w a y s t o i m p r o v e o u r e n v i r o n m e n t by antara b n.
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W a y s t o I m p r o v e o u r E n v i r o n m e n t By - Antara B

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W a y s t o I m p r o v e o u r E n v i r o n m e n t By - Antara B - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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W a y s t o I m p r o v e o u r E n v i r o n m e n t By - Antara B. W a t e r P o l l u t i o n. There are many solutions to solving the earths shortage of fresh water. I have been thinking what if everyone worked together to solve these problems.

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w a y s t o i m p r o v e o u r e n v i r o n m e n t by antara b
Ways to Improve



By- Antara B

w a t e r p o l l u t i o n

There are many solutions to solving the earths shortage of fresh water.

I have been thinking what if everyone worked together to solve these problems.

There are many basic solutions that not many people around the world are really trying to do. For example people could take one shower per day.

You could also not keep water running while you brush.

A few washing machine brands have made washing machines that use a lot less water then usual to clean your clothes.

Another big thing that you can do is to not throw as much waste or trash down toilets. It will help by keeping more clean drinking water for us.

Do NOT pollute, pollution affects the health of the environment, and the environment holds clean drinking water.

There are many little flows of fresh water, many people are already struggling to survive and they are getting there water sources from the ground water flows.

Try not to dump oil or paints down the drain or the sink.

a i r p o l l u t i o n

Here are some ideas for prevention of air pollution, and for keeping our air clean.

First , try to avoid using scented markers when coloring, doing this will not get unnecessary scents or pollution into the air.

You can carpool to school or afterschool activities with friends or your neighbors. This will put less gas into the air.

Also, if something is close by or you are going to a friends house you can bike there or use a scooter. You could also take a jog or a walk.

Do not smoke.

Shop by phone or mail instead of using a car to drive to astore or a mall.

Try to not burn fuel, only if it is really necessary.

Use any public transportation to travel around, it saves fuel and it makes less pollution.

Use a lawnmower that you have to push instead of g ones with motors that use gas.

You could also try not to do as many barbecues, the gas pollutes the air.

Instead of using a leaf blower rake up leaves with a rake. You can also use this idea when snow falls, do not use a snow machine that rakes up snow and use a snow shovel or wiper.

Keep your car up to date, it eliminates up to a billion pounds of carbon dioxide that willgo into the air.

w a s t e

There will be so much waste in the future that we cannot breath or survive.

Here is an idea for stopping yourself from using so much waste, recycle all of the old paper.

You can also donate old cars or sell them if you have to, but do not just dump all of your old trash in old landfill. You do not need to make the land on the earth suffer with all of our waste.

Buy recyclable products.

Before you buy something think if you really do need it.

Take your own bags when you go to the grocery store.

Try to stop unwanted mail, that wastes paper and then you throw it away and it creates more trash and land pollution.

You can buy fruits and vegetables that are not pre packed, or try to resist pre packed or layered items.

Think, can I recycle this item after I am done? Or can I recycle the packaging later?

Choose or buy reusable items.

You can rent or borrow items that you do not always use from a friend or company.

If you have items that cannot be recycled, be creative use them in a project for school or a craft.

g l o b a l w a r m i n g s a v i n g e n e r g y
Global warming/saving energy

As you know, global warming is the increase in climate.

Global warming is mainly the cause of our waste and all of our other pollutions.

Saving energy and oil is easy, you can do simple things like turn of the lights when you really don’t need them on.

You could use solar panels for renewing energy and using the suns light for your energy.

Buy energy sufficient supplies for your house.

Watch less TV, it saves energy. Instead go play with a friend or read a book.

Buy more fresh food than frozen food. Doing this helps because frozen food takes ten times more energy to make.

Plant a tree or a garden for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do not leave any appliances on the mode of standby.

As you can see global warming is affected by many different and simple things. But just a few can stop it.

m o r e i d e a s
More ideas

Some overall ways that are totally different and that can go in multiple topics, like.

Using a clothes line to dry clothes.

Only use a drycleaner when it will be full.

Take a shower instead of a bath. Showers are less energy consuming and they also use less water.

Use less hot water, it is energy consuming to make any water hot. Use cold water more often.

Adjust your thermostat by increasing it by 2 degrees in the summer and decreasing it by 2 degrees in the winter.

Do not turn on your heater, wear a blanket or a sweater instead.

Copy and print on both sides of a paper.

You do not need to turn on lights during the day, set aside your curtains and use the sun as a light.

Use reusable plates, forks, spoons, and knives instead of disposables.

Unplug appliances that are seldom used.

t h e e n d

As you can see, it is very simple to save our natural environment, the earth.

Doing just a few of these simple things can do so much for us and our planet.

Thank you for watching my presentation and listening to all of my ideas, I hope you will take them into consideration.