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Enviromental ideas

Enviromental ideas

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Enviromental ideas

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  2. Everything in our surrounding water, air, trees, natural resources… is our environment.Our planet has many ecological problems.

  3. OZONE HOLE • This satellite photograph shows the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica.The hole is pink. • The ozone layer stops some of the UV radiation from the sun. • Too much ultraviolet radiation causes sunburn and skin cancer.

  4. CFCs in the atmosphere have caused the hole. Scientists first discovered the hole in 1982, and it is getting bigger. Thirty per cent of CFCs come from aerosol cans, thirty per cent from fridges and air conditioning, and thirty per cent from the manufacture of some plastic products.

  5. THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT • During the last 100 years we have produced a huge amounth of carbon dioxide. • The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere works like the glass in a greenhouse.

  6. Where does the carbon dioxide come from? • People and animals breathe in oxygen, and breath out carbon dioxide. • Trees take carbon dioxide from the air, and produced oxygen. • We produced carbon dioxide when we burn coal, oil,petrol,gas..or wood. • In the last few years people have burned huge areas of rain forest. • This means there are fewer trees,and,of course,more carbon dioxide.

  7. A hotter earth Scientists think the greenhouse effect will make the world hotter. • The scientists from NASA have been observing the temperature changes of the Earth through the satellites for more than 18 years. The data show us increasing tendency of the land surface temperature in average: 0,43 degrees C per 10 years. • It is caused because some areas are getting warm more, some less and in some regions in north America and Asia the climate was continually getting colder.

  8. Acid rains • Substances such as SO2 a NO can cause major changes in the enviromental.These substances mix with water vapour in the atmosphere and form sulphuric acid and nitric acid. • Sunlight turns these acids into poisonous oxidants which fall in the form of rain (acid rain) or snow onto trees and gradually kill them.

  9. The situation in the Czech republic • The worst problem is air pollution. • Factories fill the air with smelly and dangerous smoke. In parts of country especially in Norhtern Bohemia,Prague and around Ostrava people have many health problems. • Next big problem is destruction of nature.Industry and increasing population have destroyed many forests this problem is called deforestation.

  10. Thank you for your attention • The biggest source of information: • • • •