The difference between mass murderers and serial killers
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The Difference between Mass Murderers and Serial Killers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Difference between Mass Murderers and Serial Killers. Valerie Leang. Purpose.

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The purpose of this topic is to inform and differentiate between mass murderers and serial killers. What makes them difference and what makes them so alike. Why is it important to learn and also why is it a social issue.


What is the difference between mass murderers and serial killers? A serial killer is one person alone who murders three or more victims, but each killing is at a separate occasion with a cooling off period in between. The murders are well planned and victims are carefully selected, or even sometimes the killers do not know their victims. Some serial killers usually stay in one area, and others travel around.

A mass murderer kills four or more people. Typically, a mass murderer kills at one location during one continuous period of time, whether it is a few minutes or over a period of days. Mass murderers commit many killings all at once. Terrorism and government sanctioned murder often are considered to be mass murder.

Mass murderers and serial killers are alike in many ways. They simply have one motive, and that is to kill. They kill a large body number of people.

Relevancy to society
Relevancy to Society

Mass murderers and serial killers are relevant to society because it often happens every day and anywhere. You do not know how they look like or who they are. Murderers typically range at any age. You could be sitting next to a person who is convicted of murder and not know about it.


So, in conclusion murderers and killers can be everywhere. Their only common characteristic is to kill.  Mass murderers typically kill a large group of people all at once, whereas serial killers are often much more selective with their targets. A serial killer could spend months trying to find the right individual to kill, and can have cooling off periods between murders. The victims often all share a trait, something that has important symbolic meaning to the murderer.


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