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Do you know where your students are going? PowerPoint Presentation
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Do you know where your students are going?

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Do you know where your students are going? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clay Goodman, Estrella Mountain Community College. Do you know where your students are going?. Session Objectives. Ideas to reallocate limited resources toward activities that increase enrollment How to integrate the Kuder system into the advisement process

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Do you know where your students are going?

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session objectives
Session Objectives

Ideas to reallocate limited resources toward activities that increase enrollment

How to integrate the Kuder system into the advisement process

How to involve division and department chairs in the recruitment process

How to use the data generated to expand current and develop future programs

How to use the data in support of Carl Perkins IV goals

a little about estrella mountain
A little about Estrella Mountain

One of the Ten Maricopa Community Colleges

Opened in 1992

Currently serve approximately 13,000 students annually

Steady enrollment growth

Moving toward becoming a Learning College

Working with League for Innovation consultants

a little more
A little more…

Strong relationships with feeder high school districts

Currently provide One-Stop Student Services

Have started implementing a Developmental Advisement Model

ccti experience
CCTI Experience

Education Professions Pathway

Helped develop an award winning program with one of our feeder school districts

Arizona Department of Education Spotlight Award

Using framework to expand pathway partnerships

pathway projects
Pathway Projects

Expanded Pathways

Education Professions

New pathways

Homeland Security

Business and Finance

Science, Math, Engineering and Technology

Information Technology

why kuder
Why Kuder?

Access to our feeder high schools

Mechanism to communicate with students and parents

Parents can be involved

Tool for advisors and counselors

We can see what they’re saying and vice versa

Career planning tools available

Good career information

why kuder1
Why Kuder?

Biggest reason…

Outstanding communication at all levels and in all directions

recruitment targets
Recruitment Targets

High School Students

Grades 9 – 12

Community College Students

In the system

Returning Adults

Baby boomers

Match current skill sets with new interests

student pathway
Complete career assessment(s)

EMCC Contact





Schedule building


Student Pathway
our communication model
Our Communication Model


Contact students via email

Longer Term


Contact from call center

Enrollment Packet

Follow up advisement appointment


Recruiter contact at high school

developmental advisement model
Developmental Advisement Model

Terry O’Banion

Comprised of sequential tasks

Exploration of Life Goals

Exploration of Career Goals

Choice of Program/Major

Choice of courses

Scheduling of courses

Kuder facilitates process at all levels

ccti estrella mountain version
CCTI – Estrella Mountain Version





University –or-


Educational and Career Planning

high school students
High School Students

Working with feeder high schools

9th - 1oth Grade

Career Exploration

Summer bridge programs

11th - 12th Grades

Career focus, Summer bridge and Dual enrollment opportunities

parents of high school students
Career options available

Pop quiz

Which would you rather have your child earn – an Bachelor’s Degree or a Associates Degree?

Bachelor’s Degree –Journalism (Reporter)

Median Income: $28,860

90th Percentile: $51,690

Associate Degree Nursing

Median Income: $58,360

90th Percentile: $78,180

Parents of High School Students
high school students1

Transition from High School to College

Developmental Advisement introduction

Continued Career Exploration


Schedule building

Career and Personal Development

Internships, Externships, Career Work Experience

High School Students
data this academic year
Data this academic year

Just high schools…

745 students

489 are 11th and 12th graders

Top three interest clusters


Health Science

Architecture and Construction

We have contacted them all more than once

community college students
Community College Students

Transition from High School to College

Community College success strategies

Faculty student interaction and communication

Developmental Advisement Enhancement

Career Exploration

Student clubs

Internships, externships

Service Learning

university or career
University or Career


Transition from school to university

Visits to transfer universities

Universities on our campus

Transition from school to career

Examples of how we can help

Workplace behavior

Soft skills

arizona influences
Arizona Influences

Arizona Governor’s Office

Governor’s P-20 Council

Report: A Feasibility and Demand Study for the State of Arizona

Arizona Department of Education

Career pathway programs

Seamless articulation between Secondary and Post Secondary

arizona governor s p 20 council
Arizona Governor’s P-20 Council

Striving to align high school, college and work expectations to meet industry-specific skill sets in high-growth, well-paying occupations that will bring economic prosperity and industrial diversity to Arizona;

Ensuring clear pathways for all students to obtain college degrees, regardless of point of entry.

arizona governor s p 20 council report
Arizona Governor’s P-20 Council Report

…primary needs in health related occupations, teacher education and STEM fields. (p 28)

Arizona needs to develop separate workforce development plans for:

Nursing and allied health


Engineers and computer scientists

arizona governor s p 20 council report1
Policy Issues

Higher education policy in the state has been focused on institutions rather than the needs of the state and its citizens. (p. 34)

Dual Enrollment

“No discernable state policy that establishes a clear purpose for dual enrollment arrangements.” (p. 35)

Arizona Governor’s P-20 Council Report
carl perkins iv
Carl Perkins IV


Provide a Coherent Sequence Of Instruction in Career and Technical Education programs.

Development of clear pathways students


Promote preparation for nontraditional fields.

Identification of students by career interest demographic information (AJS -26 females, Finance -23 females)

carl perkins iv1

Link secondary and postsecondary Career and Technical Education programs including offering at least one Program of Study…for secondary education students to participate in dual or concurrent enrollment programs or other ways to acquire postsecondary education credits.

Targeted dual and co-enrollment opportunities


Provide career guidance and academic counseling for Career and Technical Education students.

Career guidance starting as early as middle school

Carl Perkins IV
additional information
Additional Information

Arizona Governor’s P-20 Council

Career Pathways as a Systematic Framework

Clay Goodman