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if you are not in china you are not in the game l.
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Agent Selection

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Agent Selection
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Agent Selection

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  1. IF YOU ARE NOT IN CHINA YOU ARE NOT IN THE GAME! International Agent Selection

  2. ABOUT CHINA The “big market”with a population of 1.3 billion people. A deep and economic reform gives way to new business opportunities. China’s cost are typically 20-30% lower than India. Is the fastest growing economy in the world at a 10% rate annually. A technological stronghold in the country can in time become a beachhead for future expanded business development. The university system is projected to produce 5m graduates by year. The rapid urbanisation will be continue for the next years.

  3. BUSINESS IN CHINA More than 27,000 projects from foreigns countries worked in 2008. More than 640,000 foreign- financed enterprises has approved in China. At the end of 2008 has been approved 16 cities and 4 demonstration zones in 4 groups as the base cities for China ‘s service outsourcing industry. Since 1992, total 14 border and economic cooperation zones have received approval from the State Council of China. Thousands of chain’s stores and franchises are growing by year. The philosophy of outsourcing service has been deeply popularized between companies. China will be the “port”of the global economy. Multinational corporations, would take China as an important operation and delivery center.

  4. OUT SOURCING China's accession to the WTO in 2001 and the success of Beijing's holding for the 2008 Olympic Games has boosted China's economic reforms drive and has opened a huge market to the world. Many economists speculate that China could become the world's largest economy at some point in the near future. The China market offers both foreign and domestic companies and strong potential for growth for the short and long terms. China’ s outsourcing industry has become increasingly dispersed regionally. Due to the cost increase in primary cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, service providers are moving their operations to 2-tier cities. At present, all major offshore outsourcing service providers in China have established themselves in cities such as Nanjing, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Wuhan, which has somewhat alleviated the pressure of rising salaries. This tendency is likely to grow in the years ahead. At the moment, China’ s outsourcing market is still centered in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou; bridged by the international ports of Dalian and Shenzhen; and supported by Nanjing, Xian, Chengdu, and Wuhan. This year compared with 2007, China’s service outsourcing enterprises have got remarkable improvements in scale, capability and overall amount which would certainly bring the advance of China’s position in the global outsourcing industry, and further promote the growth of the whole industry.

  5. OUR COMPANY Devott Co. Ltd. (former Chinasourcing Co. Ltd.) is the primary consulting company focused on the offshore service outsourcing industry of China. With the support of its extensive industry resources and experiences, in depth-industry understanding and international expert team, Devott provides portal, consulting and one-stop outsourcing solutions to our clients. Devott is running two portal websites: • Chinaccess is the portal for China market entry. It plays as a gate for global companies to get know China and enter China market. The website integrates information on China economic news, laws and policies, investment environment, legal process, etc. Through which we offer a one-stop market entry solution to assist our clientsfor their success in China. • • Chinasourcing is the first and only portal website for China’s offshore outsourcing industry which mainly plays as a platform for online transaction connecting overseas buyers and Chinese service providers. The portal website integrates functions of project transaction, industry news & information release, provider directory, industry service and report publications, etc. Up until Feb.2009, over 4200 outsourcing companies located in 26 countries have registered on the website and become our members. •


  7. OUR SERVICES Outsourcing Projects Process Consulting GLOBAL PRESENCE Headquarted at TEDA of Tianjin, China, now Devott owns 8 representatives offices in Shanghai, Australia, USA, Canada, Latin America, Italy, UK and India. We offer one-stop outsourcing project process management consulting services for global outsourcers considering outsourcing to China. • Services include: • Project analysis & feasibility study • Market research • Provider selecting & evaluation • Due diligence • Business negotiation • Transition support • Risk management • Quality assurance China Market Entry Consulting Advisory services for overseas outsourcing suppliers want to expand to China, such as ODC/office/branch setup; JV/Acquisition, etc. • Services include: • China market research • China strategy formulating • Implementation service • Market service • Back office service

  8. OUR SERVICES Outsourcing Services • China Market Outsourcing • Business Process Outsourcing • Human Resource Outsourcing • Finance and Accounting Outsourcing • Others Industry Research • Research & Consulting • China Market Entry • Market Service • Company Formation • Human Resource Outs. Service: staffing, recreuitment, work Visa, In-country solution • Accounting service • Legal/Litigation • Virtual Assistant China Market Service • Document Outsourcing: data conversion, digitalization & imaging • Contact Center: customer acquisition, customer support, data service, etc. • Research & Analysis: internet, financial and equity research • Website Outsourcing: web desig, translation, portal running, IT supoort Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


  10. AGENT SELECTION 1. Where?

  11. 2. Skills 3. Responsabilities Progressive businessmen, looking for growth • Find companies in your region, which are interested in outsourcing theirs projects, process, tasks to China. • Also companies interested in China market entry. • Identify new business opportunities we can work together. • Manage all ongoing projects in your region. • Negotiate project & contract details. • Client relationship maintenance. • Send reports of your region. Minimum: English spoken and well written. Preferral knowledge of China: visits, business, etc. Willing to actively participate in the network. Strenght to collaborative culture. Background history in international business. Willing to adopt our culture and business philosopy.

  12. 4. Remmuneration • A general commision. • Extra Bonus commisision depending of the profits. • All the information will be sent you after received your CV. • Agent system will be a virtual team. • We think a “virtual team” is any team where regular face-to-face contact is difficult or impossible, due to: • Time zones • Geography 5. The virtual team.

  13. CONTACT USAdress: Office Headquarter:3rd.FloorSouth Wing, Software BuildingTianda Science Park, 80 Fourth Ave.TEDA, Tianjin, 300457P.R. China Websites: www.devott.comwww.chnsourcing.comwww.china-access.comContact: Maximiliano Malamed maximiliano.malamed@chnsourcing.comTel.: +86 22 66211566 Fax: +86 22 66211568