united states history and government regents n.
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United States History and Government Regents

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United States History and Government Regents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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United States History and Government Regents. Mr. J. Moniaci moniacij@vschsd.org http://mrjmoniaci.edublogs.org/. Course Introduction. United States History and Government Regents. Intro.

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united states history and government regents

United States History and Government Regents

Mr. J. Moniaci



course introduction
Course Introduction

United States History and Government Regents


United States History and Government is a chronologically organized one year course of study. The course traces the human experience in America from the founding of our nation to the present.

course description
Course Description
  • United States history is the history of a great experiment in representative democracy. The basic principles and core values expressed in the Declaration of Independence became the guiding ideas of our nation’s civic culture.
course description1
Course Description
  • Adoption of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights codified these principles, but, as the history of our nation shows, that document and its amendments represented only the first step in achieving equality and justice for all. United States history since the Declaration of Independence has witnessed continued efforts to apply these principles and values to all people.
course description2
Course Description
  • The course curriculum includes the major political, economic, and social trends in United States history. A significant portion of the course, moreover, will consist of social history. Students will examine the histories, perspectives, and contributions of all Americans and a wide range of human events, focusing on common people and everyday life.
  • The curriculum includes many examples that describe how individuals and groups throughout history have challenged and influenced public policy and constitutional change. These examples and this course of study should help students understand how ordinary citizens and groups of people interacted with lawmakers and policy makers to make a difference.
class procedures
Class Procedures

United States History and Government Regents

class guidelines
Class Guidelines
  • Be polite
  • Be prepared
  • Be on time
  • Be on task
  • Be a good listener
  • Be dismissed by Mr. Moniaci, NOT BY THE BELL
school guidelines
School Guidelines
  • All school guidelines must be followed and will be vigorously enforced accordingly.
  • An up-to-date list of school guidelines will be posted on the bulletin board nearest the classroom door.
required supplies to be brought to class daily
Required Supplies to be Brought to Class DAILY
  • Blue or black ink pens
  • # 2 pencils with clean erasers
  • Neon highlighters
  • Spiral notebook and folder or large three-ring binder
  • Loose leaf paper

Students’ marking period grades will be based on the following

  • Tests comprised of Regents level multiple choice questions, document based short-answer “scaffolding” questions, Document-Based Essay Questions (DBQs), and Thematic Essay Questions
  • Quizzes - both announced and unannounced (pop!) consisting of Regents level multiple-choice questions and/or document based short-answer “scaffolding” questions,
  • Homework assignments
  • Three to five tests will account for approximately sixty percent of the marking period grade, with quizzes and homework assignments accounting for the remainder. The Regents examination in June will count as one fifth of students’ final course average.
  • Homework will be assigned two to four times a week. Homework must be completed and handed in on the given due date to be considered for credit. Late assignments may NOT be turned in for credit.
missed work
Missed Work
  • Assignments must be turned in on the given due date. Students are responsible for making up all missed tests, quizzes, and assignments due to legal absences
  • Lateness, the cutting of class, and illegal absences automatically result in a zero that may NOT be made up
extra help
Extra Help
  • Extra help will be offered each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:43 pm to 3:13 pm in room 300.
  • Class assignments, class notes, links to primary source documents, and more can be accessed at http://mrjmoniaci.edublogs.org/