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Zonta Club of ________ Long Range Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Zonta Club of ________ Long Range Plan

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Zonta Club of ________ Long Range Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Zonta Club of ________ Long Range Plan. ____________, President Date. Objectives. Develop a long range plan for club growth Where do you want your club to be in the next 3 to 5 years? How do you want to get there?. Why Should You Plan?.

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Zonta Club of ________ Long Range Plan

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zonta club of long range plan

Zonta Club of ________Long Range Plan

____________, President


  • Develop a long range plan for club growth
    • Where do you want your club to be in the next 3 to 5 years?
    • How do you want to get there?
why should you plan
Why Should You Plan?
  • Service club enrollment has continually declined since the late 1950’s
  • There is tremendous competition for professional, family and leisure time
  • Fewer club members means less are doing more which leads to burnout!
  • A club with a plan is more focused!
    • Attitude is everything!
how do you plan
How Do You Plan?
  • First, assess your club image
    • Is your club vibrant? Connected? Making a difference? Proactive? Relevant? Fulfilling?
    • Or is your club traditional? Old Guard? Staid? Elitist? Boring? Out of touch?
  • Assess through a club audit
zonta club self audit
Zonta Club Self Audit
  • Membership
    • Does the Club have a defined process for Membership and use it?
    • Is Membership a topic at each club and Board Meeting?
    • Is Membership a topic in each newsletter?
    • Is there a prospect and friends database?
    • Does the club have its own application form?
    • Are attendance records for members?
    • Is follow-up done for members who miss meetings?
zonta club self audit cont
Zonta Club Self Audit (cont.)
  • Membership (cont.)
    • Is an age profile available?
    • Is the age profile diverse enough?
    • Is orientation and ongoing acculturation robust?
    • Does the club have a diverse classification profile?
    • What percentage of members participate in recruiting?
    • Does the club support member networking?
zonta club self audit cont1
Zonta Club Self Audit (cont.)
  • Membership (cont.)
    • Does the club keep records on losses?
    • What is the average length of membership of lost members?
    • Does the club contact lost members to understand the reasons for losses?
    • Is data retained in the prospects/friends database on former members?
    • What percentage of members joining over the last 5 years are still actively participating?
zonta club self audit cont2
Zonta Club Self Audit (cont.)
  • Activities
    • Are records kept on club events – number attended, invited, joined, program, food, invitations, timing, budget, financial results, etc.?
    • Are club event records used to plan future events?
    • What percent of members attend seminars/workshops?
    • What percent of members attend conferences?
    • What percent of members attend conventions?
    • Are meeting programs worthy, timely and related to Zonta’s mission?
    • Does the club have members who are interested in leadership? What percentage?
zonta club self audit cont3
Zonta Club Self Audit (cont.)
  • Public Relations
    • Does the club have its own brochure?
    • Does the club have a website?
  • Money Matters
    • Does the club pay its dues obligations on time to ZI and District?
    • Does the club contribute 1/3 of its earnings to the Zonta International Foundation?
    • Do members make donations directly to ZIF? How much?
    • Does the club keep historical information on its service footprint ($ and hours)?
developing a long range plan for your club
Developing a Long Range Plan for Your Club
  • Once you’ve done an audit of your club, use the information to determine where you want to focus
  • Where do you want to be in 3 to 5 years with your club?
contents of the plan
Contents of the Plan
  • Your plan shouldreview strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities
  • It should present a series of statements relating to your club’s mission, vision, values and objectives
  • It should set out your proposed strategies and goals
spelling out strengths and weaknesses internal
Spelling Out Strengths and Weaknesses (internal)
  • Examples of strengths
    • Individual Members
    • Variety/Diversity
    • Dedication/ Commitment
    • Friendliness/Openness
    • Strong Leadership
    • Talented
    • Generous with Time/ Talents/ Treasures
    • Macro focus on Area/District/ International
  • Examples of weaknesses
    • Strong Personalities (control)
    • Not Always Kind to One Another
    • Lack of Delegation (Committees)
    • Individual Membership Recruiting
spelling out threats and opportunities external
Spelling out Threats and Opportunities (external)
  • Examples of opportunities
    • Invitations to wider variety of people
    • Promotion of ZI to other local communities
    • Host a ZING
    • Recruit other target groups
    • Fundraising Events
  • Examples of threats
    • Other agencies/ commitments compete for time
    • Economy
    • Personal Issues (health, job, family, etc.)
the mission statement
The Mission Statement
  • The central purpose and role of the Zonta Club of XXXXX is defined as:
  • You may choose to use ZI’s mission statement

Zonta International is a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy.

the vision statement
The Vision Statement
  • The vision of the Zonta Club of XXXX in 3 to 5 years is:
  • You may want to aim for a number of members, talk about projects, etc.
  • For example:

The Zonta Club of ___________will have __ active members, with valued hands-on projects demonstrating true ideals of Zonta.

stating your corporate values
Stating Your Corporate Values
  • The corporate values governing your club should include what your club believes in, what your guiding principles are, and what will not change about your club
  • For example:

