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Selling Textbooks - What to Do with Your Old College Books

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Selling Textbooks - What to Do with Your Old College Books - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Instead of keeping old textbooks and leaving them time-worn, you can sell them at University Exchange. Who knows? Someone just might be interested to have your old textbooks. You may visit our website at to find out more.

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Selling Textbooks

Selling Textbooks - - What to Do with Your Old College Books

What to Do with Your Old College Books

An average college student has a constant need for new books every semester. This leads to a

large number of college textbooks to be stowed away forgotten and left to collect dust. Year

after year, many books end up going to a waste. To add, most of them even come at unfriendly

prices. It is quite disappointing to think that one just spent a hefty sum of cash on something

that is only good for roughly half a year or so. What is the best thing to do with old college

textbooks? Is there any way to keep them from going to a waste? Should every unused textbook

out there suffer being left in the dark?

In actuality, these books do not have to be hidden away until they are all worn out and musty.

Instead of keeping them in, you can donate them to libraries so that whoever might need your

old college textbooks can find them easily. There will always be someone out there who will

surely put those old books to good use. Or if you want to make some cash out of them, you can

rent or sell them to your friends or to other students. But before you do that, you have to

evaluate the quality of your books. It is important that you check for some damages, and signs

of wear and tear before you put them up for rent or for sale. Aside from their original price, the

current condition of the books also matters. They could be categorized as good-as-new to mint

condition to slightly used to slightly worn to worn, yet still useable.

There are many ways to let others know that you are selling textbooks. You can advertise

around your campus and share the information with your friends, colleagues and schoolmates.

Another college student like you is certain to need them or at least know someone who does.

If you are thinking of putting them up online, there are many websites that cater to buying and

selling used textbooks. One of them would be University Exchange. This website is made by

college students for their fellow college students. You can sell your used textbooks here or look

for the ones that your professors require you to use. The site has an optimized search engine

that makes searching for books easier. You can browse by titles, state, city, university, year

level and course for a more refined search. Apart from that, you can also sell you old school

supplies such as engineering essentials namely compasses, protractors and calculators, or art

materials like graded pencils, palettes and easels.

You may visit our website at to find out more. You may contact us at by

dropping us an e-mail at or through our mailing address University

Exchange, DBA, PO Box 1044, Schaumburg, IL 60149.