by central and state government departments, districts and municipalities to accelerate ICT-enabled service improvements and also provide flexibility in terms of choice of technology. DeitY proposes accreditation of the cloud service offerings of private service providers so that end-user departments can leverage in addition to the National Cloud services offered by NIC for e-governance solutions. The cloud services, offered under National Cloud as well as the accredited private cloud service providers, will be published through a GI Cloud Services Directory for use by government departments or agencies both at the centre and states. According to industry experts, “Players like Reliance Communications, NIC, Reliance Jio, TCS, Wipro, Microsoft, Amazon, Sify, ESDS, Pi and others are actively participating Director – Cloud Kalyan Muppaneni Founder & CEO Pi Datacenters 31 August 2016

  32. Data Center Special Rajender Bhandari Director - Systems Engineering NetApp Marketing & Services Manish Gupta Director & General Manager, Enterprise Solutions Group, Dell India Amod Ranade General Manager - Data Center Business Development, Schneider Electric average of PUE is 1.8) of 1.42. Microsoft is continuously innovating to reduce this cost and bring in energy efficiency. Microsoft’s average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) for its new data centers in 1.125. Speaking on energy Amod Ranade, General Manager - Data Center Business Development, Schneider Electric, said, "As the global specialist in energy management and automation, we create technologies that reshape industries, transform cities and enrich lives. Our life cycle services help to assess, plan, design, build and operate data centers, leading to improved performance under OpEx pressure. A broad portfolio and choice of data center architectures cater to varied customer needs, along with prefabricated solutions that are easy to deploy and to support the fast growth of businesses." Even data management is becoming more complex and complicated. Rajender Bhandari, Director - Systems Engineering, NetApp Marketing & Services, says, "With data management becoming one of the major influencers of business strategy, there is an increased emphasis on efficiency of data centers. As one of the leading enterprise storage providers, NetApp is looking forward to the changes in the data center market." "Deployment of SDN and NFV in our data center reflects our choices towards delivering just the right solutions for enterprises across industries. This approach has enabled a more agile and way less failure prone environment through a fully closed loop software-defined architecture that works on rule and policy -based processes and heals itself to perfection in any eventuality," added Muppaneni. Manish Gupta, Director & General Manager, Enterprise Solutions Group, Dell India said, "Our future-ready data center solutions are more tightly integrated, bringing server, storage and networking closer together; scalable to meet business demand, and software-defined to automate and simplify IT operations and service delivery. The result is, with our data center solution offerings, customers can gain flexibility and efficiency, while working with existing IT investments." Apart from new technologies, data center players are also focusingss a big way on energy conservation technology to keep its running cost low as these constitute a large part of cost of running data centers. CtrlS Datacenters had around 80 innovations to optimize and reduce energy consumption which has led to industry best PUE (PUE is a metric of data center energy efficiency and is the ratio of the power and cooling overhead required to support our server load. The industry to build software-defined hyperscale data centers. We make these investments in the cloud data centers to ensure that CIOs never have to worry about regulatory mandates and capacity planning in the future." Talking about new technologies, Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, CtrlS Datacenters said, "We are deploying new technologies and it is a constant effort to be ahead of the curve, and being a Tier-4 data center, we carry the mantle. Yes, we are adopting SDN, NFV as they provide tremendous technology advantages, along with benefits such as quick device deployment – be it a firewall, network, storage or compute combined with rapid scaling of infrastructure. All of these will eventually benefit our customers as they witness rapid progress from development to production (Go Live) helping them meet their business objectives." "Pi, as a young, disruptive and dynamic technology enterprise, has been creating waves in the industry as a software-defined strategic data centre. Resorting to a strategic cloud data centre approach and with a software-defined environment right from the network layer to the compute Pi brings to its customers a fully integrated software-defined enterprise cloud environment armed with automation, orchestration and workflow," commented Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder & CEO, Pi Datacenters. Sify’s Cloud Cover connects over 36 Data Centers management, Pravin Prashant The company maintains a leadership position in data center services by providing advanced design, security, power and cooling elements to customers with industry-leading reliability, including uptime of 99.999% for last 8 years. Highly redundant power and cooling systems, security and management systems, best practices& processes and skilled operations staff enable the data center to meet and even exceed the industry's highest standards. SifyTechnologies provides data center services like colocation, managed hosting, DC IT services and DC migration. Sify Technologies built India's first Tier 3 Data Centre in 2000 and since then has pioneered colocation, and enterprise-ready cloud services. All the SifyData Centers are strategically located in different seismic zones. Sify Technologies has an impressive portfolio of over 200,000 square feet of white space spread across 6 Tier 3 data centers, 15 Tier 2 data centers, 6 state data centers and several more for private clients, all built as per specifications and with best-in-class global standards.Sify's latest DCs are based on POD designs with abundant space & support for high density power requirements. managed hosting Kirtikar Ojha Business Head – DC & Cloud Managed Services, Sify Technologies Limited 32 August 2016

  33. their primary data center. Sify Technologies has meta-morphed from a network and data center service provider to becoming a full-fledged converged ICT player with capabilities data center transformation, application integration and transformation integration services. Sify Technologies has demonstrated its prowess in many DC transformation projects by implementing best- of-breed solutions which enabled customers to experience the best-fit solution to address their current and future requirements and de- risk technology adoption. This transition was played on the premise that the brand had built a sound infrastructure foundation and aligned services on them in sync with the ever evolving needs of enterprises. Therefore, it believes that it is able to serve the requisite services with the same level of SLAs across the board. With over 15 years of operational and technical expertise serving over 300 customers spread across BFSI, telecom, pharma, retail, manufacturing, media, etc., As a cloud and network services provider, Sify Technologies understands that reliable and affordable connectivity is key to leverage data center and cloud investments made by organizations. Sify’s cloud cover connects over 42 data centers, across the country, on a high speed network. The company provides high capacity multi-protocol low latency networks across multiple cities in India to provide solutions to address the unique requirements for data center - data center traffic as compared to traditional data center - branch traffic. Sify Technologies has marquee customers who leverage this network to connect their disaster recovery and near disaster recovery facilities to Sify Technologies is also well positioned to address the increasing market opportunities on upcoming platforms of Software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) as enterprises move from build to subscribe and from control to visibility. It is positioned as one of the leading vendor in the prestigious Gartner’s magic quadrant for cloud enabled managed hosting, Asia Pacific from past three years. Its cloud platform has scale-out capabilities to compete more effectively for public cloud requirements and is also extending its support to AWS and Microsoft Azure, including offering managed services on top of the third- party cloud providers. As a full scale ICT player, Sify Technologies is in the best position to align these expectations to the market place for any enterprise. “NTT has its own Global Standards on Data Center” E-commerce has been a major contributor. The whole startup ecosystem that has also grown in the last few years and lastly we continue to see traction from BFSI sector. What is the total number of data centers that you operate globally and how many data centers are operational in India? NTT has close-to 150 data centers globally and has the largest amount of space among all the players. In India currently, NTT has 9 data centers in 4 cities. How many data centers are you operating in India and what is the total floor space and number of racks in each data center? We have close-to 6,000,000 square feet and the largest data centre floor space has close to 300,000 square feet and we will keep on increasing the space, as per the requirement. Do you provide all data center services like location, dedicated hosting, cloud computing, IT monitoring & managed security, recovery and managed app hosting from your India data center? We offer the entire stack of infrastructure as services such as dedicated hosting, private clouds, simpliPVC, public cloud and virtual firewalls appliances and the entire set of DR (disaster recovery) as service. We are in the process to add some of the PASS services and data analytic services towards the end of 2016. What is the USP of NTT data center? We are part of the NTT Communication group which gives us a lot of financial strength and NTT has its own global standards on data centers so all our data center design have to go through detailed scrutiny. Secondly, we have very good managed services offering and in fact many customers take our IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) because we are able to manage the infrastructure well, almost 65 per cent of our manpower are engineers who manage and run IT infrastructures so the depth of skill in operating systems, databases, virtualization technologies is all available at one place. Do your data center meet DeitY's MeghRaj requirement for a combination of security level 0 or security level 1 or both for IaaS; PaaS; BCaaS; DevOps; and Virtual Desktops-as-a-Service? We are a participant and are part of the MeghRaj project. Are you deploying technologies like SDN, NFV and others to make your data center more efficient? We have already adopted software defined networking in Chandivalli data center. Secondly, with the launch of SimpliPVC we have deployed and integrated Cisco ACI technology and Microsoft Azure which really leverages and allows us to do V Laning. What are your plans for opening up of new data centers in India? There are certain plans under approval. So probably by the end of this month there will be some announcements once we have the global approval in place. Nitin Mishra Senior Vice President, Product Management, Netmagic Solutions Data center market size in India for FY2015-16 and what is the forecast for FY2016-17? Multiple estimates have been done for the Indian data center market as it is defined as co- location, managed hosting and infrastructure as a services with $0.5-billion market, as of today. The market is growing at a varying speed, the co-location market at 18–20 per cent, cloud offering at 30-40 per cent and new offering like simpliPVC is expected to grow at 75-85 per cent but overall data center business is expected to grow at 22-25 per cent. Do you see e-commerce, cloud- based services and emergence of the IoT affecting data center growth in India? We are already engaging with some utility companies which are deploying smart meters. IoT will be one of the drivers, maybe the adoption will be slow but I believe it will be a major contributor in the next 2 years. new managed co- infrastructure management, disaster Pravin Prashant 33 August 2016

