operation wildlife a new prr service learning project n.
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“Operation Wildlife” A New PRR Service Learning Project PowerPoint Presentation
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“Operation Wildlife” A New PRR Service Learning Project

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“Operation Wildlife” A New PRR Service Learning Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Operation Wildlife” A New PRR Service Learning Project

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  1. “Operation Wildlife”A New PRR Service Learning Project

  2. Recently PRR went to the St. Louis Science Center on a Field Trip • We went into a special exhibit concerning “Wildlife Rescue”. • We learned many animals are in danger due to the weather, the environment, and humans!

  3. Operation Wildlife • Some kids in PRR expressed an interest to research more about animals in danger. These animals are called “endangered species.” • What does “endangered species” mean? • For the next couple of months PRR will be taking a closer look at endangered species in the St. Chares area, Missouri, the USA and the world!

  4. We want your ideas!! • Please fill out an animal interest survey today. • What kind of animals in the “wild” are you interested in learning about? • What kind of animals do you already know a lot about that you could share factual or true information about?

  5. Maybe PRR Can Help! • Keep your eyes open as we study about endangered animals. • Maybe there is a way PRR can help protect a particular animal!

  6. Let’s start with the Bald Eagle:Eagles are here in Missouri!! • Right now people in Missouri and Illinois are seeing many Bald Eagles near the rivers getting ready for their nesting season. This means bald eagles will be laying their eggs soon.

  7. Bald Eagles were an “Endangered Species” • About 40 years ago the Bald Eagles of North America were dying out. Scientist started researching why this was happening. • We’ll find out more about this soon.

  8. A Lucky Bunch of Kids!! • Meet Mr. Lawrence’s 3rd-4th grade class from Blair-Taylor Elementary School in Wisconsin. • Two years ago Mr. Lawrence discovered an eagle nest in a tree next to the school. • This nest belonged to two eagles. Mr. Lawrence’s students named them Larry and Lucy!

  9. Mr. Lawrence got some donations! • Mr. Lawrence had a dream to put a camera near the eagle nest so his class could study the eagles all year. • Mr. Lawrence’s dream can true. Someone read about his project idea and donated the money for the special camera.

  10. Mr. Lawrence’s class is sharing their eagles with the world! • Mr. Lawrence’s class decided to share their study of eagles with the world. • They started a website called Eagles4kid.com

  11. Meet Larry and Lucy! • Click on the link below to go to Eagles4kids.com to find out a little bit about Larry and Lucy: • http://www.eagles4kids.com/meet-lucy-larry/

  12. Now it’s Your Turn! • Fill out the “PRR Animal Interest Survey” • What questions do you have about eagles? • Get out your PRR Journal books and write one or more questions about bald eagles or Larry and Lucy. • Who knows…..maybe we’ll email Mr. Lawrence’s class a couple of your questions!!!