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Garrison Woods !. Maximilian L, Vanessa K, Maxime C et Daphney E. Vanessa’s answers. Environmental 1/6. In our community we have lots of parks . These are environmentally preserved . T he parks serve as a useful enviroment for the younger children in the community.

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garrison woods


Maximilian L, Vanessa K, Maxime C et Daphney E.

environmental 1 6
Environmental 1/6

In ourcommunitywe have lots of parks. These are environmentallypreserved. Theparks serve as a usefulenviroment for the youngerchildren in the community.

environmental 2 6
Environmental 2/6

In arenaswe have a machine called a brinethatkeeps the arena cold. Because of the specific machine that hey use the air in the communityis not as polluted as otherswouldbe .

environmental 3 6
Environmental 3/6

We have the bluerecyclingbin program that the municipal government supplies to every house.

environmental 4 6
Environmental 4/6

Our municipalityisfacing global warming.

environmental 5 6
Environmental 5/6

New roads are beingbuilt and thereis lots of construction beingdone to increacehouses in the neighbourhood.

environmental 6 6
Environmental 6/6

Whatkind of construction isgoing on, traffic issues, sewer and water infrastructure.

social 2 8
Social 2/8

The population has changedrecentlybecause of the factthatthereis the recession and the economic boom.

social 7 8
Social 7/8

We have a walk-inclinicjustoutside the community for thosewhoneed it.

political 1 6
Political 1/6

Yes, becausethere are more people whowant to bemayor, alderman, etc.

political 2 6
Political 2/6

Lots of people deserve to bemayor but I think the mayorwe have nowdeserves to bemayor.

political 3 6
Political 3/6

The municipal council has to makesome of the streetswider. Thecommunityagreeswith it because it willmake the trafficlessdifficult.

political 4 6
Political 4/6

You cancommunicatewith the council by mailing a letter or forming an assembly. It iseasy to find and use it.

political 5 6
Political 5/6

Theyworktogether on creating new streets, making new c-train passages, makingrules for parking and controlling police and fire.

political 6 6
Political 6/6

It’s important to know about:

Their new objectives.


Their new budget.

social 1 8
Social 1/8

The population is 1,062,310.

social 8 8
Social 8/8

There are lots of houses for sale and it’s a good place for kids and it’s close to MRU so lots of universitystudents live here.

technological 1 6
Technological 1/6

Somecommunities and municipalities have cafés with computers.

technological 2 6
Technological 2/6

Yes, it’seasy and it has businesses and politicalstuff.

technological 3 6
Technological 3/6

Yesbecausewekeeptrack of everything. If there’s a problem, we know about it. You can call 3-1-1 if youneed info.

technological 4 6
Technological 4/6

People know toomuch and people getworried.

technological 5 6
Technological 5/6

A new way to give information.

technological 6 6
Technological 6/6

The system and the activities.

social 3 8
Social 3/8

The economybecause people buyhouses, get jobs and alwayswant more.

social 4 8
Social 4/8

Community centres and city halls.

social 5 8
Social 5/8

Communitymembersvolunteer a greatamount, for example, arrangingeventssuch as cul-de-sac parties, cleaning up dog poop in the local parkwithneighbours, a Stampede pancake breakfast, communityorganizationssuch as Cubs, Scouts and sport clubs. Volunteerismisthriving in thiscommunity.

social 6 8
Social 6/8

The communityadvertisesits social programs and services by putting up posters and roadsidesigns, putting advertisements in the « South Calgary Scanner » or other local newsletters and directories and goingdoor-to-door.

economic 1 8
Economic 1/8

In GarrisonWoods, people’s occupations are: designer, doctor, coach, pilot, engineer, physiotherapist, chef, social worker, nurse, civil servant, oil and gasproducer, universitystudent, video store clerk, restaurant waiter, hairstylist, librarian, etc.,etc.,etc.

economic 2 8
Economic 2/8

There are some « help wanted » signs up in stores but not verymany. It isstilleasy for people to find a job. Many people workoutside the communityincludingdoctors. Most people workdowntown.

economic 3 8
Economic 3/8

The onlyprojects I know about are the apartment building and stripmallthatisbeingbuilt in Marda Loop and the arenathatisbeingadded to the Centennialarenas. There are lots of new homes beingbuilt.

economic 4 8
Economic 4/8

A plan for the future is to renovate the littleparkthreedoors down frommy home. This wouldbenefitmanychildrenbecausetheywould have more room to play. There are some homes that are planning renovations in the area. The home renovationswillbenefit the families. The whole city willbenefitfromaddingarenas and recreationcenters.

economic 5 8
Economic 5/8

The types of houses in GarrisonWoods are varied. For examplethere are: apartments, townhouses, single family homes, condos, a senior citizencomplex. Therefore, people have many options for places to live. Because of rising house prices, there are many for sale signs up right now.

economic 6 8
Economic 6/8

There willbe new businesses starting up when the apartment and stripmall open. There was a good french restaurant namedJojo’s, but that restaurant has moved… to Morocco! Some businesses close, but just as manytaketheir place. In general, GarrisonWoodsisgrowing. We could use a good toboganning hill and more restaurants.

economic 7 8
Economic 7/8

There are some challenges that the residents of Garrisonwoods are facingat the moment. Manyresidentswork in the oil and gasindustry and risk losingtheir jobs.

economic 8 8
Economic 8/8

Sometimes people have parties lateat night, but otherthanthat, it’s a quiet and calmcommunity.

garrison woods awards
  • Best community (Calgary Region home builders association)
  • Best innovation (Calgary Region home builders association)
  • Award of excellence-environmental design (Alberta association of Canadian institute of planners)
  • Comprehensive planning award (Real propertyinstitute of Canada)
garrison woods awards1
  • Best practices award (Real propertyinstitute of Canada)
  • Award of merit (Alberta institute of planners)
  • Honoraward for planning excellence (Canadian institute of planners)
  • Grand SAM award (Canadian home builders association)
interview with paul

Interview with Paul

Resident and doctor.

interview with renata

Interview with Renata.

Resident, SCCA member and designer.