  34. Data Center Special "First Phase of Our Largest Data Center would be operational soon" passing the cost benefit to our customers, coupled with top-of-the-league services and lowering their TCOs significantly. Our fully automated and customizable workflows enable customers to provision their enterprise cloud on our self-provisioning platform. The intelligently built infrastructure is scalable between the Tier levels. The mission- critical applications of our customers can leverage the Uptime certified Tier-IV environment, while their non-mission critical applications and infrastructure can leverage our Tier-III environment, resulting in cost optimisation and operational excellence. Names of the key customers which are availing data center services in India? We support 20-25 customers across industry verticals manufacturing, IT/ITeS and startup and it is growing. We are well poised to be data center partner of choice of 200+ customers by the end of this fiscal year. Does your data center meet DeitY's MeghRaj requirement for a combination of security level 0 or security level 1 or both for IaaS; PaaS; BCaaS; DevOps; and Virtual Desktops as a Service? Yes, we @Pi, satisfy the security requirements of DeitY's MeghRaj. Are you deploying technologies like SDN, NFV and others to make your data centers more efficient, lower latency and increase its speed? Pi, as a young, disruptive and dynamic technology enterprise, has been creating waves in the industry as a Software-Defined -strategic data center. Resorting to a strategic cloud data center approach and with a software-defined environment right from the network layer to the compute Pi brings to its customers a fully integrated software defined enterprise cloud environment armed with automation, orchestration and workflow. Deployment of SDN and NFV in our data centers reflects our choices towards delivering just the right solutions for enterprises across industries. What are your plans for opening up of new data centers in India? We would be sharing our phased expansion plans both in India and overseas in due course. n What is the size of the data center market in India for FY2015- 16 and what is the forecast for FY2016-17? Indian data center infrastructure market is currently valued at $2.2 billion and is expected to touch $4.5-billion mark by 2018. It is predicted that India would move to be the second-largest market for data centers in Asia-Pacific by 2020 with investments reaching $7 billion. Do you see e-commerce, cloud- based services and emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) affecting data center growth in India? The growing cloud market in India with an estimated CAGR of 32 per cent over the years 2013-2018 is certainly shaping up the demand for data centers. Gartner’s Cloud Adoption Survey in January 2015 revealed 53 per cent of organisations were already using cloud services and another 43 per cent indicated planned adoption by the end of the year. The dependence e-commerce industry technologies like IoT and their high-end technology requirements excellence are also carving out more market space for data centers. What is the total number of data centers that you operate globally and how many data centers are operational in India? As a data center player, our current focus is India market. We are serving our customers out of our facilities at Vijayawada and Hyderabad. The first phase of our largest data center facility across 10 acres out of Amaravati would be operational soon and this is an Uptime Certified Tier-IV facility. We would also be announcing data center locations in the very near future. The global footprint is part of our long-term expansion plans. We have been doing active white boarding on this so that we do things right the first time itself. How many data centers are you operating in India and what is the total floor space and the number of racks in each data center? Our first of many data centers is spread across 10 acres in Amaravati and has an Uptime Certified Tier-IV data center. It is modularly built grounds up over a space of 500,000 square feet with a total capacity of Kalyan Muppaneni Founder & CEO, Pi Datacenters like government, 5,000+ racks. Phase I of the modular data center would house 1,100 racks. Over and above this, we also operates a near DR-cum-global managed services delivery center facility at Vijayawada and a far DR facility at Hyderabad. This gives our customers a fully redundant environment to ride on, both intra and inter location. Do you provide all data center services like location, dedicated hosting, cloud computing, IT monitoring & managed security, recovery and managed app hosting from your Indian data centers? Yes, we do provide all the services you have highlighted out of our data centers. As a software-defined strategic data center, we @Pi, with our flagship cloud framework @ PiCloud, deliver top-of-the-league end-to- end data center services with high level of automation, self-service and a strong layer of managed services, that suit the dynamic nature of the industry and delivers the best fit solutions and results to end-users. What is the USP of Pi Datacenters? We differentiate ourselves in the market in a spectrum of aspects starting from the class of core data center infrastructure to the level of managed services. We emphasize on quality and professionalism in our services with firm SLAs. Our grounds up modular architecture enables customers to scale at will without worrying about space crunch. The strategic choice of Vijayawada (Mangalagiri) to operate our first data center adds to the cost optimization both in terms of infrastructure and power. This helps in of the on booming emerging managed co- for business infrastructure management, disaster new Pravin Prashant 34 August 2016

  35. "We are investing over Rs. 600 Crore in rolling out Tier-4 Data Centers" Disaster which is now gone on to become an industry standard. All mission-critical applications from banking & insurance, stock exchanges, retail, services, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and ISVs are hosted with us. USP of CtrlS data center? Our data center is India’s only and Asia’s largest Tier-4 and compliant with ANSI/ TIA-942 standards. Our Tier-4 data center is Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 compliant and all components are fully fault-tolerant, including data links, servers, storage, HVAC, chillers, UPS, gensets etc. Everything in our Tier-4 data center is dual-powered (N+N). Our Tier-4 data center is unique in the following manner: Data center provides industry’s highest uptime SLA of 99.995 per cent; PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) of 1.42; Carrier neutrality; Lowest latency; Quake proof; Pollution-free (We have air filtration plant to eliminate gaseous contaminants); and military-grade security (nine levels of security at the highest level). As a case in point, data centers have been experiencing rapid rate of hardware failures due to sulphur bearing gases, primarily due to copper creep corrosion on printed circuit boards and corrosion of silver in some components. To address this, we have deployed world-class air filtration and purification technology on our Tier-4 data center facility that totally removes gaseous contaminants and particulates, and inhibits corrosion caused by airborne contaminants, thereby providing pure air and eliminating equipment corrosion. This ensures complete loss of data and addresses the needs of customers. Names of the key customers which are availing CtrlS data center services in India? Our customers include SBI, Axis Bank, IDBI, Allahabad Bank, FedEx, Bosch, Panasonic, National Ranbaxy, Apollo Hospitals, GATI, Bosch, Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) Data center market size in India for FY2015-16 and what is the forecast for FY2016-17? The size of data center market comprising of colocation, hosting and managed services is estimated at $1.3 billion by 2016. In terms of sheer size in square feet it would be at four million square feet. The market will witness rapid growth due to new and disruptive technologies in the forthcoming decade. Do you see e-commerce, cloud- based services and emergence of the IoT affecting data center growth in India? Yes, all of the above will play a key role in stimulating growth for data center business in India. As the number of subscribers and transactions grow from an e-commerce perspective, storage, availability and business continuity/disaster recovery will become pertinent. With IoT, millions of devices will be connected and combined with data a analytics humongous amount of data would be generated. All of this would require data center support in the form of large storage, high and continuous availability and data security. All of them will trigger growth of data centers in India and offer great opportunity for new players. What is the total number of data centers that you operate globally and how many data centers are operational in India? We currently operate four Tier-4 data centers out of the world’s twenty-five. Besides, we have a Tier-3 data center in operation as a joint venture with BSNL. This data center is located in Chennai and addresses the needs of government departments. It is our endeavour to bring in the best practices in data centers to India so that the businesses derive the benefits and gain a competitive advantage. How many data centers are you operating in India and what is the total floor space and the number of racks in each data center? We operate a total of 5 data centers with a floor space of over 0.5 million and the same is likely to cross a million in the coming years. The total rack capacity is over 10,000-plus and growing. Do you provide all data center services like managed co-location, dedicated hosting, etc from your Indian data center? Yes, very much. We also pioneered Sridhar Pinnapureddy Founder and CEO, CtrlS Datacenters Deloitte, Times Group, Bajaj Auto, Hero Honda, Novartis, ONGC and PwC. Does your data center meet DeitY's MeghRaj requirement? Yes. Are you deploying technologies like SDN, NFV and others to make your data center more efficient, lower latency and increase its speed? We are deploying new technologies and it is a constant effort to be ahead of the curve, and being a Tier-4 data center, we carry the mantle. Yes, we are adopting SDN and NFV as they provide tremendous technology advantages, along with benefits such as quick device deployment – be it a firewall, network, storage or compute combined with rapid scaling of infrastructure. All of these will eventually benefit our customers as they witness rapid progress from development to production (Go Live) helping them meet their business objectives. What are your plans for opening up new data centers in India? Besides our Hyderabad, Mumbai and Noida data centers, we are building our fourth Tier-4 data center in India's Silicon Valley – Bangalore. We are investing over Rs. 600 crore in rolling out new Tier-4 data centers in Tier-2 cities, apart from the current ones across India. new Stock Exchange, Pravin Prashant 35 August 2016

