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The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom. General information. Map. England Scotland Wales Northrn Ireland. Basic info. Capital : London Area: 243, 600 sq km Population : 62, 041, 000 Languages : English , Irish , Scottish Gaelic , Welsh Sovereign: Queen Elizabeth II. (1952)

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The United Kingdom

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  1. The United Kingdom Generalinformation

  2. Map • England • Scotland • Wales • NorthrnIreland

  3. Basic info • Capital: London • Area: 243, 600 sq km • Population: 62, 041, 000 • Languages: English, Irish, ScottishGaelic, Welsh • Sovereign: Queen Elizabeth II. (1952) • Prime minister: David Cameron(2010) • Currency: Pound sterling (£) 1 GBP = 30.5460 Kč

  4. Ethnic groups • White British- 86% • White (other)- 5.3% • Indian- 1.8% • Pakistani- 1.6% • British Mixed- 1.2% • White Irish- 1.2% • Black Caribbean- 1.0% • Black African- 0.8% • Black (others)- 0.2% • Asian- 1.7%

  5. Bigger Render Symbols • Union Jack (Union Flag) • Coatofarms Evolutionof Union Jack

  6. Anthem: GodSavetheQueen Motto: Dieuetmondroit (French) "God and my right" Nationalanimal: Lion, Bulldog Nationaltree: oak

  7. Text- GodsavetheQueen God save our gracious Queen,Long live our noble Queen,God save the Queen!Send her victorious,Happy and glorious,Long to reign over us;God save the Queen!O Lord our God arise,Scatter her enemiesAnd make them fall;Confound their politics,Frustrate their knavish tricks,On Thee our hopes we fix,God save us all!Thy choicest gifts in storeOn her be pleased to pour;Long may she reign;May she defend our laws,And ever give us causeTo sing with heart and voice,God save the Queen! Not in this land alone,But be God's mercies known,From shore to shore!Lord make the nations see,That men should brothers be,And form one family,The wide world over.From every latent foe,From the assassins blow,God save the Queen!O'er her thine arm extend,For Britain's sake defend,Our mother, prince, and friend,God save the Queen!Lord grant that Marshal WadeMay by thy mighty aidVictory bring.May he sedition hush,And like a torrent rush,Rebellious Scots to crush.God save the King!

  8. Geography • UK occupiesBritishIsles • SurroundingSeasandOceans: TheNorth Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, IrishSeaandtheCelticSea • UK and France are separated by theEnglishChannel (La Manche) • ChannelTunnel - the longest underwater tunnel in the world • CumbrianMountains, GrampianMountains (Ben Nevis), ScottishHighlands

  9. Rivers: Thames, Severn, Humber, Tay • Scottish Islands: the Hebrides, the Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands, Isle of Skye • Lakes: Lough Nagh , Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, Windermere Ben Nevis (1 343 m) Thehighesthill in UK

  10. London • ThecapitalofEngland • Important business centre • 2012 - OlympicGames • Famousbuildings: BuckinghamPalace, TowerBridge, Trafalgar Square, WestminsterAbbey…

  11. Belfast • ThecapitalofNorthrnIreland(1921) • History - the centre for the Irish linen industry • Wasthelocationofthebiggestriots in NI

  12. Edingburgh • ThecapitalofScotland • Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, NationalGallery • Sir ArthurConanDoyle (SherlockHolmes)

  13. Cardiff • Thecapitalof Wales (1955) • CardiffCastle, WelshNationalWarMemorial • Port city

  14. Glasgow • Thelargest city in Scotlandandthethirdlargest in UK • The city has a long-standing reputation for its live music scene • Lie on Clyderiver

  15. Other Cities • Cambridge, Oxford: college cities • Stratford: birthplaceof William Shakespeare • Liverpool: Beatles • Manchester, Birmingham: industrial centre

  16. History • The islands were invaded by the Romans in 55 BC contact with the rest of Europe • DeclineofRoman Empire invaded by the Saxons, the Vikings, and Normans • Waleswasconquered in1282 • In the 1500s expand into many parts of the world • UnificationEngland+Wales in 1536 • 1588 world's dominant sea power • Britain first got into the Far East and India and then to the Americas

  17. History- part 2 • Scotland wasadded to Britain in 1603 (King James I. of England) • In the early 1800s the UK defeated France in the Napoleonic Wars • Ireland became a part of the union in 1801 • In the 1900s UK became less dominant as a world power (lost control over colonies and was weakened by World War I.) • The leadership of Winston Churchill UK opposed Germany in World War II and played a major role in defeating Hitler • 1921 Irish rebelled the southern part of Ireland created a separate country: theIrishRepublic • The United Kingdom played animportantrole in developing democracy and advancing literature and science

  18. Religions • Christian (Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist) 71.6%, • Muslim 2.7% • Hindu 1% • Other 1.6% • None 23.1%  Canterbury Cathedral (Churchof England)

  19. Sports • Football (Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC) • Tennis (Wimbledon Championships) • Rugby (Millennium Stadium) • Cricket(LordsCricketGround) • Golf • Badminton, squash, rounders • Hockey, snooker and curling

  20. Inside the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

  21. Nature • 14 NP: Pennines, PeakDistrict, Dartmoor • Temperate climate, with plentiful rainfall all year round Hedgehog Puffin Dormouse

  22. Architecture WestminsterAbbey, London Stonehenge, Wildshire

  23. Nantclwyd House inDenbighshire, is the oldest-known town house in Wales and an example of Tudor architecture

  24. UNESCO sites • 28 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  25. St Kilda, Scotland Henderson Island, Pitcairn Islands, Pacific Ocean

  26. Towerof London BlaenavonIndustrialLandscape, Wales Giant's Causeway and Causeway Coast, NothernIreland

  27. Scottish nature

  28. Questions…? • How many inhabitants live in UK? 62,041,000 • Whatpartsdoes UK consistof? England, Scotland, Wales, NorthernIreland • What are thecapitalsof these parts? London, Edingburgh, Cardiff, Belfast • Whatisthe motto of UK? Dieuetmondroit (Godand my right) • Namesomeimportantbuildings/structures in UK: Stonehenge, London Eye, Towerof London, 30 St Mary Axe

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