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Blaenbaglan Woods

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Blaenbaglan Woods
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Blaenbaglan Woods

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  1. Blaenbaglan Woods Strigidae Vulpes Vulpes Apodemus Bufo Fox Foxes are shy, and also nocturnal. There is a family living in the woods. Can you spot it? Mouse Mice are small, furry creatures that live in nests. They like to eat seeds and nuts, and are very shy. Toad Toads are like large frogs, that love mud. Can you spot the toad hiding the bog? Owl Owls are nocturnal birds; this means they are asleep in the trees in the day and are awake at night! Red Squirrel The red squirrel is a British squirrel who loves climbing in the trees and uses its bushy tail to keep its balance. It eats acorns and seeds and berries. They are very shy of humans! Devil’s Coachman The Devil’s Coachman is a type of beetle, that looks like a scorpion but is actually quite harmless! They live in the woodland in the school. Sciurus vulgaris

  2. Blaenbaglan Meadow Osmia Ribifloris Equus ferus caballus Coccinellidae Ladybird Bee Bees are small flying creatures, with yellow and black stripes. They collect pollen from the flowers and use it to make honey! Horse Horses are big, strong animals and usually live on farms. They eat oats, grass and plants and humans like to ride them! Ladybirds are small red or yellow insects with black spots. People say the spots represent how old they are! How old is yours?