  36. Data Center Special 52 of the Top 100 Companies are using Microsoft Cloud Services What is the size of data center market in India for FY2015-16? As per Gartner, the Indian data center infrastructure market will reach $2 billion in 2016, a 5.2 per cent increase from 2015. Increase in mobile usage and proliferation of data are having a significant impact on servers, storage, networking, facilities and IT operations; apart from creating new security challenges. In such a situation, the rapid growth of the data center market in India is a logical inference. Do you see e-commerce, cloud- based services and emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) affecting data center growth in India? The Indian industry is taking rapid strides towards digital transformation. Along with e-commerce and Internet of Things, the rapid digitization of major sectors like manufacturing, BFSI, healthcare and retail has opened up a huge market for public cloud services in India. This will definitely have an impact on data center growth in India as more and more businesses – large and small, adopt cloud-based technology. What is the total number of data centers that you operate globally and how many data centers are operational in India? Microsoft has a large global portfolio of more than 100 data centers, 1 million servers, content distribution networks, edge computing nodes and fiber-optic networks. This portfolio is built and managed by a team of experts working 24x7x365 to support services for more than 1 billion customers. We commenced cloud services from three local data centers in India last year. How many data centers are you operating in India and what is the total floor space and the number of racks in each data center? In the second half of 2015, we announced the availability of commercial cloud services – Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and CRM Online from three local data centers located in Chennai, Pune and Mumbai. These are hyper-scale data centers with thousands of servers, petabytes of storage and massive network capacity. Do you provide data center services like location, dedicated cloud computing, infrastructure monitoring, managed security and disaster recovery? Microsoft is the first hyper-scale global hospitals, media companies, e-commerce organizations, government departments and telecom have moved to our local cloud services. 52 of the top 100 companies listed in BSE (as per market capitalization) are using Microsoft cloud services from local data center. In BFSI, several leading institutions have adopted Office 365 to redefine productivity and enable quick decision-making, reducing cost at the same time. These include IDFC, ICICI Lombard, Bajaj Finserv, Kotak Mahindra Bank’s payroll processing and portfolio analytics and HDFC Bank’s customer experience analytics. In e-commerce, Paytm and Snapdeal are planning to use a range of cloud and mobile technologies from Microsoft. In the healthcare sector leading hospitals like Fortis, Apollo Hospitals, AIIMS, LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) and Narayana Health have adopted local cloud services to improve their operations, patient care and drive overall business efficiency. Does your data center meet DeitY's MeghRaj requirement? Our cloud services are compliant with leading global standards. We largely bucket them in 3 categories: Global compliance requirements like ISO 27001/27018, CSA CCM, etc.; Regional compliance requirements like UK G-Cloud, Singapore MCTS, etc; and industry compliance requirements like PCI DSS, HIPAA. Our cloud services requirements and we are also participating in the CSP Empanelment process which is expected to be over this month. Are you deploying technologies like SDN, NFV and others to make your data center more efficient, lower latency and increase its speed? Our cloud platform is built using state- of-the-art technologies like SDN, Azure CloudSwitch, to build hyperscale data centers. We make these investments in the cloud data centers to ensure that CIOs never have to worry about regulatory mandates and capacity planning in the future. How are you reducing energy consumption cost in Microsoft data center facility? Today, roughly 44 per cent of the electricity used by our data centers comes from these sources. Our goal is to pass the 50 per cent milestone by the end of 2018, top 60 per cent early in the next decade, and then to keep improving from there. Mandar Kulkarni Director – Cloud and Data Center Programs, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft India cloud provider to offer a complete portfolio of cloud services from local data centers in India – Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM online. Our trusted cloud principles address customers concerns of security, privacy & control, transparency and compliance. As a result, Indian companies have access to exactly the same advanced infrastructure platform that is available globally. What is the USP of Microsoft data center? Microsoft is one of the largest cloud service providers in the world and we have made significant investments both globally and in India to build a resilient cloud infrastructure. We are committed to delivering the most open, hyper-scale and trusted cloud solutions through our partners and ISVs that are perfectly suited to meet the changing needs of Digital India. With the help of local data centers, we have been able to address key customers concerns related to public cloud such as security, privacy & control, transparency, and compliance. Advanced services like data analytics, business intelligence, machine learning and media services are now available to Indian companies on pay-as-you-go model, all of which is hosted from the local data centers. The reduced network makes hybrid cloud a reality for Indian companies. This will also create newer opportunities for ISVs and partners and fuel innovative business models. Name some of the key customers who are availing Microsoft's data center services in India? Several leading banks, financial institutions, meet MeghRaj new software-defined managed co- hosting, Pravin Prashant 36 August 2016

  37. All-in-one and instant – on Deep SecurityTM solution enables Evalueserve to ensure better protection of data without adversely affecting performance. Before Evalueserve was facing problems with the traditional antivirus of malware. It was consuming a lot of resources on the desktop especially when the full scan was running. It was also liable to be affected by user action. All this was contributing towards adversely affecting the performance. Sachin Jain CIO, Evalueserve After After integrating the Trend Micro Deep Security solution, Evalueserve has benefi ted greatly in terms of performance. By adopting this solution, Evalueserve has made considerable headway in terms of addressing two major issues – fi rstly, no system slowdown on scan and secondly, the fact that entire process is independent of user action. “Trend Micro was easy to manage. You just focus on one simple product which sits on the server. The license is simplified and the manageability is far far easier” Customerprofi le Evalueserve is a global professional services provider offering research, analytics, and data management services. We’re powered by mind+machine – a unique combination of human expertise and best-in-class technologies that use smart algorithms to simplify key tasks. This approach enables us to design and manage processes that can generate and harness insights on a large scale, significantly cutting costs and timescales and helping businesses that partner with us to overtake the competition. Know more about Evalueserve at Challenge Evalueserve is a research and analytics firm. Globally, they have a workforce of 3200 people. A vast majority of this workforce is based out of India. Apart from this, Evalueserve has people working out of the United Kingdom, the United States, Chile, Romania, China and other countries. Over the years, the decision making body of the organization realized that evolution in the field of technology is being complimented by an evolution in the way the clients want to consume the information. In the year 2014, the company wanted to see how they could restructure themselves so as to be able to serve their clients better. The first move was to consolidate 110 servers into 4 physical servers. After completing the server virtualization, Evalueserve took nearly 6 months to decide on the desktop virtualization which is when they came across the Trend Micro Deep Security solution. Why Trend Micro/Solutions? Evalueserve found in Trend Micro’s Deep Security solution the perfect answer to their woes. The major benefit of Trend Micro’s solution is that, it sits on the virtual layer and scans each and every data. With the new system in place, there is no chance of missing anything that passes through the virtual layer. User dependency has been reduced drastically. Now, the user turning off his system is practically of no consequence. Trend Micro offered enhanced manageability. Another advantage of the Deep Security solution was that, it could be run on off-peak hours including weekends. Industry Research and Analytics firm Number of Empolyees: 3200 Region India, UK, USA, Chile, Romania, China Benefi t Evalueserve was able to limit user dependency by a large margin. With this new system, Evaluserve was able to bypass issues that were previously having adverse impact on threat detection. Irrespective of whether or not users shutdown their devices, the scan does not halt. Another advantage of this deployment was that, it can be run on off peak hours including on weekends. This allowed for a lot of flexibility for the scanning to be conducted. The efficiency was increased many-fold coupled with better threat detection facilities. This helped to improve the performance of the systems. Trend Micro is the #1 provider of server security for physical, virtual, and cloud environments1— combining the most complete set of security capabilities with automated management to dramatically reduce both risk and cost. 1IDC, Worldwide Endpoint Security Market Shares: Success of Midsize Vendors, #US40546915, Figure 5, Dec 2015 Customer’sChallenges • Dependence on users • Decreased efficiency of threat detection facilities Trend Micro Solutions Trend Micro Deep Security Business Benefi ts • Decreased dependency on the user • No system slowdown on scan • Effective and timely scanning of potential threats Trend Micro Incorporated Copyright © 2014 Trend Micro Incorporated. All rights reserved TREND MICRO, the Trend Micro logo, the t-ball logo, and Deep Security are trade marks or registered trademarks of Trend Micro incorporated. Amazon Web Services, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and the Amazon Web Services logo are trademarks of, Inc. and/or related companies. All other company and/or product names may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their owners. The above information is accurate as of May 2014. Information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. [Item No BR-CASE-036] 37 179 179 August 2016

  38. Data Center Special Vendors cashing on growing data center market VARINDIA brings to its readers a list of leading ICT brands and their offerings for data center infrastructure market EMC pins hope on the power of converged platform 80-85% of Array products are deployed at data centers Shibu Paul Regional Sales Director - India, ME & SEA, Array Networks Array products to optimise infrastructure and accelerate applications. Its products included are - Array application delivery controllers, IPV6 gateways, SSL accelerators, Access gateways, Web application firewalls and WAN optimisation controllers. “80-85% of Array products are deployed at Datacenters/cloud infrastructure and hence the datacenter is very critical for us,” says Shibu Paul, Regional Sales Director - India, ME & SEA - Array Networks. Abhijit Potnis, Director Technology Solutions - India and SAARC at EMC EMC’s products are focused on bringing operational excellence at every stage. “Examples are many, to begin with, today, lot of customers are spending time in integrating various technologies within their data centers. EMC’s converged platform offerings are helping customers deploy solutions which can range from very small platforms which can be deployed at smaller data centers to rack scale platforms which suits the needs of very large/service provider scale data centers,” says Abhijit Potnis, Director Technology Solutions - India and SAARC at EMC. With converged platforms, customer save their precious time in deploying solutions out-of-the-box and reduce time to market. This is called outcome based technology deployments that helps customer bring in Operational excellence. Not to forget the advantages of single-point-of- contact advantage which helps boost the operational excellence from customer stand point. The biggest contributor in individual technologies is Flash technology. Today using flash technology, customers are able to bring the cost of operations down dramatically; the savings are coming from Power, Scale and cooling within data center while maintaining same or higher level of performance for applications. EMC has added features like data reduction technologies in most of its storage platform to reduce the data footprint which needs to be stored and again boosting operational efficiencies to the newer levels which were never seen before. help data centers Questa software specializes in data centre Manish Tandon, Managing Director, Questa Software Systems Questa Software offers Servers, Storage (SAM NAS Unified), Tape Libraries, Virtualization, Switches, UTM, Services like Server consolidation, Storage consolidation, database migration and management. “Data Centers are the most important segment currently Questa Software Systems are doing, our most of offering are in this segment and we have our specialization in this area,” says Manish Tandon, Managing Director, Questa Software Systems. Firewall & Check Point offers advanced security architecture to secure data center CIPL sees a great opportunity in data center market Bhaskar Bakthavatsalu, MD, Check Point India & SAARC Check Point offers a wide range of security solutions that includes - Network Security Appliances: Check Point data center and enterprise network security appliances combine high-performance, multi- core capabilities with fast networking technologies to provide the highest level of security. Public, Private and Virtual Cloud Security: Check Point vSEC delivers advanced threat protection and single pane of glass management for extending security to protect data and assets in public and hybrid cloud Public Cloud Security: vSEC for Amazon Web Services, vSEC for Microsoft Azure, vSEC for VMware vCloud Air Private Cloud Security: vSEC for Cisco ACI, vSEC for VMware NSX Virtual Data Centre Security: vSEC Virtual Edition, vSEC for OpenStack Check Point claims to be market leader in both public, private and software defined virtual data center environments in India. Yash Pal Saini, Sr. Vice President – Sales & Alliances - CIPL There is strong YoY growth expectation of over 20% in Indian data center market. Cloud service adoption tends to be the driving force for this growth. Govt., BFSI, Telecom & IT&ITES are the key verticals to vouch for in data center segment. Out of all these, Govt. will play crucial role due to the large investment by public sector on account of large scale digitization backed by Digital India Scheme. “Virtualisation across server, desktop or storage, helps reduce the hardware cost and enables greater flexibility and efficiency in data centres. Virtualization market is expected to reach $3.89 billion by 2020 in India. Also the exponential growth in cloud services market is shaping data center demand. Key digital India scheme including Aadhaar, DBT & PMJDY are anticipate to create bigger demands in India data center market. CIPL solution includes hardware, software, networking, storage, power conditioning and related infrastructure. 38 August 2016

