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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Oracle Enterprise Asset Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Oracle Enterprise Asset Management

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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Oracle Enterprise Asset Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Oracle Enterprise Asset Management. Lokesh Verma, Director, Product Management, Oracle Xavier Falchetti ATD/PTP Business Process Manager, Key Energy Shankar Kattamanchi Senior Manager, Product Development, Oracle.

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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Oracle Enterprise Asset Management

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Presentation Transcript
top 10 things you didn t know you can do with oracle enterprise asset management
Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Oracle Enterprise Asset Management

Lokesh Verma, Director, Product Management, Oracle

Xavier Falchetti

ATD/PTP Business Process Manager, Key Energy

Shankar Kattamanchi

Senior Manager, Product Development, Oracle


The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

program agenda
Program Agenda
  • Top 10 Things
  • Personalization and Sub-Ledger Accounting at Key Energy
  • Q & A
Quality Collection Plan IntegrationCreate work order with an activity as a result of quality inspection
  • Create a maintenance work order when a quality collection plan is recorded
  • Assign the resultant work order with an activity using the collection element ‘Followup activity’
  • Solution
automatic allocation of backordered parts
Automatic allocation of backordered Parts
  • New concurrent program - 'EAM Work orders Component Pick Release' 
  • Automates material allocation for work orders with insufficient on-hand parts at release
  • Conditions:
    • Work order is in status 'Released‘
    • Enable Material Issue Requests is set to 'Yes‘
  • Solution
ui personalization
UI Personalization
  • Benefits
  • Ability to make changes to the look and behavior of the user interface
  • Can be applied at different levels - Site, Operating Unit, Responsibility
  • Upgrade Proof
  • Can be exported from one instance to another
ui personalization continued
UI Personalization (Continued)
  • Features
  • Making a ‘Non Mandatory’ attribute ‘Mandatory’
  • Change an attribute to be ‘Read Only’
  • Hide or Show an attribute
  • Provide a default value
  • Add a new ‘attribute’ to the page
  • Change the number of rows displayed in a table
  • Link from one page to another
  • Example : Org context sensitive DFFs - How do you add a DFF only for certain orgs?
one step material issue visibility to on hand and support for multiple uom
One Step Material IssueVisibility to on-hand and support for multiple UOM
  • View on-hand and available quantity details
  • Issue parts in any Unit of Measure
  • Also applicable to the ‘Debrief work order’ page
  • Solution
eam ascp integration
eAM-ASCP Integration
  • Value Chain Planning for Maintenance
  • Material and resource requirements from EAM work orders are considered for Strategic, Tactical and Operational Planning
  • Projected demand from Maintenance Budget Forecast is also considered for ASCP planning
  • Scheduling using Production Scheduler for downtime optimization
eam integration with msca and wms
eAM Integration with MSCA and WMS
  • Overview
  • MSCA / WMS transactions for eAM
    • Component Issue
    • Component Return
    • Negative Component Issue
    • Negative Component Return
  • Use of WMS rules engine for allocation
    • e.g. Allocate parts based on asset’s location
sub ledger accounting sla
Sub-Ledger Accounting (SLA)
  • Overview
  • Sub Ledger Accounting is an intermediate step between sub-ledger products (such as eAM) and Oracle General Ledger
  • Allows users to comply with corporate, local and managerial accounting and audit requirements
  • It is a rules – based engine for generating accounting entries.
  • SLA is a service provided to Oracle applications
  • Applicable from R12
oracle application express applications apex
Oracle Application Express Applications (APEX)
  • Features
  • Unique Rapid Browser Based, Declarative Application Development Tool for the Database
oracle application express oracle apex
Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX)

1. Initiate Create App Wizard

2. Add Pages

  • Creating an application so Simple

Create report and form on table

3. Confirm and Create

4. Run Applications

oracle application express oracle apex1
Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX)
  • Use Cases

Online Reporting

Build SQL-based reporting applications on existing database schemas

Data-driven Applications

Develop opportunistic and departmental productivity applications

Spreadsheet Web-ification

Convert spreadsheets to Web applications where they can be concurrently viewed and edited

Access Replacement

Consolidate outgrown Access applications to the Oracle database with an APEX Web front end

Oracle Forms Modernization

Leverage SQL & PL/SQL declarative programming skills to move Forms applications to HTML / Web 2.0

extending oracle ebs r12 with apex
Extending Oracle EBS R12 with APEX
  • Features
  • Situations where personalization's aren't sufficient to meet your requirements
  • Extend Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 using Oracle Application Express (APEX) (Note 1306563.1)
  • Can Very Easily built, Modified and maintained.
extending oracle ebs r12 with apex1
Extending Oracle EBS R12 with APEX

