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Pendulum clock

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By; Chris Rodgers. Pendulum clock. This is a guitar pendulum clock. The pendulum clock was is an old mechanical that was invented in 1588 to 1602. The pendulum clock was invented by a man named dutch scientist christian huygens.

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by chris rodgers

Chris Rodgers

Pendulum clock

the pendulum clock was invented by a man named dutch scientist christian huygens
The pendulum clock was invented by a man named dutchscientist christianhuygens

The pendulum clock is powered by a little motor the it is a amazing how a big clock is powered by little motor

the pendulum clock is one big clock it was the most popular clock in 1588 to the 1602
The pendulum clock is one bigclock it was the most popularclock in 1588 to the 1602.
The pendulum is a very specialclock in old day and now we are in a new days and now they hardlymake them anymore.
People think that time is a waste of time but it is really not a waste of time because it is good for us it help’s us get ready for thing’s

Pendulum clock is a clock that was invented in 1588 to was powered by a little motor and gas .a women named christainhuygens invented this clock

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