  39. Cisco leveraging cloud to go beyond traditional data center Citrix netscaler creates dynamic network architecture Ashok Shenoy, Head, DC and Cloud Sales - Cisco India & SAARC To meet these diverse requirements of a highly-mobile workforce, Cisco offers the Unified Data Center platform, a unified data center architecture that combines compute, storage, network and management into a platform designed to automate IT as a service across physical and virtual environments, resulting in increased budget efficiency, more agile business responsiveness, and simplified IT operations. “The data center and cloud play a central role in how IT enables the businesses to turn these challenges of disruption into opportunities for digital disruption. In this landscape, the traditional data center model and business models are evolving to take a broader perspective beyond the data center and into the cloud and Edge/IoT,” says Ashok Shenoy, Head, DC and Cloud Sales - Cisco India & SAARC. Cisco's Unified Data Center provides a complete architecture platform including products a n d solutions in three critical areas: Unified Management: The Unified Management component of Cisco's data center architecture features automation, orchestration, and lifecycle management to simplify deployment and operation of physical/bare metal, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. Unified Fabric: The Unified Fabric component of Cisco's data center architecture delivers high-performance data and storage networking to simplify deployment, help ensure quality of experience, and reduce operating costs. Unified Computing: Cisco Unified Computing System anchors the Cisco data center architecture with a highly-scalable, system-level computing solution that integrates computing, access networking, and storage networking. C. Ramanan Director - Cloud Networking, India Subcontinent - Citrix For Citrix, data center definitely is a very critical part of its overall enterprise business. Most of its solutions, whether it is virtualization, centralized app, desktop or data are designed to patronizing the datacenter and delivering it across to the users. More precisely, for networking the product line which it carries, the datacenter plays a critical role. Under this, Citrix talks about Software defined datacenter, software defined networking, SD-WAN. It also has a networking solution called Netscaler for which it has several used cases in a datacenter environment. It helps the customer perform a very critical role of datacenter consolidation which reduces the costs and complexities of operations. Citrix works with partners in a wide range of specializations, including network security, network visibility, mobile device management, identity management and web content security, to deliver best in-class virtualized networking solutions. Citrix NetScaler integrates with leading SDN systems and cloud orchestration platforms. The result is a dynamic network architecture that supports SDN and cloud strategies to increase agility, simplify operations and reduce costs. A lot of customers are looking at SDN as an opportunity. In fact, our solution Netscaler is a favourite amongst many cloud service providers. Citrix NetScaler integrates with leading SDN platforms to converge the management of network and application services into a centralized, extensible orchestration platform that can automate the provisioning and configuration of the entire infrastructure. Dell offers future-ready data center solutions Commvault simplifying infrastructure with its Singular platform Manish Gupta, Director & General Manager, Enterprise Solutions Group - Dell India Organizations are realizing that more than having data center with a large capacity, it is important to have a data center that is resourceful, optimizes cost, and enables automation of processes. Until recently, customers have had to choose between technologies that support either the traditional IT approach, limiting their ability to get most to approach new business models. Dell understands these challenges. “From our deep knowledge of both traditional and new age IT, we have developed future-ready data center solutions that are designed to make traditional IT more efficient and the new paradigm of IT more practical. Our future-ready data center solutions are more tightly integrated, bringing server, storage and networking closer together; scalable to meet business demand, and software- defined to automate and simplify IT operations and service delivery. The result is, with our data center solution offerings, customers can gain flexibility and efficiency, while working with existing IT investments. Simply put, we offer customers solutions that enable them to gain agility, scalability, support for the organization’s long term business strategy – enabling them to capitalize on the opportunities of today while equipping them for the challenges of tomorrow,” says Manish Gupta, Director & General Manager, Enterprise Solutions Group - Dell India. Considering the fact that the amount of data generated in India is enormous, businesses are realizing that their operational efficiency is dependent on the effectiveness of their data center. Hence, the demand for data centers in India is high. Ramesh Mamgain Area Vice President - Commvault Commvault Data Platform helps in simplifying the area of IT (backup, recovery, reporting, archiving, scripting, discovery and other storage management tasks) with the volume of work absorbed by these tedious tasks can be slashed by as much as 42% in a Data Center. Prebuilt and custom workflow automation engines enable the customer to operationalize disaster recovery across every type of workload for complete peace of mind. And comprehensive reporting and built-in analytics give insights into utilization and success rates for accurate bill backs and metering. To do more with less involves, by necessity, a willingness to pare down the number of IT vendors the enterprise uses. While unification of all systems and data is not necessarily feasible or even desired, the CIO should evaluate key areas where it may be possible to bring about a reasonable amount of consolidation in order to simplify operations. The results are worth the journey - it is possible to cut the number of vendors and tools by as much as a third while increasing manageability, reducing the workload and significantly lowering costs. “Simplifying the infrastructure should always be done with a view to boosting employee and organisational productivity. Commvault Singular platform helps by consolidation of data management resources, provided this is aligned closely with the goals of accelerating recovery, reducing downtime and streamlining of data management,” says Ramesh Mamgain, Area Vice President – Commvault. the 39 August 2016

  40. Data Center Special Data Center Special Demand for DCIM solutions is helping Emerson grow FireEye secures data center with detection solutions Shrirang Deshpande Country Head -Data Center Business, Emerson Network Power, India Emerson Network Power understands the demands of today’s datacenters and constantly strives to offer products and solutions that improve the operational excellence in datacenters. To cater to the demands of building upon efficiency and enhancing processes, Emerson Network Power has positioned two key offerings – Smart Solutions and Trellis platform. Smart Solutions is an intelligent, integrated infrastructure for data centers to help organizations achieve efficiency in all aspects of a data center. These solutions allow companies to cost-effectively achieve and manage objectives for efficiency, capacity and availability. The Trellis platform from Emerson Network Power delivers unprecedented, real-time visibility into critical infrastructures. It monitors all IT and facilities resources in the data center and automates management and control to help IT and facilities organizations realize their objectives. “We see a steady rise in demand for DCIM solutions and this is being aided by the momentum of Digital India and Start-up India movement. All our offerings in the DCIM category center on an expansive portfolio of intelligent, rapidly deployable hardware and software solutions infrastructure management. These state-of-the-art solutions are extremely beneficial to companies that are looking at upgrading their datacenter infrastructure. Our DCIM solutions can help companies go a long way in reducing the operational expenses as well as rising energy costs,” recounts Shrirang Deshpande- Country Head -Data Center Business, Emerson Network Power, India. Bryce Boland CTO - FireEye FireEye protects the core components of the data center including content repositories, Web and application servers, and common file shares from advanced attacks. At the core of the solution is the FireEye Threat Prevention Platform that is a purpose-built, virtual machine- based detection platform that provides real-time threat protection. FireEye Network Forensics solutions allow data center operators to investigate and respond immediately, analyze attacker tactics and assess impact, and gain centralized visibility across the network. The NX series solutions protect against known and unknown advanced attacks with the signature-less Multi-Vector Virtual Execution engine, conventional intrusion prevention system and intelligence- driven detection. This enables faster detection, more accurate alerts and reduced noise. “The data center will only become a more important part of our overall technology infrastructure that means it will continue to be a target for cyber attacks. As more companies turn to data centers to store critical data, they’re discovering they must implement strong security to protect those operations. With data centers being a repository for an organization’s most critical data and operations, they are a critical part of our mission to stop cyber attacks,” tells Bryce Boland, CTO – FireEye. and Gemalto protects valuable assets with compliance to regulations Rana Gupta (VP APAC Sales, Identity & Data Protection) – Gemalto Gemalto’s SafeNet solutions for the data center are designed to secure all of the sensitive information that is stored in and accessed from enterprise data centers, including patient records, credit card information, social security numbers, and more. With the Gemalto’s SafeNet data encryption and control solution suite for the data center, the customer can protect the structured data stored in databases, applications, and mainframe environments as well as the unstructured data kept in file servers. By combining robust encryption, policy- based access controls, and centralized administration, Gemalto’s SafeNet data center solutions keep valuable assets protected compliance. Through this multi-layer approach, SafeNet operational excellence in data center - • Separate and applications from the data stored or processed within these infrastructure layers, ensuring privileged users can’t see sensitive data. • Take advantage of lower-cost operational models, while consistently enforcing security policies. “Data Center market space is very vital for Gemalto. The data center, and the very way IT services are delivered, has undergone fundamental changes—and the pace of those changes only continues to accelerate. As organizations move to the cloud and virtualized environments, many cost benefits are being realized, but critical security and compliance requirements grow more pressing,” asserts Rana Gupta (VP APAC Sales, Identity & Data Protection) – Gemalto. Hybrid cloud is the new paradigm shift happening in data centers Vikram K, Director, Servers - Hewlett Packard Enterprise According to Gartner, public cloud services in India are expected to grow to 30.4% to reach $1.26 billion this year. Another study by Zinnov suggests that private cloud will increase to USD 7.4 – 7.6 Billion in 2020. Cloud stands to offer many advantages but ultimately the adoption of the cloud computing solution should be decided considering the business needs of the organization and not the deployment model. However, hybrid IT is the new reality for organizations today, and one of the many reasons of its adoption is its combination of legacy IT along with public, private and managed cloud services. But whatsoever it is, businesses are looking to capitalize on speed and agility that Cloud enables, but want the reliability and security of running business critical applications in their own datacenters. “Public Cloud may suit applications where security is not a major issue, whereas private cloud may be a logical choice for higher levels of security. However, hybrid cloud is the optimum solution given their specific security and data issues, evolving regulatory environment, unique application and infrastructure requirements, and an overriding need for standardization, automation and virtualization. So it is not surprising that market trends clearly shows that a hybrid Cloud (which is a combination traditional IT and private Cloud) will dominate the market over the next five years,” points out Vikram K, Director, Servers - Hewlett Packard Enterprise. while ensuring regulatory administration of systems 40 August 2016

