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Long Island Import-Export Association

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Long Island Import-Export Association. Surveillance Detection Briefing for Commercial Infrastructure Operators March 18, 2010. Presenter. Police Officer Glenn Neuman Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism Bureau Nassau County Police Department.

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Long Island Import-Export Association

Surveillance Detection Briefing for Commercial Infrastructure Operators

March 18, 2010



Police Officer Glenn Neuman

Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism Bureau

Nassau County Police Department

U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s training course “Counter Surveillance for Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources” tells us that security measures can be defeated, and stresses that additional measures should be employed.


facility security
  • Rings of Security:Physical-(Visible)- Walls, Fences, Gates, Guards & PlantingsProcedural- (Visible)- ID Checks, Entry Badges, Coded Entry, Alarm systems, CCT and CamerasInformational Ring-(Not Visible) Information about the threat that comes from the outside. Information that the opposition does not know you have.** More difficult to defeat **





Facility Vulnerability Analysis

The FVA is a method used to determine facility vulnerability as well as predictable activity surrounding the facility.

It is important to view the facility and its weaknesses from the perspective of the attacker (from the outside in).

Observing the vulnerabilities from the “outside looking in” helps us to see the situation as the attackers would/will and could ultimately enable us to thwart their plans.



Case studies have revealed that surveillance is the weakest link in the attack cycle. Very often, initial surveillance is poorly executed due to lack of discipline or training of the surveillance team.

Surveillance Detection is an ongoing process by which we focus various assts on the identified Red Zone area to detect surveillance in those are.



The importance of timely reporting cannot be overstated. It is important so that security and/or Law Enforcement can use the information and act in a timely fashion.

WHO is doing WHAT?

WHEN did they do it?

WHERE did they do it from?

HOW did they do it?

WHY were they doing what they did?



It is more than seeing; it is knowing what you see and comprehending its significance.

  • Identify distinguishing physical characteristics
  • Identify changing physical features
  • Identify changing details of appearance or behavior
  • Recall factors the affect observation skills and recall.
  • Practice method for improving observation skills an memory
the four d s of security
DETER – You want to deter the “Bad” guys from having any interest in your business or location. This can be done variety of ways ranging from physical security barriers to something as simple as keeping your information secure.

DENY – If they are interested, you want to deny them access. And that can be done with alarm systems, security guards, etc.

DETECT – If they do gain access, you want to detect them ASAP. This can be done with things like alarms, cameras, etc,.

DELAY - If they gain access to the site and what they are looking for, you want the delay them from escaping. The longer they are at scene the more likely they are to be caught by security personnel or Law Enforcement

The Four D’s of Security
contact information
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our office at –


Homeland Security and

Counter-Terrorism Bureau

Nassau County Police Department

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