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Speed Cooking Technologies

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Speed Cooking Technologies. Jet-Impingement Technical Background Companies Involved in JIM Ovens JIM Ovens TurboChef. Technical Background. Technical Terms Hot Air Impinging on Food Applications and Advantages Temperature Profile Nusselt Number vs. Reynolds Number. Technical Terms.

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speed cooking technologies
Speed Cooking Technologies
  • Jet-Impingement
    • Technical Background
    • Companies Involved in JIM Ovens
    • JIM Ovens
  • TurboChef
technical background
Technical Background
  • Technical Terms
  • Hot Air Impinging on Food
  • Applications and Advantages
  • Temperature Profile
  • Nusselt Number vs. Reynolds Number
technical terms
Technical Terms
  • Jet impingement technology

Technology in which jets of gas or liquid are made to impinge on a desired product for faster heat transfer or faster chemical reactions

  • Jet impingement oven

Device used for baking and drying of food materials using jets of hot air at velocities (20-40 m/s) to impinge on the product

  • Jet-impingement Microwave (JIM) Oven

Ovens operated in jet-impingement mode and microwave mode either individually or in combination.

hot air jet impinging on food




Hot Air Jet-Impinging on Food

Jet of hot air impinging directly on food

applications and advantages
Applications and Advantages
  • Applications
    • Baking for pizza shells, crackers, matzo, cookies
    • Toasting for ready-to-eat cereals
    • Roasting for coffee beans
  • Advantages Over Other Technologies
    • Efficient heat transfer
    • Energy efficient
    • Uniform heating
    • Better moisture retention in food
temperature profile results from 3 impinging jets
Temperature Profile(Results from 3 Impinging Jets)

Source: M. Karwe, Rutgers University

nusselt number vs reynolds number
Nusselt Number vs. Reynolds Number

Source: M. Karwe, Rutgers University

companies involved in jim ovens
Companies Involved in JIM Ovens
  • Enersyst Development Center
  • KRh Thermal Systems
  • Thermador
  • Fujimak Incorporated
jim ovens
JIM Ovens
  • Enersyst Development Center
    • Enersyst Prototype JIM Oven
  • KRh Thermal Systems
    • KRh JIM Ovens
    • Hot Choice Systems
  • Thermador
    • Thermador JIM Oven
  • Fujimak Incorporated
    • Fujimak JIM Oven
enersyst development center
Enersyst Development Center
  • A research and development company whose main business is to develop and license its flagship jet-impingement technology
  • Licensees
    • KRh Thermal Systems
    • Thermador
    • A&W Restaurants
  • Acquired by Moseley Corporation as an independently operated subsidiary in late 1999
moseley corporation
Moseley Corporation
  • Parent company of Enersyst Development Center
  • A full service provider of merchandising solutions and consulting services for leading international corporations and emerging entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry
  • Located at Franklin, Massachusetts
  • Appears to be a small private company (limited information available in the Internet)
  • http://www.moseleycorp.com/
enersyst prototype jim oven
Enersyst Prototype JIM Oven
  • Prototype JIM oven developed by Enersyst for the NASA space station

Source: NASA

krh thermal systems
KRh Thermal Systems
  • Major Products
    • KRh Thermal Systems JIM Ovens
    • Hot Choice System
  • Company Profile
    • A limited liability company managed by Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics and ThermalTech Development Inc.
    • Located at Irvine, California
    • http://www.krhthermal.com/
kaiser aerospace and electronics
Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics
  • A U.S. defense contractor
  • About 1200 employees and $226 million annual sales
  • A partner of KRh Thermal Systems
  • http://www.kaiseraerospace.com/
thermaltech development inc
ThermalTech Development Inc.
  • A marketing and development company for KRh Thermal Systems
  • Directed by a consortium of business leaders, including a number of executives from Fortune 500 companies
  • Appears to be a very small company with just a few employees
krh thermal systems jim ovens
KRh Thermal Systems JIM Ovens
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Rotating turntable
  • Programmable temperatures to 450 F
  • May be stacked to 3 high
  • Venting hood usually not required
  • Manufactured by KRh

Source: KRh Thermal Systems

hot choice system

Hot Choice System

A food service system marketed by KRh Systems

components of hot choice system
Components of Hot Choice System
  • Vending Machine
  • Menu Strategy
  • Partnership with Food Manufacturers
  • Packaging

Source: KRh Thermal Systems

exterior components hot choice vending machine
Exterior Components (Hot Choice Vending Machine)
  • (A) Customer display
  • (B) Bill acceptor
  • (C) Coin changer/return
  • (D) Selection buttons
  • (E) Price display
  • (F) Delivery port

Source: KRh Thermal Systems

interior components hot choice vending machine
Interior Components (Hot Choice Vending Machine)
  • (H) Control board
  • (I) Inventory System
  • (J) Freezer deliver door
  • (K) Food transfer system
  • (L) Power supply box
  • (M) Condenser unit
  • (N) KRh oven

