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Cleanroom chairs & furnitures PowerPoint Presentation
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Cleanroom chairs & furnitures

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Cleanroom chairs & furnitures
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Cleanroom chairs & furnitures

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  1. Cleanroom Chairs And Furniture's In Singapore

  2. Utopia has the pleasure of distributing clean room chairs that is manufactured by BioFit. BioFit is a company that devotes a lot of time and effort to the design and quality of all its products. BioFit products are catered specifically for the laboratory and healthcare industries

  3. Each product is designed to be comfortable in use and is manufactured to last for a long time. Most products are covered with a 13 years warranty which shows that BioFit is serious and confident about building durable products. Besides durable and comfortable to use, BioFit products are also appealing as they are designed to fit and complement the work spaces.

  4. Seating Ergonomics is crucial to anyone that needs to sit on a chair as it ensures that the user remains safe and efficient. For a user who is required to perform his or her work on a chair for long hours, this is even more important in order to prevent any musculo-skeletal disorders and repetitive motion injuries that may arise from continuous use of the chair. An ergonomic chair does not totally prevent all injuries as providing support to a good posture is just one key contributing factor.

  5. The other factors that affect ergonomic injuries are forceful exertion or strain, contact pressure, exposure to vibration and exposure to heat or cold. However, an ergonomic chair is still able to provide an edge in achieving a lesser chance of sustaining injuries that result from an incorrect posture.

  6. Biofit ergonomic chairs help user to change their posture quickly, easily and naturally. They are also able to give the additional benefits of keeping the user attentiveness at a high level which will in turn improve their efficiency in performing the task at hand.

  7. Biofit Clean Room Chairs contains the following proven parts that include a pedestal base that has five legs, cushioned arm rests that can be adjusted fully, a seat that distributes the weight of the user evenly across the chair, great lumbar support and the height of the seat can be easily adjusted to provide an optimal height for the user performing the task. The vacuum-formed seats are most suitable for using the chairs in the laboratory and healthcare environments.

  8. There are bumper guards located on the seat and backrest that helps to reduce the degradation of the chair performance through wear and tear after continuous usage. The molded foam of the seat prevents the chair from breaking down if the upholstery is accidentally scratched and torn.

  9. The lumbar support in the backrest is the key to support the user spine so that the spine does not fall into a strained posture. Companies from the laboratory and healthcare industries are able to obtain these great ergonomically friendly Biofit Clean Room Chairs from Utopia.

  10. To Find Out More Information Cleanroom Chairs & Furnitures Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..! Utopia Aire Pte Ltd Contact Us: 7 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Tech Park, Singapore 416185 Tel : (65) 6746-7577 Fax: (65) 6746-4994 Email : Web :