Chapter 13 humanitarian and peace stability operations
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Chapter 13 - Humanitarian and Peace/Stability Operations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 13 - Humanitarian and Peace/Stability Operations. Constitutional Limits. Does the constitution allow the president to send humanitarian aid/Peace keeping aid without authorization from Congress?

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Constitutional limits l.jpg
Constitutional Limits

  • Does the constitution allow the president to send humanitarian aid/Peace keeping aid without authorization from Congress?

  • Under the constitution, do you think the president has more authority to take military action or humanitarian action?

Statutory authority l.jpg
Statutory Authority


  • What does 10 U.S.C. §404. FOREIGN DISASTER ASSISTANCE allow?

  • Does these limit the president or extend his power?

Protection or provocation l.jpg
Protection or Provocation?

  • Which American citizens is the president protecting?

  • So, can the president hire Halliburton to deliver humanitarian aid, then send in troops to protect it?

  • Can the president also protect foreigners?

  • What are examples?

Somalia l.jpg

  • What crisis brought the UN into Somalia in 1992?

  • What did UN Resolution 794 provide for Somalia?

  • What was the initial US military involvement?

  • Did Congress support this?

  • Why did we go into Mogadishu?

  • What did the White House Counsel's office say was the core of the president's power to do this?

Battle of mogadishu october 1993 l.jpg
Battle of Mogadishu - October 1993

  • Black Hawk Down - 1993

  • What limits did Congress put in the appropriations bill after this?

  • What did the president do?

  • What was the impact of this on our response to the Rwandan Genocide - 1994

Foreign control of us troops l.jpg
Foreign Control of US Troops

  • What potential constitutional problem is posed by putting US troops under foreign control?

  • Can Congress constitutionally prevent the president from putting troops under foreign control, if it is otherwise allowed?

  • Does it matter whether the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan are characterized as humanitarian, rather than military?

What about pakistan l.jpg
What about Pakistan?

  • What is the threat?

  • How has the situation changed over the past 2 years?

  • Why are we so worried about Pakistan?

    • The bomb?

    • India?

  • Why does it make Afghanistan a secondary issue?