the patient protection and the affordable care act n.
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The Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act PowerPoint Presentation
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The Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act

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The Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act . Maggie Baxter, Maggie Hatcher, Elizabeth Glisson , Katie Rary , Caroline Romano, and Katherine Whitmore. Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act. Jimmy Kimmel Video . What do Auburn students think? . Auburn Interviews.

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The Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act

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the patient protection and the affordable care act

The Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act

Maggie Baxter, Maggie Hatcher, Elizabeth Glisson, Katie Rary, Caroline Romano, and Katherine Whitmore

problems behind u s healthcare
Problems behind U.S. Healthcare

Why are Ameican Healthcare Costs so High?

high cost of u s healthcare
High Cost of U.S. Healthcare
  • U.S. spends more tax money per capita on healthcare than any other country.
      • In exchange for these taxes we still get no healthcare
  • Only 28% of American’s get their health insurance through government programs
  • 18% of it’s gross domestic product on healthcare costs
      • Australia by comparison spends 9%
  • Why?
      • Examples: surgical procedures and pharmaceuticals
so why are we spending so much money
So why are we spending so much money?
  • Some may say the obesity epidemic leading to more health complications
  • Malpractice and defensive medicine
    • Ordering unnecessary tests
  • Careers
    • Healthcare providers are paid more

in the U.S.

  • Insurance and administrative costs
  • Pharmaceuticals
high cost of u s healthcare1
High Cost of U.S. Healthcare
  • In the U.S. we do not have that centralized negotiation or leverage to make decisions with the people providing health care
  • Hard to put a price on not dying
    • We are spending more money to keep people alive
  • Not a simple problem and there will not be a simple solution
  • What makes healthcare so expensive
  • Vital that we as NURSES MAKE A CHANGE
get ready for obamacare
Get Ready for Obamacare

The YouToons Get ready for Obamacare

aca overview
ACA Overview
  • The ACA – passed by Congress and signed into law in March 2010
  • The most important provision of the ACA
    • "individual mandate” requires all Americans who can afford health insurance to purchase a policy or pay a tax penalty for failing to do so.
how will americans be covered
How will Americans be covered?
  • Employer
  • Government
  • Buy your own
  • None
key provisions for aca
Key Provisions for ACA
  • The law allows young people to remain on parent’s insurance until the age of 26
  • The ACA requires health insurance companies to provide more comprehensive coverage
  • The law requires businesses to provide minimum health coverage to their employees
  • Finally, the law offers a number of changes specific to young women. Insurance companies can no longer charge women more because of their gender
key provisions for aca1
Key Provisions for ACA
  • Not much will change for seniors on Medicare
  • Medicaid is expanding
    • The Federal government is allowing each state to choose whether they want to be a part of expanding Medicaid
    • You can check out your state’s decision at
    • State Decisions on Health Insurance Marketplaces and the Medicaid Expansion, 2014
overview of marketplace
Overview of Marketplace
  • The government has set up a virtual insurance megamall to purchase your own coverage.
  • You will be able to pick out how much coverage you want and how much you want to pay for it
  • ALL Plans will cover a comprehensive set of services
    • Hospital Visits
    • Doctor visits
    • Maternity care
    • Mental health care
    • Prescription drugs
how is this affecting nurses
How is this affecting nurses?
  • Nursing role:
    • Education
        • Educate patients, family, and friends about provisions in the law
        • Encourage uninsured and underinsured individuals to get acquire health insurance
            • Consequences
        • Guide patients through the process and provide them with necessary resources
affordable care act provisions
Affordable Care Act Provisions
  • Emphasis on prevention-oriented (and chronic disease management) model rather than a sick care model
  • Hospital-based Nursing
      • Increase in patients seeking health care
  • Increased focus on preventing complications to improve care and prevent readmissions
the obama administration s record on supporting the nursing workforce
“The Obama Administration’s Record on Supporting the Nursing Workforce”
  • Released in May 2012
  • Acknowledges the nurse’s role in current health care and the potential opportunities created by the ACA
      • National Health Service Corps
      • Nursing Education Loan Repayment and Nursing Scholarship Program
      • Advanced Nursing Education Expansion
  • Nurse-Managed Clinic
more opportunities for nurses
More Opportunities for Nurses
  • Increased funding in certain areas aimed at supporting primary care
      • Community Health Centers
      • School-based Health Centers
      • Home Visiting
  • Incentives for RNs and NPs to aide in specific areas of need
      • Rural areas, geriatric, mental health, and pediatric specialties
  • Increased funding for research
      • State incentives to create ways to improve how care is delivered
shop marketplace
SHOP Marketplace
  • What is the SHOP marketplace??
      • SHOP stands for Small Business Health Options Program
  • SHOP is part of the Health Insurance Marketplace created by the Affordable Health Care Act
  • If a business has fewer than 50 employers, then it is not required to offer health insurance.
  • The SHOP marketplace offers four different plan levels.
4 easy steps
4 Easy Steps
  • Create an account from the marketplace
  • Complete your application
  • Pick a plan
  • Enroll