  41. HDS offers integrated services and solutions Raghuram Krishnan Director – Partners & Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems, India Adapting to the market demands and changes, Hitachi Data Systems has transformed itself from just a storage vendor to an IT solutions and services provider offering various services which enable the private, public, or hybrid cloud model that helps meet business needs with the industry’s most flexible consumption options and a true usage-based model. Hitachi offers an integrated portfolio of services and solutions that play a pivotal part of any effective enterprise data centre strategy. “We support customers through the complete life cycle of data management right from providing infrastructure to help create data up to providing insights from the data generated. We have the ability to offer the above said services in a private, public, or hybrid cloud model that helps meet customer’s business needs with the industry’s most flexible consumption options and a true usage-based model. Hitachi partners with enterprises to define and implement an integrated, secure approach to manage, govern, mobilize and analyze their data. This integrated approach helps customers uncover actionable smarter insights leading to better business decision-making and results,” says Raghuram Krishnan, Director – Partners & Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems, India. Hitachi Data Systems also has a wide range of products and solutions, which support cloud, big data analytics, converged infrastructure, storage, servers and data protection, which ensures operational excellence. Kingston eyes DRAM and Flash markets in data center Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology - India Data Center is a very important sector for Kingston not only in India but in the global market as well. “We have seen the usage going exponentially very high in terms of data usage. We provide solutions which are 100% tested and we divide them into two categories- DRAM and Flash. Globally, we are #1 in memory solutions and in the top 3 for flash solutions. In DRAM we have products which are generic server RAM which can go into any form of servers system specific server RAMs. In Flash we have server SSDs with various form factors,” says Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology – India. Kingston has divided its partner community into Channel Partners and Corporate Reseller Partners. There are two different policies for them. For Channel it is more about focusing on the run rate product line, generic RAMs and entry level or consumer level SSDs. Whereas, Corporate Resellers would have more to do with educating and getting updated about the new technologies which are available for the corporate. There are two formats of capturing the Data Center market for Kingston; there are organisations where the servers are predefined at a global level, from the head offices to its various offices across the world. The other way would be those organisations that would procure new servers or upgrade the ones that have been installed for many years. Both these phenomena run through its Partners. Kingston is also the OEM supplier to various organizations. and Complete portfolio of cloud services from Microsoft NetApp designs solutions keeping its customers in mind Peter Gartenberg General Manager, Enterprise Partner Group (EPG) - Microsoft India Microsoft is a hyper-scale global cloud provider that offers a complete portfolio of cloud services from local datacenters in India – Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics CRM online. Its Trusted cloud principles address customers concerns of security, privacy & control, transparency, and compliance. As a result, Indian companies have access to exactly the same advanced infrastructure platform that is available globally. “In the second half of 2015, we announced commercial cloud services from three local datacenters in India. These three datacenters, located in Chennai, Pune and Mumbai are hyper scale datacenters with thousands of servers, petabytes of storage and massive network capacity. We have made these long term investments in the cloud datacenters to ensure that Indian businesses don’t have to worry about capacity expansion or regulatory issues in the future,” says Peter Gartenberg- General Manager, Enterprise Partner Group (EPG) - Microsoft India. Last year, Microsoft has launched commercial cloud services – Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service and Software as a service from local datacenters in India – to help businesses innovate, and drive value for their customers. “We are the only providers that offer all these three cloud services locally, in a highly secured environment that abides by all regulatory framework set forth by the Government of India." Recently Microsoft has also announced partnership with General Electrics to bring Predix to Azure, accelerating digital transformation. Rajender Bhandari, Director - Systems Engineering, NetApp Marketing & Services Pvt. Ltd. India. NetApp has launched many products and solutions that have enabled its customers to achieve the performance and economics of flash with the added flexibility and efficiency of the leading cloud providers for their own data centers. NetApp Cloud ONTAP 9 offers customer managed keys in order to move data to cloud while controlling data security. In addition, it has a substation volume capacity increase, supports lower cost media, is available at a lower price point, and has become more cost effective for longer term use. It is part of the Snap-to-Cloud solution kit. “Our Data Fabric Solution Essentials kits have been designed with one thing in mind, to make it easy to access and benefit from the hybrid cloud. To further enhance integrated cloud storage, our product NetApp AltaVault was built to enhance security with KIMP, which enables customers to move data to the cloud with greater control of data security. NetApp AltaVault (formerly SteelStore) enables customers to securely back up data to any cloud at up to 90% less cost compared to on-premises solutions,” says Rajender Bhandari, Director - Systems Engineering, NetApp Marketing & Services Pvt. Ltd. India. NetApp is also currently leading the charge on all flash Data Center and with SolidFire it now has the most complete and differentiated Flash portfolio in the market. NetApp All Flash Array allows seamless management of data across flash, disk and cloud. It is the foundation for the Accelerate Enterprise Applications solution kit. These results are a testament to its focus on delivering the best to its customers and Flash does exactly that. the availability of our 41 August 2016

  42. Data Center Special NxtGen facilitates seamless migration from private to hybrid cloud QNAP sees a great future for NAS in Indian data centers A S Rajgopal, MD & CEO - NxtGen An emerging leader in the data center and cloud-based services, NxtGen helps to power businesses to grow by cutting through complexity and saving on cost. Its high-end advanced solutions can be provided both from its own High-Density Data Center (HDDC) facilities or deployed at On-premise data centers (OPDC) that are managed centrally. NxtGen’s Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) provide private and public clouds or hybrid cloud infrastructure hosted on OPDC or HDDC. NxtGen’s advanced infrastructure enable companies to simplify IT infrastructure, reduce running costs, and enable business growth by creating additional capacity from existing infrastructure. By providing the right public or private infrastructure, NxtGen helps companies meet dynamic business demands. NxtGen presents the option for customers to create a long term IT infrastructure – Infinite Datacenter. It assists its customers to implement a private cloud on premise and then move into the hybrid cloud world by securely connecting to the larger pool of infrastructure. The infrastructure is managed centrally from Bangalore & Mumbai facilities. Customers can leverage NxtGen’s model to create additional capacities for new or existing applications, create DR and in the long-run leverage the model to focus only on applications and depend on NxtGen to deliver expected performance and availability at the infrastructure layer. However, Cloud services are not a commodity but need to be chosen wisely. There is always a significant difference between service providers offering same virtual server configuration. Sanjay Biswal – Country Head, QNAP Systems, Inc. QNAP feels that NAS is slowly becoming popular in datacenter environments where IT Managers are taking to adopting NAS storage boxes. “NAS products are going to continue for another 15-20 years. NAS has features of both SAN and NAS unified storage features and this will add more value to the customers,” says Sanjay Biswal – Country Head, QNAP Systems, Inc. QNAP has its own RMA Centers in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. It is further expanding to another 6 cities across India. Even QNAP is in process of finalizing third party RMA for B & C class cities for RMA collection and replacements. QNAP’s products have specialized features - like QNAP ES1600dc has Dual Controller Based NAS –with ZFS Software with 10 G & 40 G feature; QNAP TDS 16489 U has DUAL CPU based NAS Cost-efficient Double Server for hosting virtual machines and accommodating virtualization storage in one box with 10 G & 40 G feature; QNAP TVS- X-80 & TS-EC-X80 Server are best cost effective ever green solutions (with easy to maintenance) with 10 G & 40 G features and QNAP X-71 rack Mount series has low cost & high performance NAS with i3/i5/i7 variant for SMB cost customer & data center for data archiving purpose. The Data Centers that run on QNAP storage in India are WHO, GROHE, CII, Ten Silica, ThyssenKrupp, DNATA, Concentrix, ZEETV, MAATV, Rinder India, Honda, Middlebuy India, Toyota, Yamaha, Crown Plaza, Indian Railways, Symantec, Amadeus, Salesbird, IIT, NTPC, NHPC and many more. Red Hat drives infrastructure performance with open platform SanDisk popularising flash in data centers Neeraj Bhatia Director-Partner, Alliances & Commercial Sales - Red Hat India With Red Hat technology, one can modernize infrastructure, standardize platforms and extend systems with open virtualization and scale-out storage to maximize capacity. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a foundational component of cloud infrastructure and offers the technologies organizations need to build cloud-ready infrastructure: OpenShift by Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Cloudforms. Red Hat Storage Server delivers centralized Storage- as-a-Service to enterprise applications. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization contributes a better availability and business continuity. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform brings the benefits of PaaS to the enterprise with a private application platform in a datacenter. Red Hat's complete training courses and exams are positioned around real - world job roles and tasks. For example, there is a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) with a datacenter concentration for proving employee skills with tasks common in an on-premise datacenter. “Red Hat and its partners have demonstrated expertise in driving infrastructure performance enhancements and historic cost savings by moving customer datacenters from silos of mismatched legacy equipment to a streamlined, standardized, open platform that is optimized for physical, virtual and cloud deployments. Red Hat can help in creating better IT Technology the open source way in the datacenter market space,” concludes Neeraj Bhatia, Director-Partner, Alliances & Commercial Sales - Red Hat India. Vivek Tyagi Director, Business Development, Commercial sales and Support – SanDisk India SanDisk has been a pioneer in Flash storage solutions and has popularized flash technology over the past 27 years. A popular use of flash has been in datacenters. “SanDisk’s datacenter solutions are being used by over 7000 customers across the globe. InfiniFlash, one of our offerings for datacenters, has been largely beneficial for datacenter functioning. Very recently, we announced the InfiniFlash IF150 system, which is an all-flash storage system designed to handle Big Data. The InfiniFlash System from SanDisk has been designed around the data storage requirements of an increasingly mobile workforce, social media, Big Data and analytics – while being targeted for hyperscale and cloud workloads,” says Vivek Tyagi, Director, Business Development, Commercial sales and Support – SanDisk India. The InfiniFlash all-flash storage system empowers large-scale infrastructure and data center architects to deliver massive scale-out storage solutions. InfiniFlash provides effective dollar-per-gigabyte costs that are only slightly higher than those of traditional storage systems and total cost of ownership (TCO) that is as much as 80% lower. Considering the increasing demand for robust datacenters and data explosion, SanDisk has dramatically changed the price point of flash. It has now become very appealing to CIOs looking to adopt flash in massive quantities for scaled applications. All the solutions that SanDisk offers are less than a dollar before data reduction. 42 August 2016

