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The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom. of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. These are the British Isles. The Republic of Ireland isn't part of the UK. There are four countries in the UK. Northern Ireland. Scotland. Wales. England.

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The United Kingdom

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  1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  2. These are the British Isles The Republic of Ireland isn't part of the UK.

  3. There are four countries in the UK Northern Ireland Scotland Wales England This is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.There are four countries in the UK-England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is a lot bigger than the other three countries. About 56 million people live in the UK.

  4. England In 1066 King William I the Conqueror become the first Norman King of England

  5. England - pastures

  6. Warwick castle

  7. The weather in the south is nicer than the north. It's warmer and sunnier. A lot of people come here for their holidays.

  8. Wales In 1301 - Edward I of England invested his baby son Edward as Prince of Wales

  9. Wales and Ireland are wetter than England, because they are nearer the Atlantic Ocean. They are very hilly, too. This is Mount Snowdon in Northern Ireland

  10. Beddgelert, Snowdonia National Park

  11. Afon Idwal ( river ) winds through the rock strewn countryside of Snowdonia National Park with Pen yr Ole Wen ( mountain ) in the background

  12. The Avebury stone circle, The Ridgeway

  13. Northern Ireland Northern Ireland was created by the Government of Ireland Act 1920

  14. Ireland

  15. Giants Causeway ancient rock formation

  16. Ireland - Early Celtic Christian Priory building, Penmon Priory, founded by St. Seiriol

  17. Scotland 1707 - The Act of Union unites the kingdoms of England and Scotland

  18. Scotland - Floors Castle

  19. Floors Castle,Ballroom

  20. Floors Castle,Dinningroom

  21. Loch Linnhe.

  22. London

  23. London is the capital of Great Britain It's a very big city. About 7 million people live here.The other countries in the UK all have their own smaller capital cities, too - Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

  24. Cardiff

  25. Cardiff is the capital of Wales

  26. Edinburgh

  27. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland

  28. Belfast

  29. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland

  30. Belfast City Hall

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