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This is NCMA!

This is NCMA!. Mission. Our mission is to advance the contract management profession. . Vision. Contract management is viewed as an essential business management function People will see this as a challenging and rewarding profession Universities provide more contract management programs.

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This is NCMA!

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  1. This is NCMA!

  2. Mission • Our mission is to advance the contract management profession.

  3. Vision • Contract management is viewed as an essential business management function • People will see this as a challenging and rewarding profession • Universities provide more contract management programs

  4. The History of NCMA

  5. NCMA Statistics – The First 50 Years • More than 50,000 people have volunteered. • Over 100,000 NES attendees since 1986. • More than 400,000 Journals delivered since 1966. • Over 540,000 copies of CM Magazine delivered since 1976.

  6. Governance and Management • Individual membership association • Governed by volunteer members • 501 (c)(6) not-for-profit organization

  7. Strategic Objective 1Expand Advocacy and Outreach for the Profession It is our intention that contract management will be recognized as an essential business management function for all organizations, and that NCMA is the preeminent neutral forum for contracting professionals in government and industry.

  8. Strategic Objective 2Create Standards for the Profession NCMA's standards for the profession will be adopted by government, industry, and academic institutions. across multiple domains as a framework for best practices.

  9. Strategic Objective 3Create Programs and Services to Help People Enter the Field and Progress Within It NCMA will provide professional development opportunities for people in all stages of their careers—from entry through advancement, and potentially transitioning out of the field.

  10. Strategic Objective 4Maximize Value for Members NCMA will provide value to members through a wide range of programs and services delivered via traditional in-person and technology-based modes.

  11. What does NCMA offer? • Community • Credentials • Learning • Information • Networking • Advocacy

  12. Community • Membership: Over 20,000 members. • Chapters: More than 120 chapters across U.S. and internationally including a virtual chapter. • Awards and Honors: professional, volunteer, and chapter. • Fellows • Communities • Women’s Forum • New Professionals • Corporate Sponsors and Education Partners.

  13. Credentials “Demonstrating professional mastery.” • Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) • Certified Federal Contract Manager (CFCM) • Certified Commercial Contract Manager (CCCM) Affiliated Credential Programs • Certified Schedules Contract Manager (CSCM)

  14. Learning“Developing the professional knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed.” • Chapter workshops and meetings: More than 750 chapter events held annually worldwide. • National Education Seminars: More than 45 sessions annually. More than 1,800 attendees. • Accelerated leadership training for new CM professionals – CMLDP. • E-courses: Instructor-facilitated and self-paced courses available. More than 6,000 people have taken e-courses since 1988. • Webinars: Live online events. 24 sessions annually. More than 750 sites and 2,000 participants annually. Full-length recordings of past webinars are available. • Virtual Conferences: 4 events per year. Affordable and convenient—no company time is used for travel, there are no travel expenses, and an unlimited number of people can attend per site registration. • National education conferences: World Congress, Government Contract Management, and the Aerospace and Defense Contract Management conferences serve more than 3,000 attendees annually. • Education Partners: More than 20 establishments with hundreds of continuing education, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

  15. Information“Providing the information needed to perform effectively.” • Contract Management magazine • Journal of Contract Management • Bookstore • CM News • E-newsletters • Current and evolving standards: “Salary Survey 2010”; “Contracts Management Practice Analysis Survey”; “Position Standards for the CM Profession”; “Organizational Placement of the CM Functions”; “Contract Management Body of Knowledge 3.0”. • Website

  16. Networking“Connecting members to the people, organizations, tools and services that matter to them.” • Chapter meetings – in person and virtually • National Education Conferences • Virtual Conferences • Communities and discussion boards • Job Fairs: during World Congress and GCMC • Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

  17. Advocacy “Doing together what we cannot do individually.” • Representing the community and the practice. • Informational emphasis vs. legislative agenda. • Provide information on legislation and regulation to members. • Obtain feedback and share with appropriate bodies. • Position papers on important issues: informational only. • Professional Advocacy Committee; e-mail advocacy@ncmahq.org • NCMA does not lobby.

  18. Strategic relationships • International Business Development Consortium (IBDC) • National Council of Public Procurement and Contracting (NCPPC) • Defense Acquisition University (DAU) • Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI)

  19. Contact Us! National Contract Management Association 21740 Beaumeade Circle, Suite 125 Ashburn, VA 20147 800-344-8096 (toll-free) 571-382-0082 (local) 703-448-0939 (fax) 703-346-8586 (cell) memberservices@ncmahq.org www.ncmahq.org

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