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Tough Questions . Nov. 22 nd , 2009. Announcements. We will meet next Sunday as usual Mission trip location change Orlando!!! No Bible Study next week Play practice after meeting tonight. The question so many have asked…. Why can’t women be priests?.

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Tough questions

Tough Questions

Nov. 22nd, 2009


  • We will meet next Sunday as usual

  • Mission trip location change

    • Orlando!!!

  • No Bible Study next week

  • Play practice after meeting tonight

The question so many have asked
The question so many have asked…..

Why can’t women be priests?

Tough questions

  • Couldn’t women give great homilies?

    • YES!

  • Would some people prefer to confess to a women instead of a man?

    • YES!

Explaining why
Explaining why

  • Who established the Priesthood?

    • JESUS

  • Who does Jesus ordain as priests?

    • His apostles, all of whom were men

  • Jesus established an all male priesthood.

Digging deeper again
Digging Deeper again

  • Was Jesus afraid to break traditions?

    • Not at all.

  • Did Jesus only ordain men due to the customs of his day?

    • NO, He was not afraid to break Jewish traditions.

Quote of the day
Quote of the Day

  • ......the fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, received neither the mission proper to the Apostles nor the ministerial priesthood clearly shows that the non-admission of women to priestly ordination cannot mean that women are of lesser dignity, nor can it be construed as a discrimination against them. Rather, it is to be seen as the faithful observance of a plan to be ascribed to the Wisdom of the Lord of the Universe.

Who said it
Who Said it?

John Paul II

Understanding why
Understanding why

  • But whydidn’t Jesus ordain womenas priests?

    • Lets try to understand


  • Jesus was a…..?

    • Man

  • Remember, a priest performs the sacraments inpersona Christi

    • In the personof Jesus Christ

The church
The Church

  • We are the Church, and the Church is…….?

    • Female

    • The Bride of Christ

Why is the church feminine
Why is the Church feminine?

  • Because she is like a mother.

  • Like a mother with her child, she nourishes us within herself

    • Feeds us the Sacraments

    • Providesus with a community to grow in


  • Its all about marriage

    • Jesus marries His Bride, the Church

    • Priests marry the Church in the example of Jesus

Men and women
Men and Women

  • God made us men and women

    • Equal

    • But not the same

  • Men and Women compliment each other.

    • Make each other whole

    • And together we follow God’s plan.

Traditional perspective
Traditional Perspective

  • We have been discussing the philosophy of the priesthood, as well as men and women.

  • For the traditional/historical perspective on the priesthood see our Facebook page or the blog!


And now
And Now….

  • Think of a question you may have about the Catholic Church, or of a question that someone has asked you about your faith and you couldn’t answer.

  • Write down your question(s) on an index card.

  • When you’re finished fold it and place it in the CHRISTmas Stocking 