  43. Sanovi eyeing larger enterprise data center solutions Schneider helps data centers take effective decisions Chandra Sekhar Pulamarasetti Founder and CEO - Sanovi Technologies Sanovi offers Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) Software which enables Application Defined Continuity for enterprise Datacenters to meet business defined Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives of applications. It ensures application availability, automates time-consuming DR testing, and enables compliance with regulatory requirements. Sanovi DRM reporting, testing and workflow automation capabilities of complex IT infrastructure into a scalable and easy-to-use solution built on industry standards. It provides a unified IT Resilience solution for managing virtual and private cloud infrastructure in the enterprise datacenters. “Sanovi has over 350 customers, including fortune 500 companies, service providers and multi-billion dollar industries. Sanovi’s solution is an essential component of the larger Enterprise Datacenter solutions and hence, Datacenter market space is most important for us. We offer solutions for various Datacenter technologies. With the advent of cloud, the importance of Datacenters for Sanovi is growing even further. Sanovi’s cloud and on-premise solutions are a perfect fit for Datacenter providers,” concludes Chandra Sekhar Pulamarasetti, Founder and CEO - Sanovi Technologies. Amod Ranade General Manager - Data Center Business Development, Schneider Electric The next 5 years will see 50 billion devices being connected, courtesy the Internet of Things. With enormous amounts of data being generated, the data center industry is undergoing profound transformation to keep up with this rapidly growing phenomenon. The industry is also facing challenges from the emerging to Cloud Data Centers, the explosive pace of business and IT technology changes, and the increasing consumption of electricity for data centers. “As the global specialist in Energy Management and automation at Schneider Electric, we create technologies that reshape industries, transform cities and enrich lives. Our Life Cycle Services help to assess, plan, design, build and operate Data Centers, leading to improved performance under OpEx pressure,” explains Amod Ranade, General Manager - Data Center Business Development, Schneider Electric. A broad portfolio of Data Center architectures cater to varied customer needs, along with prefabricated solutions that are easy to deploy and to support the fast growth of businesses. Schneider’s Software & Digital Services ensure that the data center can be operated more effectively and efficiently by providing the visibility, insight and analysis to make effective decisions. Digital services provide the opportunity to leverage the potential of IoT and big data. It provides smart alarming, remote trouble shooting, and data driven insights supported by its experts’ monitoring the data center 24x7. shift combines monitoring, recovery across physical, enterprises across vertical Sophos delivers security of the highest kind in a data center VMware sees a big opportunity in the software-defined space Bryan Nairn, Director of Solution Marketing - IaaS Sophos offers a wide range of network and server security products that can be used on-premises, in the private cloud, and in the public cloud (e.g. AWS). Sophos network products include SG UTM, XG Firewall, Secure Web Gateway, Secure Email Gateway, and Pure Message. Sophos Server products include Sophos Central, Sophos Clean, SafeGuard Encryption and Server Protection. “Sophos brings simplicity and flexibility to security in the data center, by offering easy-to-use, modular, all-in-one solutions, such as Sophos UTM, which offers Next-Gen Firewall, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Virtual Private Networking (VPN),” says Bryan Nairn, Director of Solution Marketing - IaaS. Operational excellence and IT governance including people, processes and technology are critical to the successful operation of data centers with security at the helm. There are several factors one should consider when selecting a cloud or data center provider. From a security perspective, the customer would want to ensure that the provider help maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of his data. On the topic of reliability, he wants to ensure the vendor provides predictable uptime that is backed by a service level agreement that will compensate or reimburse when outages occur that impact the customer’s critical applications and workloads. Some of the trends that Sophos feels will disrupt the datacenter market include the move to serverless architectures and the ability to adapt and make decisions within applications using machine learning services. Sundar Balasubramanian, Senior Director of General Business (Commercial Sales & Partners) - VMware VMware has been working closely with its customers over the years as they began their cloud journey with server virtualization before evolving towards a fully virtualized software-defined datacenter architecture. The VMware architecture for the SDDC empowers companies to run hybrid clouds and to leverage unique capabilities to deliver key outcomes that enable efficiency, agility, and security. Enterprises using VMware technology have three ways to establish an SDDC and transition at their own pace - build their own using reference architectures; use a converged infrastructure; or use a hyper-converged infrastructure for which the full SDDC is delivered already implemented on the customers hardware of choice. In today’s mobile-cloud era, businesses know that to be relevant they must become digital businesses. And THAT requires them to become software-centric. This is a HUGE opportunity for IT. Because no one is more qualified to lead the “software-defined” journey. VMware is uniquely qualified to help businesses in their digital transformation. We have been a pioneer and leading innovator in “software-defined” for over fifteen years. We started by virtualizing servers. Then we virtualized storage and networking. Next we extended those concepts to create our integrated datacenter architecture. Today, we are applying the benefits of the SDDC to help companies make the shift to digital,” says Sundar Balasubramanian, Senior Director of General Business (Commercial Sales & Partners) - VMware. Samrita Baruah 43 August 2016

  44. Data Center Special Sriram S, Co-Founder and Director at iValue InfoSolutions iValue is a technology enabler driving adoption of Data protection and data, network and application management offerings in a consultative way. “The business world is steadily migrating towards hybrid data center model. Majority of the startups leverage public cloud, business like banks are on private cloud and both are migrating towards hybrid model. iValue has vertical practice for BFSI and Government where we work with GSI, Consultants and OEM’s for Datacenter needs,” comments Sriram S, Co-Founder and Director - iValue InfoSolutions. iValue represents more than 22 OEM’s with direct partnership. 21 out of 22 OEM offerings are Data center solutions which are complementing and compelling to every business & IT. “Business and IT needs are mainly around Data, Network and Application which is the DNA of any modern day business. While our partners focus on the core application and its customization, we help NSI/GSI with solutions required around the application from security, availability, manageability, scalability, performance and compliance perspective for DNA.” Satish Consulting Services Techniche has a special focus in the Data Center space both in the IT build as well as Physical Data Center build also. “Our emphasis in the Data Center space has got us lot of wins from clients like BSNL ( multiple locations) / CDAC / NIT / CPWD / ITC / Balmer Lawrie ( DC & DR ) / DVC / Kaziranga University / Tractors India/JW Marriott/HAL etc. We have expanded our operation space from Private Organizations to PSU’s & DIT sponsored Government Projects like SDC etc in coming times,” says Satish Choudhary, Partner - Techniche Consulting Services. In the IT build space, Techniche Consulting Services works with Dell, Cisco, HP, Array, Juniper, Avocent etc , while in the Data Center Build space it works closely with Schneider, APC, APW, Firepro, Solus, Tyco, Honeywell etc. “We have global tie up’s with organizations offering best practice products in the Data Center space. Our team can handle Data Center build sizes ranging from 250 sq ft to approx. 5000 sq ft capacity. Techniche does the entire design and build of the Data Centers along with support of all components being used.” Choudhary, Partner, Techniche Kshitij M. Kotak, Chief Innovation Officer, BLACKBOX Data Safe Fortune Grecells is focused on delivering high availability to private cloud and captive data centers at banks, financial institutions and organised retail where computing is mission critical to business operations. “Over 70% of our business is driven by solutions for business continuity and disruption free computing, both of which are key data centre attributes. While public cloud data centers are huge business, we are witnessing enormous growth in private cloud on-premise data centre. With internet connectivity and speeds at inflexion point in the country, we have lay our bets heavily on growth in private data centres. While we deliver solutions for data centres, we also have synergistic outlook as consumers of data centres to host and run our disaster recovery and near DR offerings,” says Kshitij M. Kotak, Chief Innovation Officer, BLACKBOX Data Safe. Blackbox Data Safe from Gre@cells delivers zero server downtime for uninterrupted server availability. What Gre@cells takes away with Blackbox server and server mirroring software is complexity, making high availability as easy to own, operate, manage and support as a laptop or computer. With ease of setup and zero maintenance cost, Gre@cells aspires that Blackbox will be number 1 solution of preference in every private and public data center. Ashok Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, RAH Infotech Data centres have evolved over the years and have moved from hardware centric to software defined. “With businesses driving their technology towards cloud applications and hosted solutions, the trend towards deployment of virtualized and converged IT infrastructures has a significant impact on the future of data centers which will move towards a more fluid environment where everything is delivered as-a-service,” says Ashok Kumar, Chief Executive Officer - RAH Infotech. Though this trend will reduce the use of hardware appliances, it gives boost to software defined data centers opening up immense opportunities for OEMs and distributors alike. Therefore, data center will continue to be a key focus area for us and for all the distributors. RAH Infotech offers products like Radware, Actiofio, Nutanix, Dell Software, ForeScout, Device42, Sanovi, Exinda and Gemalto for Data Centers. Rajesh Goenka, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Rashi Peripherals For Data Centers, Rashi Peripherals has offerings like Toshiba enterprise class Hard Drives, Intel enterprise class SSD’S, Intel server CPU’s, ASUS workstation and SERVER MOTHERBORADS, Micron server D-Ram’s, High end-accessories from Logitech, APC UPS- Power back up, Netgear managed and un-managed switches and wi-fi solutions. “The future is Data center opportunities as it is one of the growth verticals. Rashi is focused on developing this vertical and working aggressively with various vendors for the same. We are constantly hosting channel enablement seminars and workshops to develop the channel for taking on the challenges that may arise,” says Rajesh Goenka, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Rashi Peripherals. Prashant Jain, Director - JNR Management Resources Data Center market is extremely important for JNR Resources. “However, with the growing popularity of cloud and other more nimble business models with their less complex go-to-market strategies, one must be ready to adopt radical new approaches to selling. Such pace of change would surely increase and disrupt the current market behavior. We foresee a definite shift towards open source software with embedded manageability,” says Prashant Jain, JNR Management Resources The offerings of JNR Management Resources include website security solutions, automated digital signing solutions and vulnerability assessment solutions. Management 44 August 2016

