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  2. Standalone Panel DAP Port to Port 609 M @ 18 AWG Beldon Max 50 ohm 3048M @ 14 AWG NFS2-3030 NFS2-640 DAA-2 Max 50 ohm 3048M @ 14 AWG Max 300M @ 14-18 AWG Max 32 DAA

  3. Networking System (54 nodes max) NFN Twisted Pair Cable 914 M (max) Beldon NFN DAA Tel Max 50 ohm 3048M @ 14 AWG NFN DVC Tel Max 50 ohm 3048M @ 14 AWG

  4. Networking System (54 nodes max) DVC Max 32 DAA Max 32 DAA DVC DVC Max 32 DAA Max 32 DAA

  5. TB12 Alarm Bus From FACP NAC J1 J2 SW8 TB4 From Music Source TB13 To FPJ TB9 To RMI TB1 24v Power DAP TB2 & TB3 To DAA TB10 PTT To MM SW7 SW6 DVC J8 SW5 J5 J6


  7. Digital Voice Command The Digital Voice Command is Notifier’s new voice evacuation solution. The voice system is comprised of the following components: • CPU or Network Control Annunciator • Loop Control Modules • Digital Voice Controller • Microphone • Telephone Handset • Mic/Phone wells • Special chassis • Digital Amplifiers • Power Supply • Batteries • B, C or D-size Cabinet • Special Cabinet Doors • Network Control Modules D-Size Backbox

  8. Digital Voice Controller • The center of the Digital Voice Command system is controller assembly. The assembly (shown below) has a keypad, motherboard and an optional audio output board which generates the low-level analog audio signals. DVC-AO (Optional) D-Size Backbox DVC-KD Interface

  9. DVC System - FEATURES • Up to 1,000 message sequences made from 1000 individual message segments. • 16-minute message storage, expandable to 32 (with DVC-EM). • Supports one RM-1 Remote Microphone. • Alarm Bus allows for backup initiation of an Emergency Message in event of network failure during alarm. • New Group Paging Options • Page Active EVAC areas • Page Active ALERT areas • Page Inactive areas • ALL CALL • 24 programmable function keys

  10. DVC-KD is optional

  11. DAA DAA FACP DVC System - FEATURES • NFN COMPATIBLE • Supports Multiple Audio Command Centers • Live Emergency Paging • Single channel on NFN • NFN version 5.0 or higher • An NCA-2 with each DVC • Network Support for 54 nodes. • ONYX Panels Only (first release)

  12. DVC System - COMPONENTS • Controlling Node for a DVCmust be one of the following: • NFS2-3030 / NFS2-640 (Single Panel Application, NUP to NUP interconnection) OR • NCA-2(Network Application, requires NCM-W/F) • NFN Compatible with all ONYXSeries Equipment* • NFS2-3030 • NFS-3030 • NFS-640 • NCA-2 • NCA • NCS • must be upgraded to the latest software version and use version 4.0 Verifire Tools • Legacy Panel AFP-200 /300/ 400 AFP-1010 / AM-2020 Need to upgrade firmware to NFN 5.0

  13. Analog Output Option • The DVC-AO Analog Output board provides the DVC with the capability to drive up to four AMG style analog risers. • Class A or B configurations • Compatible with • XPIQ • AA-30 • AA-100 • AA-120 D-Size Backbox The DVC-AO Option Board mounts on top of the DVC main board, underneath the KD interface (if used).

  14. Microphone, Fire Fighter Telephone A microphone and Fire Fighter’s Telephone are housed in a cage assembly that mounts to the right of the CPU/DVC. These devices connect to the Digital Voice Controller. An alternate assembly provides a housing for a single microphone alone. D-Size Backbox To Digital Voice Controller board

  15. DVC System - Packages CA-2 Audio Chassis – Two row solution for DVC Includes: • Backplane and chassis for the mounting of the DVC and an NCA-2 or NFS2-3030. • Microphone Well • MIC-1 Microphone Order separately: • FFT Fire Fighters Telephone • An ADDR Series Door • DPA-2 & VP-2B Dress Plate

  16. DVC System - Packages CA-1 Audio Chassis - One-row solution for DVC or DVC-EM Optional Components • DVC-AO • DVC-KD • CMIC-1 Microphone Well w/Micro Phone • DPA-1

  17. Loop Control Modulesin a Digital Voice Command System LCM-320 with LEM-320 Expander installed under CPU position (not recommended) Four LCM-320/LEM-320 assemblies in a chassis.

