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How to Manage Work-Related Stress PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Manage Work-Related Stress

How to Manage Work-Related Stress

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How to Manage Work-Related Stress

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  1. How to Manage Work-Related Stress Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Advisory Jakarta Review Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Development Accra Review

  2. How to Manage Work-Related Stress

  3. One of people’s biggest problems is work-related stress. It may be because of a demanding boss, a mountain of workload or pressuring deadlines.

  4. Many people say stress is relative and natural but most people who undergo it would give anything just to get rid of it.

  5. Stress may trigger depression that may sometimes lead to health issues and sometimes, suicidal attempts.

  6. Michelle M. Conette, a blogger at Charles E. Kubly Foundation, states that stress is a well known contributor to mood, mental disorder and suicidal risks.

  7. In Japan, there are more and more people who attempts suicide annually because of work-related stress and depression.

  8. Most populous countries in the world have similar records of suicidal rates. In Indonesia, particularly Jakarta which placed 4th in the world’s biggest population, suicidal rate is 9.7%. China, which is recorded to top the chart, has 12.1% of annual suicidal rate.

  9. Experts say that South Korea, which ranked 6th in the chart of suicidal rate with 20.1%, has economic downfall to blame as a major factor for the increase of death rate in the country for the last couple of years since the recession in 1998.

  10. The businesses that have closed down, the lifestyle that cannot be met and the assurance of the job have disturbed the social standing of the individual.

  11. Those who cannot readjust and adapt are the ones who are likely to be victims of stress, pressure and depression.

  12. Stress has been a common factor for far more serious issues that may sometimes lead to the risk of a person’s life. Researchers had analyzed the causes of this issue and how to manage it.

  13. Avoid Unnecessary Stress Sometimes, individuals are the ones who cause themselves stress because of too much expectation to oneself.

  14. The statements, “I should finish this!”, “I have to do this or else”… These kinds of statements should be avoided. Calm down.

  15. Instead of saying these things and bursting out complaints in the end, why not be positive about it. Claim it like you mean it. Say instead, “I can do this”, “I can finish this”. Having this kind of mindset may lessen the pressure you have built in your system.

  16. Accept the Things You Can’t Change They always say that acceptance is the first step to every situation. There are a lot of people who fuss over things that they can’t control.

  17. Instead of focusing on these things, try to change your reaction about it. Instead of stressing over a deadline, focus on the time that you can maximize and do the task in front of you.

  18. It may be your procrastination, the though that the deadline is still far away, rather than the demand of the job that keeps you from reaching the deadline.

  19. Invest in Work Management Trainings Nobody stops learning. If you are nobody, then you can just allow yourself be swallowed by stress.

  20. As we earlier pointed out, stress is inevitable and normal in the work place. How to manage it well may be learnt from experience but there are also trainings and seminars you can attend to which can help you in dealing with everyday pressure of your work.

  21. Axis Human Capital, with a group of intelligent individuals, help individuals to be better equipped in the demands of the “real world”. With their human resource trainings, you can review your opportunities and work better in a stress-managed environment.

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