Oracle E-Business Suite Database

  • Architecture

Grant Select

Application DB Schema



APEX Application

APEX Workspace

APPS Schema

Standard published EBS APIs


web application desktop integrator
Web Application Desktop Integrator
  • Overview
  • Brings Oracle E-Business Suite functionality to a spreadsheet helps to download and upload data.
  • It supports modify bulk data in microsoft excel in offline or online mode.
  • Supports OA Artifacts Flexfields/LOVs
xml publisher
XML Publisher
  • Overview
  • XMLP is reporting technology Tool.
  • Unlike traditional report clearly separates data logic and Layout template
  • Highly Flexible, business users don’t need a techie to layout the report.
eam application program interfaces apis and webservices
eAM Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and WebServices
  • Overview
  • Enterprise Asset Management provides several open interfaces and APIs, enabling you to link with non-Oracle applications, applications you build, and applications on other computers
eam application program interfaces apis and webservices1
eAM Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and WebServices
  • Overview
  • ‘Integrated SOA Gateway’ has capability to publish public integration interface as Web service
program agenda1
Program Agenda
  • Top 10 Things
  • Personalization and Sub-Ledger Accounting at Key Energy
  • Q & A
key energy services llc

Key Energy Services, LLC

Xavier Falchetti

ATD/PTP Business Process Manager

key energy services llc1
Key Energy Services, LLC
  • Corporate HQ: Houston, TX
  • Locations in USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Russia, Ecuador
  • +10,100 employees
  • 23rd largest private transport company*
  • Lines of businesses:
        • Rig services
        • Fluid management
        • Fishing & rentals
        • Coiled tubing
        • Liner hanger
xavier falchetti
Xavier Falchetti
  • Business Solutions Manager ATD/PTP
    • Provide solutions for the lob’s that fall in the Acquire to Dispose and Procure to Pay business streams and oversee our support team for the following Oracle Modules
      • Purchasing, Inventory iProcurement, AP, iExpense (in process)
      • Enterprise Asset Management, Asset Tracking/IB, Fixed Assets, Projects
      • WIP, BOM, Project Manufacturing (in process)
self service changes
Self Service Changes
  • Click on the Assets tab to go to the search screen
self service changes1
Self Service Changes
  • From here you can perform a simple search for the asset
self service changes2
Self Service Changes
  • You will see your query results with various personalized options. Lets review on the next few slides what each button and link provides
self service changes3
Self Service Changes
  • Looking in detail we can see three separate links available which each take you to a specific feature available. Two of the three are new and the last takes you to the Self Service screen in IB/Asset Tracking.
  • The hyperlink included on the Asset Number take you to Asset Maintenance Details providing a snapshot of the Asset. It also replicates the Detailed information of an Asset in OAT
  • The Asset Hierarchy is another new feature that takes you directly to the Asset or Virtual Location Asset. We will provide more details in the following slides
  • The Instance Update button punches out to the Instance Record and gives you the ability to update
hierarchy page
Hierarchy Page

On the Hierarchy page you have three points of interest

The Asset Number takes you to Asset Details

The Parent Asset Number takes you up the hierarchy

The link on the left side shows all children for that asset,

Location, or LOB

hierarchy page1
Hierarchy Page

Looking from a location we can see not only the Assets under them but components and subcomponents at the location.

To get here I clicked on the Parent Asset Number then open up the links on the left by clicking the + boxes

hierarchy page2
Hierarchy Page

Clicking the Asset Number either in the original search or from the Hierarchy Page takes you into the Asset Details page.

asset details link
Asset Details Link

The Asset Details page takes you to the overall status and descriptive information of the Asset

instance update link
Instance Update Link

The last option takes you to the instance screen if you click instance update you will be taken to the IB screen and Asset Details

key us asset tracking inquiry

You will be able to update the working status here. Once adjusted to what is needed click save

key us asset tracking inquiry1

For our Asset Managers we have given them this same button to punch out and update status on the asset along with the DFF Attributes associated to that serialized Asset

return to search
Return to search

To return to search screen click Rebuildable Inventory

sla what is it
SLA – What is it
  • Sub Ledger Accounting - Rule-based accounting engine with a centralized data model and repository (XLA)
    • • Generates and stores detailed accounting entries
    • • User-defined Accounting Rules
    • • Drilldown capability from GL

Expense Account Segment Values

With using Oracle eAM you can receive non-item, expense purchases into eAM WIP jobs and issue inventory materials (and return) into eAM WIP jobs.

  • Using eAM you can receive inventory items into an expense subinventory.
  • The related SLA events are
    • PO Delivery in Inventory (PO Receipts into Inventory)
    • Outside Processing (for WIP PO Receipts)
    • WIP Material (for WIP component issues and returns).
  • For these types of events, Key Energy wants to bypass using the account segment value normally used for expenses.

For expenses, most of the WIP Accounting Class setups has the Material Valuation Account using ‘600000’ as the Account segment.

By setting up custom sources and SLA rules we override the Account segment from the WIP Accounting Class (which is actually stored on the WIP Job) and use the Purchasing Category Account.

program agenda2
Program Agenda
  • Top 10 Things
  • Personalization and Sub-Ledger Accounting at Key Energy
  • Q & A
oracle value chain summit
Oracle Value Chain Summit

Empowering the Modern Value Chain

Explore How New Solutions Within Social, Mobile, Analytics & the Cloud are Helping Companies Transform Supply Chains into Modern Value Chains

  • February 3-5, 2014 – San Jose McEnery Convention Center
  • Hands-on workshops, solutions demonstrations & more than 200 sessions on topics in 6 complementary solution areas: PLM, Manufacturing, Enterprise Asset Management, Logistics, Planning & Procurement
  • Early bird registration opens soon –