  18. Digital Audio Amplifiers • The DVC system can employ Three versions of audio amplifiers • DAA2-5025 (50 Watt, 25 Volt) • DAA2-5070 (50 Watt, 70 Volt) • DAA2-7525 (75 Watt, 25 Volt) • These amplifiers are self-contained assemblies that consume one row in the cabinet. • Each amplifier contains a chassis, power supply, battery charger (Except DAA 7525), battery rack, and on-board speaker circuits (4 Class B or two Class A). The four circuit share 50 the amplifier’s 50 watts and are controlled by the DVC. • FireFighter’s Telephone Riser • Local Audio Inputs (PBX Paging, Background Music) • One-to-Many Backup Capability D-Size Backbox

  19. Digital Audio Amplifier Assembly

  20. Distributed Amplification • Distributing the amplifiers throughout the protected premises minimizes high-level signal loss and increase the survivability of the overall system. • Backup amplifiers are on a one-to-Many basis. • Amplifiers can be installed in successive rows within the cabinet provided background music is not employed. DAA amplifier in a C-Size enclosure An amplifier mounted in a separate cabinet.

  21. DAA CHS-BH1 Battery Holder DAA Battery Holders for Amplifiers • One DAA Series Amplifier can be installed in one A or B CAB • Two DAA Series Amplifiers can be installed in one C or D CAB • A CHS-BH1 Battery Holder is required for Batteries in Row 1. Two 12 AH batteries are supported • Batteries can be installed in the battery space of the cabinet for the lower DAA or the battery holder can be used for this amplifier also. SBB-C4

  22. Audio Configurations In a Digital Voice Command system, either a CPU2-3030 or a NCA-2 may be housed above the voice controller. For DVC usage in a network system, the NCA is required. Loop Control Modules may be installed underneath the CPU or in a dedicated row within the cabinet. The Power Supply and batteries are mounted in the standard position inside the cabinet or battery enclosure. D-Size Backbox An LCM-320/LEM assembly mounted under CPU position

  23. Chassis, Dress Panels & Plates Often one of the most overlooked components of a fire alarm system is the mounting hardware and dress plates necessary to complete the system. • Chassis are used to mount components inside the cabinet. • Blank Module Plates cover unused module positions within the cabinet. • Trim Rings cover gaps in the wall around the control panel or remote device. The CA-1 is a single row dress plate Mounting well for microphone and telephone. Half-Chassis for NFS2-3030 or NCA-2. Half-Chassis for Digital Voice Controller. Back plate for affixing CA-2 assembly to the backbox.

  24. Chassis, Dress Panels & Plates The CHS-4 is a quite versatile chassis that can be used to mount a variety of modules – loop cards, network cards, relay cards, etc. The ADP-4 Dress Panel provides for the mounting of annunciators over the top of other modules mounted insider the cabinet.

  25. MIC Well DVC-KD ACS DVC-KD Chassis, Dress Panels & Plates 22 cm DPA-1 Dress Plate, 1 row Audio DP-1B Blank Dress Plate, 4 row 15.5 cm 18.5 cm 22 cm ADP-4B Annunciator Dress Plate* DPA-1A4 – supports 1 DVC and 1-2 Annunciators* *Use to VP-2B plate to cover additional apace if CA-2 in first Row *Use to BMP-1 Blank Module plate to cover unused single positions MP-1B Module Dress Panel

  26. Chassis, Dress Panels & Plates Most of the hardware used in a Notifier system has multiple uses. Stand Alone Application Network Application CPU2-3030 NCA-2 DVC DVC Loop & Network Modules Loop Modules BP2-4 Dress Panel covers power supply and batteries

  27. For use with CA-2 Chassis Doors for DVC Systems ADDR-B4 B-Size Cabinet Door ADDR-C4 C-Size Cabinet Door ADDR-D4 D-Size Cabinet Door

  28. Quiz: Audio System Components Match the Digital Voice Command system component with a typical mounting location within the cabinet. Batteries ● Digital Audio Amplifier ● Microphone/Telephone Cage ● Central Processing Unit ● Digital Voice Command Module ● Main Power Supply ● Loop Modules ●

  29. EQ-Cabinet Series EQSBB-B4 / C4/ D4