The corporate values governing the Zonta Club of _____________’s development will include the following:

    • Advancing the status of women
    • Honest and trustworthy, always
    • Follow rules, bylaws and guidance of Zonta International
stating your business objectives
Stating Your Business Objectives
  • Business objectives are more general and longer term
  • For example:

Longer term business objectives of the Zonta Club of ___________are summarized as:

    • Enhance fundraising by _________________
    • Succession planning by using continuity books
    • Expand influence and visibility
stating your key strategies
Stating Your Key Strategies
  • Key Strategies include what your club must do to ensure its survival and what is absolutely critical to you
  • For example: The following critical strategies will be pursued by the Zonta Club of _____________:
    • Recruit and retain members
    • Continue fiscal responsibilities (checks and balances)
    • Retain freshness and vitality
    • Advance club externally through effective communication methods
  • Include less important but still needed strategies as well
  • For example: The following important strategies will also be followed:
    • Encourage new fundraising ideas
    • Increase revenue
    • Promote community awareness through hands-on service
    • Expand mentoring of new/existing members
stating your major goals
Stating Your Major Goals
  • Goals must be measurable, including dates, numbers and concrete measures of success
  • For example: The following key targets will be achieved by the Zonta Club of ___________over the next 3 to 5 years
    • Increase membership to __in 3 years and __ in 5 years, and retain them
    • Increase collected service monies to _____in 3 years and _______in 5 years
      • Put on a major fundraiser dedicated to a specific cause within 3 years
    • Community visibility through external written communication, recognition of service projects
      • Mention in newspaper, radio, TV monthly
      • Issue Press Releases on club activities
    • Foster establishment of a new club in an adjacent area within 2 years
stating your strategic action programs
Stating Your Strategic Action Programs
  • Strategic Action Programs are specific actions plans, including what the action is, who is responsible, when they are to have it completed, or if recurring, how many times/when it is to be done
  • Review strategic plan and assess progress quarterly at board and club levels
  • For example: The following strategic action programs will be implemented:
    • Action Plan One – Increase Membership (assigned to OMC Chair)
      • Maintain prospective member database
      • Ensure follow-up with each guest
      • Ensure club brochures/business cards are always available
      • Have at least two guests at each meeting
      • Develop personal marketing through pins, elevator speeches, etc.
      • Conduct new/prospective membership orientation annually
      • Continue to focus on diversity
stating your strategic action programs cont
Stating Your Strategic Action Programs (cont.)
  • Action Plan Two – Increase Fundraising (Ways and Means Chair)
    • Implement new fundraising project – 20__ – 20__ Biennium
    • Continue to explore successful fundraising events from other clubs
    • Explore partnership with other nonprofit organizations on their annual fundraisers
stating your strategic action programs cont1
Stating Your Strategic Action Programs (cont.)
  • Action Plan Three – Increase Community Visibility (Public Relations Chair)
    • Establish contacts with local media
      • Newspapers (list them)
      • TV (local stations, others)
      • Radio (list target stations)
    • Continue Press Releases on club events
      • Press Release on club awards and achievements
      • Continue regular Press Releases as events occur
    • Pursue radio interviews on major events
    • Implement marketing campaign using Public Service Announcements
    • Consider membership in local Chamber of Commerce as a non-profit organization
    • Explore partnerships with other non-profit organizations in the community
implementing the plan
Implementing the Plan
  • Active involvement in Zonta leads to commitment
  • Involvement and commitment impacts retention, which leads to stability and growth
  • Keys to building involvement and commitment to implement your plan
implementing the plan cont
Implementing the Plan (cont.)
  • Key 1 – Reputation and image
    • Good reputation = recruitment
    • Needs active and ongoing PR
  • Key 2 – Orientation and introduction to the world of Zonta
    • For not only prospective and new members, but existing members as well
    • Requires clearly stated expectations and requirements
implementing the plan cont1
Implementing the Plan (cont.)
  • Key 3 – Motivation…why people stay in Zonta (women’s/international issues, service, networking fellowship, community)
    • Provide variety of activities to meet needs
      • Service of time
      • Service of money
      • Fellowship
      • Networking
      • Advocacy
      • Program
implementing the plan cont2
Implementing the Plan (cont.)
  • Key 4 – Organization
    • Strong, well-connected committee structure puts like minds together to accomplish activities
    • Operates club in efficient and timely fashion
    • Committee work fosters commitment!
      • Small groups function well
      • Opportunity to socialize and network
      • Accomplishments – making a difference
      • Recognition
implementing the plan cont3
Implementing the Plan (cont.)
  • Key 5 – Communication
    • To membership about opportunities, successes, and activities (methods?)
    • To membership about larger mission issues and work of ZI
    • From membership about concerns, direction, interests
    • To and with external community about Zonta and individual club members, and about what is happening in community and how Zonta can help!
implementing the plan cont4
Implementing the Plan (cont.)
  • Key 6 – Recognition and celebration
    • Making sure good work of club and individuals get acknowledged
    • Internally, via newsletters, meetings, special awards, birthdays, successes and challenges
    • Externally, via activities, events, training, awards, public relations