the patient protection and affordable care act n.
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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act PowerPoint Presentation
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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Young Adult Outreach and Education. Who are Young Invincibles?. Overview. How does the ACA affect young adults Young adult outreach. How many people in Texas lack health insurance? .

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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the patient protection and affordable care act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Young Adult Outreach and Education


How does the ACA affect young adults

Young adult outreach

how many people in texas lack health insurance
How many people in Texas lack health insurance?

Texas currently has the highest uninsured population of any state in the country

uninsured young adults in texas
Uninsured Young Adults in Texas
  • Currently over 2.5 million uninsured 18-35 year olds
  • 38% of young people are uninsured
wins for young adults
Wins for Young Adults

Under 26 can stay on parent’s plan

Under 19 – no denial for pre-existing conditions

Free Preventive Care – no co-pays on screenings and check-ups

student health plans
Student Health Plans
  • Previously unregulated
  • Now subject to standardized ACA requirements
    • Must include certain benefits
    • 80/20 Ratio
women s health
Women’s Health
  • Well-women visits
  • Support for breastfeeding
  • Domestic violence screening and counseling
  • Mammograms and cancer screenings
  • As of Aug 2012, new health insurance plans must cover contraception with no co-pay
  • Religiously-affiliated institutions get 1 year delay
    • After Aug. 2013, employees and students get coverage directly from insurance companies
  • Religious institutions exempt
changes to come
Changes to Come

Medicaid Expansion



Growth of CHCs

Individual Mandate

texas and medicaid
Texas and Medicaid
  • Currently eligible:
    • Low-income children and pregnant women
    • Working parents only if income = or <26% of FPL
  • Eligible in 2014:
    • EVERYONE <133% of FPL
    • States can decide whether to expand
    • Gov. Perry opposed, state legislature will decide
    • 1.5 million young adults
subsidies tax credits
Subsidies/Tax Credits
  • Those making 133-400% of the federal poverty level (FPL) will qualify for subsidies (tax credits) to buy insurance on the exchange
    • 133% of FPL for 1 person is $14,900
    • 44% of FPL for 1 person is $44,000
how much of a subsidy
How Much of a Subsidy?
  • Subsidies based on Silver healthcare plan.
  • Individuals can receive subsidy but apply to Bronze plan to save money.
ex cha cha cha changes

Can shop for insurance

Each state is different, some will have federally-facilitated exchanges (FFEs)

Subsidies applied directly

exchanges in the states
Exchanges in the States
  • In July 2012, Governor Rick Perry informed HHS that Texas will not create a state exchange program
  • TX, AK, LA, FL, SC, NH, and ME will have a federally-facilitated exchange programs

Picture Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

growth of community health centers chcs
Growth of Community Health Centers (CHCs)
  • Currently 7,000 CHCs provide care to 20 million individuals
    • Collectively financed at $2.2 billion
    • Provisions in ACA expected to finance 14,000 CHCs at $11 billion, doubling patient population
other important parts of the aca
Other important parts of the ACA
  • No Annual Limits
  • Tax Credit for employers
  • Catastrophic plans
    • Marketed to the young
    • Targets those with financial hardship

Picture Source:

individual mandate and penalties
Individual Mandate and Penalties
  • Individuals must have qualifying health insurance
  • If not, penalties
    • $95 the first year
    • Rises by 2016
  • Exemptions

Picture Source:

jessica 19 years old
Jessica, 19 years old

Part-time student, part-time job

$10,000/year before taxes~ 90% of poverty

Without Medicaid expansion, she doesn’t qualify for Medicaid and would not have health insurance

jeff 21 years old
Jeff, 21 years old

Part-time student, full-time construction worker

Earns $23,000/year

Takes home: $1,580/month

Total health premium: $282/month

With tax credits he pays: $120/month


Health Care Outreach

Mobile Technology

Social Media




health care outreach
Health Care Outreach
  • Traditional Outreach
    • Tabling
    • Group Presentations
    • Hosting events
  • New Outreach Strategies
mobile outreach
Mobile Outreach
  • Your Healthcare Finder
    • Find doctors in the area
    • For Android and iPhone
  • Mobile Website
  • Text Message Services
  • QR Codes
    • Can be scanned and direct users to your website
using social media
Using Social Media
  • Facebook
    • Create events
    • Send news updates
  • Twitter
    • Connect with new people
    • Coordinate plans
    • Retweet
    • Be fun!

Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

why do i need insurance
Why do I need Insurance?
  • It’s expensive
    • ACA offers new options
  • I’m young and healthy
    • Injuries can happen to anyone
    • Make it personal
  • I don’t believe in health insurance
    • Uninsured drives up health care costs
    • Individual mandate requires insurance
navigators assisters
Navigators & Assisters

State exchanges – formal “Navigator” program

States with federal exchanges– likely assistance on outreach

timeline what to look for
Timeline: What to Look For
  • Present – end of 2012:
    • Educate young adults about ACA
    • Ensure young adults are on dependent coverage
  • Jan 2013 – Oct 2013:
    • Educate young adults about the upcoming Exchanges.
  • Oct 1st, 2013 – March 31st, 2014
    • Open enrollment for exchanges
    • Ensure young adults are getting subsidies and Medicaid, if possible
key takeaways
Key Takeaways
  • ACA is phasing in, some changes already underway
  • Many uninsured young adults in Texas
  • Outreach and education
    • Traditional outreach
    • Social media and mobile technology
    • Big changes in 2013