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Know How to Manage Stress, Control Your Anger PowerPoint Presentation
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Know How to Manage Stress, Control Your Anger

Know How to Manage Stress, Control Your Anger

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Know How to Manage Stress, Control Your Anger

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  1. Welcome to ourOnline Anger ManagementProgram Valley Anger Management INC

  2. ☻Valley Anger Management INC☻ Valley Anger Management has been a name to reckon with, offering effective anger and stress management solutions to people of all age groups.

  3. ☼Anger Management Classes☼ We provide you the convenience of both online classes and regular classes in the sphere of Anger and Stress Control, Domestic Violence, Family Counseling, Executive Coaching and Workplace Training.

  4. Valley Anger Management follows a strategic approach and methodological way so that it helps a client to choose the best training program. The six levels of human behaviors which are used as parameters to obtain qualitative information about a client's level of fury and annoyance are as follows: - Means of dealing with anger - - Ways of managing stress - - Assertive communication skills - - Emotional intelligence - - Empathy - - Motivation to change - § Valley Anger Management, Inc.'s Method §

  5. Is too much stress eating up happiness from your life? Before stress and anxiety pangs ruin your life, get rid of these negative emotions. Without avoiding this grave issue, get hands-on knowledge about how you can combat stress via our well-planned classes and effective programs. What is Stress Management? ▬ Stress Management ▬

  6. Tens and thousands of people all over the world face high levels of stress, anger and anxiety almost on daily bases. With stress anger management classes for Los Angeles one can learn effective ways to cope with stress and anger. ☻Anger Management Classes☻

  7. Are you upset with your child’s sudden temper? Well, maximum parents find it hard to control teenage fury. It may seem difficult but is not. Anger management for teenagers is simple but should be tackled carefully. Teenage Anger Management

  8. Our anger management therapy training helps in building skills to control over your anger and stress. We are professional and have successfully managed in reducing domestic violence over USA. Join Online Training Program to Know How to Manage Stress, Control Your Anger

  9. Call Us – (818) 704 8116 (818) 984 9343 • Contact - 19737 Ventura Blvd. # 200B.Woodland Hills, CA 91364 • Email@ - Contact Details

  10. For More Details Please Visit@ Thank You