The Marketplace

navigating the marketplace
Navigating the Marketplace
  • Before you begin:
      • Set-up and clear your cookies application
      • Try applying in the morning, evening, or weekends, as times the site is least congested
navigating the marketplace1
Navigating the Marketplace
  • Applying for coverage:
      • Create a marketplace account
          • online, paper, or over-the-phone application
      • review and save the email confirmation and information regarding your eligibility to plans
      • Enter your full name as on your Social Security Number
navigating the marketplace2
Navigating the Marketplace
  • Select a plan:
      • Ex: Catastrophic Health Plan
          • if you are under 30yoa, you can have lower monthly premiums but high deductibles
          • The expectation is that people under 30yoa have less healthcare problems and will utilize the health care system less often.
      • If you apply for Medicaid or Chip, you will get an email stating eligibility or asking for more information
overview of plans
Overview of Plans
  • Metal levels generally reflect the plan’s generosity in covering the cost of benefits for an average enrollee
  • Plans must offer “essential health benefits” but can differ in other ways, such as in the networks of providers and Rx formularies they offer
bronze and silver plans
Bronze and Silver Plans
  • Bronze level
    • actuarial value of 60%
    • patient responsible for 40% of the costs of all coverage benefits
  • Silver level
    • actuarial value of 70%
    • patient responsible for 30% of the costs of all coverage benefits.
gold and platinum plans
Gold and Platinum Plans
  • Gold level
    • actuarial value of 80%, so on average
    • patient responsible for 20% of the costs of all coverage benefits
  • Platinum level
    • actuarial value of 90%
    • patient responsible for 10% of the costs of all coverage benefits
essential health benefits
Essential Health Benefits

The law directs that Essential Health Benefits be equal in scope to the benefits covered by a typical employer plan and cover at least the following 10 general categories.

final steps to applying
Final Steps to Applying
  • Completing application:
      • Pay your first premium directly to your insurance company
      • Review your plan’s provider directory and decide who will provide your care.
      • Contact your insurance company with any questions
      • Log on to to learn more about your coverage
  • Preventative Care
  • Education
      • Schools, Communities, Churches
      • Patient Treatment Plan
      • Affordable Care Act
  • Technology
  • Case Managers
  • Decrease Nurse Turnover
  • Nurse Managed Clinics
    • Goal: Avoid hospitalization
  • Talking to Representatives
  • ANA's Activist Toolkit
  • What is the most important role as a nurse regarding the Affordable Care Act?


  • In the Affordable Care Act provisions, they are aiming to deliver what type of care?

-Sick Care Model


-Prevention-Oriented Model

  • What does S.H.O.P stand for?

 Small Business Health Options Program

  • What is the name of the website to sign up for coverage?

The Marketplace-

  • Give two solutions to nurses can be engaged in to better facilitate the Affordable Care Act.

 Preventative care, Education, Telemedicine, Nurse managed clinics, and talking to representatives

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