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Evangel University. Adam Crawford, Robin Hamilton, Keri Cerda, Rainer Gall, Sarah Nyquist, & Erin Sullivan. R elationship to Student Affairs Profession Campus Wide events Student Involvement Leadership Historical Origins of Student Activities Student Unions Astin's Theory of Involvement

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evangel university

Evangel University

Adam Crawford, Robin Hamilton, Keri Cerda, Rainer Gall, Sarah Nyquist, & Erin Sullivan

student activities
Relationship to Student Affairs Profession
    • Campus Wide events
    • Student Involvement
    • Leadership
  • Historical Origins of Student Activities
    • Student Unions
    • Astin's Theory of Involvement
    • Co-curricular involvement and development
Student Activities
student activities @ eu
Historical Origins of Student Activities at Evangel
    • Around 1960s
    • Director within the last five years
    • "Boldly Christian, Unquestionably Academic"
    • Current director, Christy Rowden, has been there about a year
    • Undergoing restructuring for the upcoming merger
Student Activities @ EU
student activities @ eu1
Organizational Chart

Board of Governors


VP of Student Development

Director of Community Life

Administrative Assistant

Student Activities Director

Activities Board

Student Activities @ EU

EU Launch Leaders

student activities @ eu2
  • Campus wide events
  • Activities Board
  • EU Launch
  • Financial aspects
    • Funded by VPSD & Student Fees
    • Christy recommends knowing how to work with a budget
Student Activities @ EU
student activities @ eu3
Mission, vision, purpose or goal statements
    • Mission Statement: To provide opportunities for Assemblies of God individuals to develop both academically and intellectually in an accredited Christian liberal arts educational program and to inspire them within a Pentecostal environment to develop spiritually, emotionally, and culturally in order to use their chosen careers to serve both God and humankind (Mission, 2012).
    • Theme: Christ is Lord
Student Activities @ EU
analysis of student activities
  • No guide or handbook
  • Letting students fail
  • Relinquishing control
  • No other professionals
  • Stakeholder balance
  • Limited diversity
Analysis of Student Activities
analysis of student activities1
  • Delegation
  • Utilizing student ideas and creativity
  • High event attendance and participation
  • Open door policy
  • Feedback from various campus offices
Analysis of Student Activities
analysis of student activities2
Intertwining mission, purpose statements or goal statements
    • opportunities for students to utilize their spiritual passion in order to develop a meaningful, Christ-centered life
    • fun, interactive events for all of campus
  • Assessment activities
    • Informal feedback from offices and students
    • Formal feedback through student surveys
Analysis of Student Activities
analysis of student activities3
Student Activities accessible to students
    • Numerous opportunities
    • Open door policy
  • Address diverse and non-traditional populations
    • Lack of diversity
    • Limited by affiliation with the Assemblies of God
    • Working on improvement
    • Separate position that works with non-traditional student involvement
Analysis of Student Activities
strategic direction @ eu
Issues in student affairs and higher education impact Student Activities offices
    • Retention rates
      • Higher in religiously affiliated schools
      • Still only in 60s & 70s
    • Astin's theory
      • More involvement, more motivation to stay
Strategic Direction @ EU
recommendations for eu
Recommendations to enhance learning for Students:
    • Diversity Initiatives
      • Hire Diversity Resource Director
      • Recruit a diverse population of students
      • Multicultural Resource Center on campus
Recommendations for EU
recommendations for eu1
Recommendations to enhance learning for Students:
    • Defining responsibilities and successes
      • For Student Activities Director--Christy Rowden
        • Improve management role
      • For Student Board
        • Include feedback
Recommendations for EU
recommendations for eu2
Recommendations to enhance learning for Students:
    • Self-Authorship & Learning Partnership Model
      • Baxter Magolda's Theory
        • Hands off with students to encourage reflection and independent thinking
        • Professionals practice reflection
Recommendations for EU
recommendations for eu3
Recommendations to enhance learning for Students:
    • Mentoring Communities
      • Sharon Daloz Parks Faith Development Theory
        • Use students Faith to help grow student's development in other ways
        • Past Student Activities Board members as mentors to current Board members
Recommendations for EU
recommendations for eu4
Recommendations to enhance learning for Students:
    • Student Activities Consolidation Committee
      • Students and Administrators from Evangel, Central Bible College, and the Assembly of God Theological Seminary
            • Develop student activities for all students throughout the consolidation process
Recommendations for EU
recommendations for eu5
Recommendations to enhance learning for Students:
    • Increased Attention Toward Nontraditional Students
      • Due to the consolidation of Universities
        • Student Activities Board gear programs towards new demographic of students
Recommendations for EU
current trends @ eu
Trends in Student Affairs:
      • Attend professional conferences
      • Stay current in other areas of Student Affairs
  • Trends in Student Activities Offices:
    • First and Second year experiences
      • EU has improved the E-Launch Orientation Program
    • Multicultural Affairs
      • EU needs to increase awareness in this area
Current Trends @ EU
relations to student learning imperatives
Students getting the most out of his or her education
  • Increasing EU's Inclusive environment
  • Adding additional professional staff to Student Activities Office
  • Incorporating EU's mission statement to Student Activities Office's mission statement
  • Integrating mentoring communities to the spiritual development of the student
Relations to Student Learning Imperatives
Student Activities Office at Evangel University commendable:
    • Engaging, accessible, and welcoming atmosphere for students on campus
    • Balancing stakeholders and students wishes
  • Recommendations for improvement:
    • Diversity Initiatives
    • Preparation for institutional consolodation
    • Encouraging development of self-authorship
    • Mentoring communities on campus
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