  45. Muralikrishnan, MD - N.J. Dataprint NJ Dataprint is providing the necessary infrastructure to the end users to accept the new changes in technology and explaining to the corporates the advantages and disadvantages before they accept the changes. “We are providing necessary hardware to accommodate their new clients seamlessly. We have business without challenge of online like other claims,” says Muralikrishnan, MD - N.J. Dataprint Pvt. Ltd. Jiten Mehta, Director, Magnamious Systems Today the Data Center market itself is going down because of cloud and other hosting providers. So now-a-days this market is definitely not very important for any System Integrators but the Data Center market can give us some service business whether on premise or cloud. “We are doing only the active IT component in Data Centre and no other items we are supplying,” says Jiten Mehta, Director, Magnamious Systems. Axis Increases operational efficiency of data centers Sudhindra Holla, Country Manager - Axis Communications India & SAARC Axis Communications understands that the requirements for reliable and compliant surveillance and security systems is of utmost importance when it comes to protect the data, and have a long history of delivering surveillance solutions to data centers all over the world. “Axis makes network compliance easy with various security features such as password protection, IP address filtering, IEEE 802.1x network access control, HTTPS encryption and Back-up recording on edge storage (SD cards or network storage devices). In addition, Axisproducts can be configured with limitations for pan, tilt and zoom as well as with masking parts of the view of the camera,” says Sudhindra Holla, Country Manager - Axis Communications India & SAARC. Lenovo helping customers transform their data centers Rahul Agarwal, Managing Director - Lenovo India shares about the products and solutions that Lenovo has in the datacenter space Through Lenovo’s Data Center Group (DCG), we are singularly focused on our brand within the data center community. We do this by offering breakthrough next-generation data center solutions that are unconstrained by legacy thinking or traditional technologies. At TechWorld 2016, we recently unveiled an expanded arsenal of IT solutions. This includes next-gen software defined storage, enterprise networking offerings and capabilities, the latest high-performance servers and an enhanced suite of hyperconverged appliances. We believe this broader portfolio will help us drive deeper into next-generation IT and strengthen our ability to help customers transform their data centers. Using our solutions, customers will be able to embrace emerging data consumption and delivery models such as cloud-based infrastructure, big data and analytics solutions. All these new offerings stand testament to our ability to leverage partnerships with industry leaders and deliver of best-of-breed solutions. Our customers can enjoy greater flexibility to deploy the right solutions for their evolving IT environments and business scenarios without being locked in to rigid technology stacks. New launches and portfolio expansions expected to hit data centre market this year • Software Defined Storage (SDS) appliance program called StorSelect, collaborating with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to integrate their SDS software with Lenovo hardware in turnkey appliances. The factory-integrated appliances with end-to-end Lenovo support enable simple and confident deployment of scalable storage solutions. The first offerings in this program will be the Lenovo Storage DX8200N and DX8200C– integrate SDS software from Nexenta Systems, Inc. and Cloudian, Inc., aimed at offering breakthrough return on investment for storage solutions. • First Lenovo branded mid-range storage systems V-Series family of 12 GB SANs - V3700 V2 and V5030. These flexible hybrid and all-flash SAN solutions will help customers affordably scale up their IT operations and improve storage economics • Next-generation network operating system, Lenovo Cloud NOS, which offers new functionality that enhances resiliency, cloud-level scalability and programmability • We refreshed the x3850andx3950 X6servers with new versions incorporating the latest Intel Xeon E7-4800 and E7-8800 v4 processors, which deliver up to 39% faster performance than the previous generation. With memory support up to 12TB, these powerful offerings are designed for mission-critical environments, such as in-memory applications like SAP HANA or Hadoop, as well as large virtualization projects, big data and analytics workloads • Expansion of the HX Series Hyperconverged Appliances through the HX1000 Series for Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) appliance, HX2000 Series for small to mid-size, HX3000 Series, a “compute heavy” solution optimized for VDI and smaller virtualization workloads and HX5000 Series, a “storage heavy” version optimized for Server Virtualization workloads with larger capacity demands • Lenovo recently refreshed Lenovo’s Rack and Tower server portfolio in line with the latest launches from Intel. Additionally, Lenovo received two top SPEC CPU2006 world record benchmark scores for the Lenovo System x3650 M5 2U rack server 45 August 2016

  46. Data Center Special “We have deployed SDN, SDS and NFV to reduce latency and improve agility” What is the size of data center market in India and what is the forecast for FY2016-17? The infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and public cloud market in India is currently around $2 billion in India, both IaaS and public cloud business is expected to grow at 33 percent for the next couple of years. Do you see E-Commerce, cloud- based services and emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) affecting data center growth in India? Yes. E-Commerce, cloud based software as a service, IaaS and PaaS have fuelled the growth of third party data centers and cloud service providers. IoT is yet to make any noticeable impact, but the Investments happening in the data center market are very much focusing on the opportunity arising due to IoT in years to come. IoT will start making significant impact on growth of the cloud Service providers and data center service providers. Big trend right now making impact on the growth of data center service providers is the phasing out of in-house or the captive data centers of majority of the industry verticals. What is the total number of data centers that you operate globally and how many data centers are operational in India? ESDS has 2 data centers in India, one at Nashik and other at Mumbai. We have leased facilities at Bangalore, Leeds (UK), Reading (UK), Chicago (US) and Montreal (Canada). How many data centers are you operating in India and what is the total floor space and number of racks in each data center? We are operating our 2 owned data centers in India with total white floor space of 20,000 square feet. Currently we have 100 racks filled, majority of which have been deployed for our eNlight Cloud offering. Contribution of co-location business in our revenue is less than 3 percent, while contribution of cloud hosting is 70 percent in our revenue. Do you provide all data center services like location, dedicated hosting, cloud computing, IT monitoring & managed security, recovery and managed app hosting from your India data center? Piyush Somani Founder, MD & CEO, ESDS Software Solution We offer all data center services to our customers, including managed co-location, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, remote infrastructure monitoring and management service, managed security, disaster recovery hosting on Cloud from our Indian data centers. majority of our revenue comes from DRaaS, public cloud hosting, enterprise cloud hosting and RIMS. What is the USP of ESDS data center and name of key customers who are availing ESDS data center services? The USP of our data center is the uptime that we deliver to our customers and our managed services. Currently we host well known brands like WeChat, GMR, Essel Propack, Essar, Symphony, Pizzahut, KFC, Mahindra Holidays, KCT Group, Infrasoft, MSETCL, MUDRA Bank, Startup India, Standup India, Embassy Group, ATOS, L&T Infotech, MCGM, PMC – Smart city and Zensar. Does your data center meet DeitY's MeghRaj requirement for a combination of security level 0 or security level 1 or both? Yes. We have already participated in the MeghRaj opportunity and the government is evaluating all the bids. Are you deploying technologies like SDN, NFV and others to make your data center more efficient, lower latency and increase its speed? Yes. We have deployed the new generation technologies like SDN, SDS and NFV to reduce the latency and improve agility of our cloud services. We also have a very unique concept implemented between our Mumbai and Nashik data center, which allows virtual machines to float between both the data centers in near real time. How are you reducing energy consumption cost in your data center facility? We host only new generation servers and storages, which consume lesser power compared to the old generation systems. Old systems are phased out upon completion of 3 years. Our data centers at Mumbai and Nashik have been built as per the green building standards. The sensible heat load within our data centers is 70 percent less compared to most of the other data centers, as we have followed the green building standards. Our eNlight Cloud, which is a patented auto scaling cloud technology, helps us to reduce hardware requirement by 70 percent, which in turn results in more than 70 percent power saving compared to any of the popular virtualization techniques. What are your plans for opening up of new data centers in India? Currently we are focusing on growth of our cloud business, so we don’t intend to open any new data center immediately, we have plans to build a data center in Bangalore over the next couple of years to move our existing racks from the co-location facility, but there’s no urgency to do so, as our focus right now is to further strengthen our bottom line by on boarding more customers on our eNlight Cloud platform. managed co- new infrastructure management, disaster Pravin Prashant 46 August 2016

  47. Nxtra off ers integrated portfolio of data center managed services Nxtra Data is Bharti’s data center managed services business. Nxtra now manages eight Tier III/+ & ISO 20000, 27001 and 22301 certifi ed data centres at Noida, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Manesar, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai comprising approximately 164,000 square feet of fl oor space. Nxtra offers an integrated portfolio of data center managed services including co-location, managed services, managed hosting, managed back- up & storage, managed security, virtual compute and cloud with both domestic and international network connectivity. Nxtra’s outstanding colocation services assure enterprises of tangible savings in terms of costs, resources and time. With technologically advanced equipment and top-notch solutions, Nxtra guarantees an unmatchable performance like never before. Nxtra data centers are equipped with suffi cient infrastructure and assure clients of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 99.98 percent. Nxtra cloud with its expert know how of cloud systems, state of the art infrastructure, dedicated resource pool and a passion to transform businesses is the right push for businesses to make it even bigger and better. With Nxtra Cloud, enterprises are assured of 24x7 IT capacities, agility, effi ciency, cost and resource optimizations, a dynamic, scalable infrastructure and a spectrum of IT strategies that enable companies to turn around the forced austerity to competitive advantage. The company recognizes the need and importance that hosting and storage services hold for businesses today through its managed service offerings, which are tailor- made for each customer. In addition to this, Nxtra offers backup service suite which is synonymous with scalability and reliability. The company provides managed hosting services offering a dedicated solution that removes the burden of managing and maintaining complex hosting environments. The company security with its next-generation fi rewall and customized anti-virus features among many others. Nxtra Data’s managed network & security services controls overall network hosted in data centers while certifi ed experts monitor day-to-day operations, manage maintenance and upgrades and rapidly respond to any interruptions. The company delivers the highest levels of proactive support while saving unnecessary IT hours and needless capital expense. provides complete Neil Pollock Chief Executive Offi cer Nxtra Data 47 August 2016

