Oregon state university purchasing card program
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Oregon State University Purchasing Card Program. Used to Procure Goods & Supplies. Allowable Card Uses. Recommended Uses. Office supplies Operating supplies Computer hardware and software (non- capitalized <$5,000) Teaching and research materials or supplies. continued.

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Presentation Transcript
Oregon state university purchasing card program

Oregon State University Purchasing Card Program

Used to Procure Goods & Supplies

Recommended uses
Recommended Uses

  • Office supplies

  • Operating supplies

  • Computer hardware and software (non- capitalized <$5,000)

  • Teaching and research materials or supplies

  • continued...

Recommended use continued
Recommended UseContinued…

  • Furniture & Equipment (non-capitalized <$5,000)

  • Conference registrations

  • Subscriptions to newspapers, journals & periodicals

  • Books and reference materials

  • continued...

Recommended use continued1
Recommended UseContinued…

  • Materials for minor repairs

  • Limited services (see list on Pcard website)

  • Allowable dues and memberships

    (see FIS website – link given on information page - for definition & information of allowable membership)

Custodian responsibilities1
Custodian Responsibilities

  • Authorize users of the procurement card, ensure all users have taken and passed the OUS policy Pcard knowledge test. Keep the User Agreement updated accordingly and submit updated copies to Business Affairs

  • Keep the card and number secure (i.e. locked in office) Budget Authority may retain this responsibility.

  • Report lost or stolen card or suspected fraud immediately to US Bank and Campus Program Administrator

  • Dispute incorrect charges directly with US Bank within 60 days of the statement date.

    • The bank will send paperwork for you to verify the disputed charges – this paperwork must be returned to the bank in the time allotted or the dispute will be reversed and dismissed.

  • continued...

Custodian responsibilities continued
Custodian Responsibilities Continued…

  • Notify Campus Program Administrator should Budget Authority, Custodian or Users change.

  • Agreements must be re-completed annually and when there is a change in Budget Authority or Custodian. (New Card numbers must be issued).

    • Departmental & User Agreements are due in Payables by January 31st Every Year .

  • User Agreement ‘user lists’ (2nd page agreement) must be updated of user as changes happen & copies sent to Campus Program Admin to be added to original agreement as an addendum.

  • continued...

Custodian responsibilities continued1
Custodian ResponsibilitiesContinued…

  • Maintain required Activity Log or Spreadsheet of Transactions which must include Transaction Date, User Name, Vendor Name, Purchase Description and Amount.

  • Obtain receipts for all transactions: charge slips, packing slips, order forms. A web purchase confirmation may be used if print out contains:

    • Vendor name

    • Date

    • Description and quantity

    • Cost

  • continued...

Custodian responsibilities continued2
Custodian ResponsibilitiesContinued…

  • Have charges reviewed by Budget Authority and submit signed and dated bank statement to your Business Center for scanning into NOLIJ.

  • There should be a signed statement in NOLIJ for every month in which there were transactions posted to the card.

  • Card Activity Logs should be scanned into NOLIJ monthly under Supporting Documentation for each card.

  • Backup Documents for the transactions should be scanned into the corresponding Z# Invoice in NOLIJ.

User responsibilities1
User Responsibilities

  • Take and pass the OUS Pcard policy knowledge test

  • Read and sign the User Agreement

  • Maintain understanding of Pcard policies & purchase only allowable goods and supplies

    • Unallowable expenses will be considered a personal liability to the card user

    • Inappropriate use will result in revocation of card use for the individual card user and possible card suspension for the department

  • Obtain receipts for purchases made and submit them to card custodian in a timely manner (i.e. upon return of the card)

  • Safeguard the card and card number

  • Report loss or theft of card immediately to Card Custodian

Banner account manager banner business manager responsibilities
Banner Account Manager/Banner Business Manager Responsibilities

This person may also be the Card Custodian

  • Responsible for reviewing and distributing transactions in Banner Pcard Module FAAINVT

  • Makes any necessary corrections to posted transactions (Z# invoices) in Banner by JV

  • Reconciles the monthly transactions to the bank statements (this can be done by running the Appworx FAR0470 report for the card)

Banner account manager banner business manager responsibilities continued
Banner Account Manager/Banner Business Manager Responsibilitiescontinued…

  • This person will receive the Banner notifications in regard to: “Z” Invoice numbers of posted transactions, transactions that need to be distributed, or transactions that need a Banner vendor number added before they can post (in the case of a 1099 reportable account code being used)

    • If the vendor is not a current Banner Vendor. they will contact the vendor to get the Tax ID & information needed to set the vendor up in Banner

    • If the vendor ID is not available to them, they will contact the Campus Program Administrator who may be able to help research this information

Budget authority responsibilities
Budget ResponsibilitiesAuthority Responsibilities

Budget authority responsibilities1
Budget Authority Responsibilities Responsibilities

  • Responsible for requesting Pcard for department use by signing Application Form which is submitted to Campus Program Administrator

  • Responsible for authorizing credit limit for each card

  • Assigns Card Custodian & ensures that they have taken and passed the OUS Pcard policy knowledge test.

  • Assigns the Banner Account Manager / Banner Business Manager

  • Authorize expenditures

  • Review and Approve expenditures by personally signing bank statement each month

    • Ensures collection of reimbursement should an unallowable purchase be made

Unallowable uses
Unallowable Uses Responsibilities

Unallowable uses of departmental procurement cards
Unallowable Uses ResponsibilitiesofDepartmental Procurement Cards

“3 strikes you’re out” rule applies

  • Please review prohibited account code list on PCard website (link given on Information page)

  • Awards and prizes

  • Hosting, refreshments

  • Travel

  • continued...

Unallowable uses continued
Unallowable Uses Continued… Responsibilities

  • Meals

  • Lodging (conference/seminar lodging is the exception, there must also be a conference registration)

  • Entertainment

  • Inter-departmental expenses (from one OSU entity to another)

  • Inter-Institutional Expenses (payments to other OUS institutions – U of O, PSU, WOU, SOU, EOU, OIT or OUS divisions must be done by Inter-Institutional JV)

  • Licenses

  • Gifts

  • Personal purchases

Information Responsibilities

Information Responsibilities

  • US Bank Customer Service 1-800-344-5696 * to bypass automated service

    • Card activation/verification information =

      • phone # 541-737-4262

      • Address and zip code are from your statement

      • Social Security # is OSU Tax ID# 936001786

  • Campus Program Administrator

    Rose Hamilton 541-737-0650



Information continued
Information Continued… Responsibilities

  • OSU purchasing card website


  • PCard Forms available on OSCAR


  • OUS Fiscal Policy Manual - Purchasing – Procurement Cards


  • OUS Pcard Knowledge Test Registration


  • Account Code List & Tax Reportable Codes


  • OUS Financial Administrative Standard Operating Manual/Purchasing


  • OSU Fiscal Operations – Policy & Procedures Manual


Information continued1
Information Continued… Responsibilities

  • US Bank Access Online Web Based Training


    Contact OSU Program Administrator for current password to access online training