Source: KRh Thermal Systems

food transfer system hot choice vending machine
Food Transfer System (Hot Choice Vending Machine)
  • Food package moves from the inventory freezer (I) to the transfer system (K)
  • Food package is "de-sleeved" and transferred in a tray into the oven (N)
  • Food is transferred out of the oven, re-sleeved, and placed in the Food Delivery Port (G)

Source: KRh Thermal Systems

krh oven hot choice vending machine
KRh Oven (Hot Choice Vending Machine)
  • Air impingement browns and crisps the outside of the food, while the microwave heats the inside

Source: KRh Thermal Systems

sample cooking times hot choice systems
Sample Cooking Times(Hot Choice Systems)

Source: KRh Thermal Systems

menu strategy hot choice systems
Menu Strategy(Hot Choice Systems)
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch/Light Meals
  • Snacks
  • Selection Factors
    • High perceived value
    • Excellent quality
    • Board based consumer appeal
breakfast hot choice systems
BreakfastHot Choice Systems
  • Egg and sausage sandwich
  • Raspberry croissant
  • Breakfast pocket and potato stix

Source: KRh Thermal Systems

lunch and light meals hot choice systems
Lunch and Light MealsHot Choice Systems
  • Deluxe pan pizza
  • Golden chicken strip
  • Smoked turkey and chicken calzone
  • Grilled bacon cheeseburger
  • Grilled chicken sandwich

Source: KRh Thermal Systems

snacks hot choice systems
SnacksHot Choice Systems
  • Crinkle cut fries
  • Soft pretzel

Source: KRh Thermal Systems

packaging system hot choice systems
Packaging SystemHot Choice Systems
  • Package size: 6" x 4 7/8" x 1 ¼“
  • Product dimensions: 4 ½" x 3 ½" x 1"
  • Case size: 15 ¼" x 12 ½" x 5 9/16"
  • Case count: 24 items
  • Sleeve: 24# paperboard with poly coating on the inside and outside
  • Shelf-life: six month
food manufacturers of hot choice
Food Manufacturers of Hot Choice
  • J. R. Simplot Company
  • Michael Angelo's
  • Cousins' Foods
  • Buddy's Kitchens
  • Brakebush Brothers
    • Http://www.brakebush.com/
j r simplot company
J. R. Simplot Company
  • One of Hot Choice Systems’ food manufacturer partners
  • Annual revenues are approximately $2.8 billion, derived principally from food processing, fertilizer manufacturing, agriculture, and related businesses.
  • Major food products: potatoes, vegetables and fruits
  • http://www.simplot.com/
  • Company Profile
  • Thermador JIM Oven
  • http://www.thermador.com/home.cfm
thermador jim oven
Thermador JIM Oven
  • Marketed as CJ Oven by Thermador
  • Features
    • 30” wide
    • 700 watt built-in microwave
    • CookSmart™ automatically converts the time and temperature of recipes
  • CJ Oven versus Normal Oven

Source: Thermador

fujimak incorporated
Fujimak Incorporated
  • Company Profile
    • Kitchen cooking equipment manufacturer
    • Established in 1950
    • Located in Toyo, Japan
    • 2 factories, about 1000 employees
  • Fujimak JIM Oven
  • http://www.fujimak.co.jp/en/
fujimak jim oven
Fujimak JIM Oven
  • Marketed as “Super Jet Heating System” by Fujimak
  • Width 570 mm length 625 mm height 540 mm
  • 6 KW power

Source: Fujimak

turbochef heating mechanism
TurboChefHeating Mechanism
  • Air is forced across a heating element by a powerful blower
  • Heated air is then pushed into and pulled out of the oven cavity
  • The push-pull combination forms a hot-air wrap around the food creating even browning and moisture retention
  • Microwave energy is combined with the hot air to speed the cooking process
turbochef jenn air accellis 5xp
TurboChefJenn-Air Accellis 5XP
  • Assistant Jenn-Air Brand Manager Gareth Morgan shows off the new Jenn-Air Accellis 5XP wall oven. The oven, the first to feature Maytag's exclusive "rapid cook" technology, can cook a three-pound chicken in under 20 minutes. (AP)
turbochef intelligent cooking feature
TurboChefIntelligent Cooking Feature
  • Employs proprietary hardware and software technologies to "cook-to-order" a variety of foods very rapidly
  • Use a microprocessor to control the cooking processes to ensure consistent quality and also has the ability to communicate with users and service personnel over computer networks and the Internet
turbochef company profile
TurboChefCompany Profile
  • Design, develop, assemble and market high-speed commercial cooking systems for foodservice industry
  • Strategic alliance with Maytag
  • Located in Dallas, Texas
  • 50 employees
turbochef financial summary
TurboChefFinancial Summary
  • Nasd aq symbol: TRBO
  • For the nine months ended 9/30/00, revenues increased 52% to $5.4 million.Net loss increased 1% to $7.4 million. Results reflect an increase in research and development revenues pursuant to the commercial license agreement with Maytag, offset by increased marketing expenses associated with the Company's new C-3 counter top