  48. Implementation of GST A Positive Move for the Industry With the passage of India’s biggest tax reform, the GST Bill in the Rajya Sabha on 3rd August, 2016, the Government has lived up to its commitment to replace all the indirect taxes levied on goods and services by the Centre and States. The GST is expected to be implemented from April 2017. With GST, it is anticipated that the tax base will be comprehensive, as virtually all goods and services will be taxable, with minimum exemptions. The Bill will once again be introduced in the Lok Sabha for ratification of the amendments, followed by ratification of the Bill by at least 15 states. GST will be a game-changer in the Indian economy by developing a single Indian market and reducing the cascading effect of tax on the cost of goods and services. It will impact the Tax Structure, Tax Incidence, Tax Computation, Tax Payment, Compliance, Credit Utilization and Reporting, leading to a complete overhaul of the current indirect tax system. The proposed GST will subsume most of the existing central and state taxes on the supply of goods and services, including central excise, service tax, state-level Value Added Tax (VAT) and other local levies on goods. Going ahead, India is expected to adopt a dual GST model where the Central and State Governments will levy GST simultaneously, on a common taxable value, on the supply of goods and services. However, in the case of imports and interstate supplies, an IGST (Integrated GST) shall be levied by the Central Government. Potential benefits of GST • Smooth credit mechanism by decreasing the cascading effect of multiple indirect taxes • Broadening of the tax base with reductions in exemptions/concessions • Creation of a unified common market • Simplified/uniform tax compliance and administration across India There is, however, a mixed response from the trade and industry bodies as well as from analysts on the implications of its implementation. What GST means for the Indian ICT industry? Rushabh Shah, President, TAIT “Total tax on software is 15% service tax and 5.5% VAT, totalling about 21.24% on the base rate. This will come down to 18% GST. Software is taxed twice as service tax and VAT. Now, it will be a single tax. We feel that GST will simplify compliance and will free up resources to concentrate on business expansion. Though implementation will be done only after things are put in place, companies need to start planning for future.” R. Chandrashekhar, President, NASSCOM “The passage of the amendment bill will unarguably usher in the most impactful tax reform this country has seen. The services industry at large was administered under a single authority in the centre under the Service Tax regime. The simplicity and certainty that it offered needs to be emulated in the GST law that States and Centre adopt subsequently. The new tax regime should also be future ready and cater to needs of the emerging digital economy in the country.” t h e 48 August 2016

  49. Narendra Bansal, Chairman & Managing Director, Intex Technologies "Being a manufacturing entity, Intex Technologies stands to benefit from a uniform tax regime because this will boost operational efficiencies, increase cost savings and make products more competitive. This will help in a major way to simplify the way we do business and will boost government initiatives on ease of doing business in India.” Bharat Goenka, Co-Founder & MD- Tally Solutions GST is really great and it has greatest benefits that it is built ground up as a technology-enabled-tax-system allows for extraordinary traceability. Being technology led, it has the potential to spiral upwards the trust deficit, rather than spiral downwards. However, one of the major drawback or the most critical cause of potential failure of GST will be in the transference responsibility of tax compliance and remittance to the customers to make them eligible for input credit. This would create trust deficit in businesses, extended credit cycles choking working capital, and increase complexities in the businesses. which o f Abidali Z Neemuchwala, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board, Wipro "We are sure that implementation of the GST would go a long way in strengthening the economy as one common market for taxation as well as address the key issues of transparency, ease-of-doing business and simplification of tax laws. In the process of implementing GST through legislations, we must collectively ensure that there is no drifting away from the intent of the Bill and the cornerstone principles of this government in improving ease of doing business and reduced tax related litigation in India." Sriram S, CEO, iValue Infosolutions "The passage of Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill is a historic moment, paving the way for the biggest reform in India. The unified tax structure will not only help boost the Indian economy, but will also prove fruitful in the industrial revolution and attract investments. India will become a single country with GST optimizing cost, compliance and convenience. The timeline of 1st April, 2017 rollout looks challenging, but doable with political support." Alok Dubey, CFO, Acer “The law, giving enough incentives for companies to declare transaction in order to claim tax credits will reduce overall tax evasion. Businesses will now only have to deal with State and central GST departments instead of a variety of state and central departments. This will, hopefully, bring down disputes, litigation and cost of compliance. The new law will motivate businesses to remodel their logistics warehousing solutions. Most organizations have put any major warehousing or logistics decisions on hold till they have clarity on GST law.” Bipin Sapra, Tax Partner, Telecom Practice, EY “While the telecom service will become costlier as the rate of GST will be higher than the present service tax, a lot of cost will also accrue on account of difficult place of supply rules, decentralized and multiple compliances and credit blockages. The law, procedures and administration mechanisms need to be simplified to allow the prices of the mobile service to be low in the hands of the consumer.” a n d Nitin Kunkolienker, Vice-President, MAIT and – Corporate Affairs, Smartlink Network Systems “The proposed move to the GST regime would herald a new beginning in the indirect taxation landscape of modern India, paving the way for a simplified and homogenous tax structure for goods and services. Currently, states’ VAT laws warrant submission of myriad documentation, thereby impeding free movement of goods Central Sales Tax Law also mandates issuance of diverse statutory forms to prove among other facts that the inter-state purchase of goods is for re-sale, and inter-state movement of goods is not a sale. The GST regime would ensure a breakaway from the rigours of maintenance of such voluminous documentation.” Director Atul Jain, COO, Smart Electronics, LeEco India "The implementation of a unified GST in India will be one of the most significant reforms introduced in recent times. We believe that it will bring in the much- needed transparency in the taxation norms and have an overall positive impact on the Indian economy. We, at LeEco, are still in a start-up phase in India and therefore are very appreciative of the long- term cost benefits that will accrue to our Indian operations. It will certainly ease our cost burden of logistics and benefits of reduced taxation can be passed on to our end- consumers." a n d 49 August 2016

  50. (From Left to Right): Mr Manoj Agarwal, Enterprise Business Manager - NetApp India Marketing & Services; Shri Manjit Nayak, Addl. Director- Officer-in-charge, STPI (Kolkata); Mr Deepak Kumar Sahu, Chief Editor – VARINDIA; Mr. HPS Bawa, CEO-WEBEL Technology Ltd.; Mr. Uday Bhaskar Rao, MD & CEO - IRam Technologies; Col. A.K. Nath, ED - C-DAC; Mr Amit Roy, CEO - MCS and Mr. N C Mohapatra, Director Alliances – CSDC Systems 7th EIITF Emphasizes the major pain points of Indian SMEs The event through its technical sessions and presentations walked its audience through the current state of the technology ecosystem in the country and how SMEs will benefit from the conducive business environment that it is giving rise to - Alliances – CSDC Systems took to the dais to give his presentation on CSDC’s specialized offering solution in the space of e-governance, smart governance and Smart IOT solutions. The panel discussion on the topic – ‘Security Frameworks for Smart city in India’ was moderated by Mr Deepak Kumar Sahu, Chief Editor – VARINDIA. The panel that included speakers like Shri Manjit Nayak, Addl. Director- Officer-in-charge, STPI (Kolkata); Mr. HPS Bawa, CEO-WEBEL Technology Ltd.; Mr. K L lalani, Chairman- Lalani Infotech; Mr. Satinder Singh, Head, Systems Engineering Commercial) - NetApp India and Mr. Uday Bhaskar Rao, MD & CEO - IRam Technologies stressed on how the growth of Smart Cities will potentially attract cyber crime and there needs to be curb on it. Towards the end of the event, the Best VARs from the Eastern region of India were recognized in the categories of Best Retailer, Best Reseller, Best VAR, Best Solution Provider, Emerging IT Vendor of the Year Award, Best System Integrator and Best National Distributor. The winners in the award categories respectively were Supreme Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Lalani Infotech Ltd., Technocrat Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Embee Software Pvt. Ltd., FOXIN -Balaji Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Wizertech Informatics Pvt. Ltd. and Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd. VARINDIA played host to the 7th EIITF (Eastern India Information Technology Fair – 2016) that was concluded successfully in Kolkata, amidst speeches and presentations from corporate houses on the opportunities for capitalizing the Indian SMB sector. The topic for this year’s event was – ‘IT & Security Frameworks to protect Information Assets of SMEs’. Besides providing a common platform for the corporates to share ideas, discuss issues and challenges targeting the growth of SMBs in the region in particular and the country in general, the event brought together around 200 senior officials from the IT Department, dignitaries from other Central and state government departments and spokespeople from IT Corporates. The Chief Guest of the event was Shri Kaushik Haldar, Commissioner IT and Telecom, Government of West Bengal. The other guests who attended the event and were present at the lamp lighting ceremony were Col A. K. Nath, ED - C-DAC; Col. HPS Bawa, CEO – WTL; Sri. Manjit Nayak, Addl. Dir- STPI, Kolkata; Mr. S.P. Toshniwal, Chairman - Roshni Lights besides the presence of other big-wigs from the industry. Giving his opening remark, Mr Deepak Kumar Sahu, Chief Editor – VARINDIA spoke about the digital journey that SMBs and their workforce is staring to embark and how it is becoming increasingly important to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. “This would contribute to two strategic programmes of the country that are Make in India and Digital India. Research indicates that only 25 percent of organizations are capable of responding effectively to a cyber-incident; yet the impact of a cyber-attack could be wide-ranging and costly. With the increasingly interconnected nature of our critical infrastructure and data, organizations must approach cyber security more proactively than ever before in order to safeguard assets and data.” The Chief Guest for the evening Col. A.K. Nath, ED - C-DAC enlightened the audience by speaking on how to empower SMEs for a better India”, while Mr. N G Sarkar, DGM- Telecom, Power Grid Corporation of India spoke extensively on the role of Power Grid in providing connectivity for availing services. During the corporate presentations, Mr. Chandrashekara. H.G, Business Manager – Enterprise-Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd and Mr. Shamik Roy, Product Specialist – Pre Sales, Cloud Client Computing, Dell India collaboratively gave a presentation on the Contribution of Channel Partners in bringing success to the emerging system Integration business in Eastern India. Mr. Satinder Singh, Head, Systems Engineering (Government& Commercial) - NetApp India also gave his perspective on how to protect the growing SMEs in India. Mr. N C Mohapatra, Director (Government & 50 50 August 2016 August 2016