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Name :------------------------ Class 5/. 12. G-Choose the correct answers: 1- Ants ……………… - are not social insects. - have lived since the time of dinosaurs. 2- Where can we often find an ant nest? - Under a log or rock. - Near tall trees. 3- ……………………… help the queen ant.

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Name class 5


Class 5/


Name class 5

  • G-Choose the correct answers:

  • 1- Ants ………………

  • - are not social insects.

  • -have lived since the time of dinosaurs.

  • 2- Where can we often find an ant nest?

  • -Under a log or rock.

  • -Near tall trees.

  • 3- ……………………… help the queen ant.

  • - Old ants.

  • - Young ants.

Dear Parents:

Please make sure that your son/daughter can read the words mentioned in each page before reading.


If your child is going to read p.1 to p.3, he/she has to read the main vocabulary in each page before reading the story.


Name class 5

  • E-Answer the following questions:

  • 1- What makes ants social animals?Ants are social animals, as they live , work and solve their problems together.

  • 2. Why is an ant one of the strongest animals on earth?

  • It is one of the strongest animals, because the ant can carry a seed5 times its weight.

  • 3. Name the three animals that eat ants.

  • Anteater, lizards and birds.

  • F-Use the word in a sentence:

  • dig:He digs a hole to hide the toy.

  • Page 2

  • social: how people live together

  • dig: to make a hole by removing soil

  • beneath: under

  • Page 3

  • chamber: a room

  • Page 5

  • tunnel: a passage that goes under the ground or through a hill

  • Page 8

  • release: to let go


Name class 5

  • C-Match each word with its meaning:

  • social: - to let go

  • beneath: - under

  • release: - a room

  • chamber: - how people live together

  • D-Use the word in a good sentence:

  • chamber:An ant nest has some chambers.

Ants have been alive since the time of the dinosaurs.

Ants are important insects because they move soil, eat bugs, and they are larger in number than other insects. An ant is one of the strongest animals on earth because it can carry a seed five times its weight.



Name class 5

  • A-Choose the correct words from the box to complete the following sentences:

  • 1- The train goes through a tunnel in the mountain.

  • 2- We had a picnic beneath a large tree.

  • 3- I like to dig into the sand with my hands.

  • 4- Cars release carbon dioxide in the air.

  • B-Use this word in a sentence:

  • beneath:He hid his ball beneath the table.

They live in social groups and work together

to solve their problems.

like people.

Ants build their homes underground. They dig to form an anthill. Beneath the anthill there is the ant nest. The nests are often built beneath a rock or log.

dig – tunnel – release - beneath



Name class 5

Leafcutter ants take the leaves to the nest to recycle them, and release nutrients into the ground that help the plants grow.

Small nests have only one chamber. Large nests have thousands of chambers. All the nests protect ants, eggs, and food from weather and other animals.



Name class 5

Ants spend their lives working together. They begin their working lives by cleaning themselves, then they start sharing food and licking each other. They are all active and they work until they die .

Sometimes ants are not safe even in their own homes because the giant anteater can open an ant nest in minutes and eat 20000 ants in one meal. The giant anteater’s body is designed to eat ants. It is slow and has no teeth. It has strong claws to dig through hard dirt, and a sticky long tongue.



Name class 5

The world is a dangerous place for ants. There are many kinds of animals that eat ants, such as lizards, birds, and ant lions.

Young ants work in the nest, helping the queen ant, and digging tunnels. Other ants search for food, protect the nest, and dig more tunnels.