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Casino Plex review

Casino Plex review

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Casino Plex review

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  1. Welcome to Casino Plex, an online casino website which, thankfully, actually has some information on the landing page that might make you consider actually signing up for an account. Bare with us, we shall explain. We’ve been doing this online casino reviewing gig for some time now – just call us wager obsessives with nowhere to go and a lot of time to fill. Anyway, you would be amazed at the number of sites that think it’s OK to prompt a download without actually giving you any insight into what kind of games, and types of games, are actually featured in the set up. All hail whoever built this one, then, because it’s actually pretty logical. Dull Layout Sadly, though, first impressions are slightly marred, but for very different reasons. When the site first loads up you’ll see that there is a top blue banner, with the casino brand name and logo displayed. It’s not exactly the most inspiring web design we have ever come across, although that’s really besides the point. Ultimately what you’re here for is to play games and win big, and it’s safe to say that those responsible for putting this together are on to something in terms of how to display this. It’s not like we haven’t seen the same tactics before, only this time it’s a little different. So, in the middle of the screen you’ll see a picture box, which changes every couple of seconds. This shows you different types of game that are on offer, and different promotions that are available as rewards for doing different things. So that could be depositing cash on the weekend, or simply making your first bet. Below all that things start to get really clever- there are logos for different games, each with a rolling ticker displaying how much is currently in the jackpot. Talk about prompting you to get involved in a specific game at a certain time- this is basically like saying ‘miss it miss out’. Beneath these you’ll see a menu which allows you to click through to different types of game, ‘Slots’, ‘Live Dealer’, ‘Arcade’, ‘Scratch Cards’, Table Games’, ‘Video Poker’, and ‘Jackpot’. Intro over, let’s look at what these each mean. So. Many. Games. That’s right, if there’s something to be said about Casino Plex it’s the fact that there are, quite literally, so many games on offer it’s a little overwhelming. Well, it would be if you weren’t already sick of rubbishy casinos offering very little by way of variety or game types. Most are self-explanatory, and most are found on other websites of this kind. In fact, there’s nothing here that you won’t have seen before, but don’t let that put you off – the standard is what’s important, and the standard is very high overall. We’ve always been massive fans of slots- call it a hangover from our days as bar flies pumping coins into actual real life ones. The slots on this online casino are generally really good quality, and there are some great themes going around to boot. Top Gun being one that immediately stood out to us, for obvious reasons (the movie is, as

  2. people say, legit). Live Dealer, on the other hand, involves an actual dealer running a table whilst you join in with other human players to place bets. Scratch Cards are, as the name suggests, more of an instant, fun hit, which doesn’t offer that great a pay out, and you also have Table Games (roulette, blackjack etc), and Video Poker. The two that may well catch your eye are the ‘Jackpot’ section – which is a lot like Scratch Cards – and Arcade. The latter might invoke memories of playing on Street Fighter II when you were young, but unfortunately that’s not an option here. Instead, all Arcade really seems to mean is the same games you’ll see elsewhere on the site, but with more of a focus on immediate fun, rather than the simulation aspect. All clear and good? Good. 2-4-1, or as Good as As with the vast majority of online casinos, Casino Plex offers various promotions and special deals, some of which are always available, some of which are only available on certain days of the week. There are plenty of them here, which makes a refreshing change up against many lesser sites. The problem being there are maybe too many to run through them so let’s just take a few as examples. The Welcome Bonus is pretty much a mainstay of the online casino world, and in this instance it’s no different. This basically means that you will be given a reward just for signing up. On top of this, if you make a deposit at the weekend you’ll also be given something in return – traditionally weekends are the quietest times for online casinos. Then you have a Daily Deposit Bonus, whereby the casino will match your bet up to 100% of the value. Claim Bonus Those using online money systems Skrill and Neteller also receive a 15% bonus on deposits, just for opting in to these decidedly new school methods of payment. Casino Plex On top of this, it’s probably also worth noting that when you refer a friend there will be something in it for you, which is incentive enough from where we’re sitting. Even Better Than all That It’s not use shelling loads out onto an online casino website, and getting others to sign up too, if you can’t guarantee that your money is actually going to be safe and secure. Here’s another area in which Casino Plex really does excel. Scroll down to the bottom of any given web page and you’ll see Visa, MasterCard, American Express Diner’s Club, and a whole host of authorised and, more importantly, recognisable payment brands and logos. Some are very new, for example PaySafeCard (OK, it’s not that new, but it’s newer than the old credit and debit card giants), which is a sign of how up to date the systems are on this website. At the bottom of the page you’ll also find ‘Security Information’. Click on this and you’ll be directed to a page detailing all the ways in which you really don’t have to worry when using Casino Plex. These range from legalities and such like, through to financial security, offering piece of mind for anyone using the site. Casino Plex Conclusion It’s probably no secret that we’re big fans of Casino Plex. Up against so many other online casinos it really does offer so much more. The one potential major criticism is the basic look of the website isn’t quite as new as some, but providing the games are up to scratch, and the opportunities to win as good as they are, then nobody should really care about bang up to date aesthetics. And the games are definitely up to scratch. Add to this the fact that you are not limited in terms of banking

  3. options, and better yet some even come with rewards, not to mention the security is industry standard, and it’s difficult to figure out how you could really complain. All this is before you even come to mention the fact that there are a host of great promotions on offer, and there should be no doubts in anyone’s mind as to whether Casino Plex exists in the absolute upper echelons of online casino websites. Nothing more should need to be said, really, other than the fact that if you love online gambling this one is definitely for you.

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