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Monuments & Melodies. Ryan Gleason. Table of Contents. No Good Anger The Guide To Get to New London Spring In this place The Square and Circle of a Song The Rusky Dusky Jazz Club. No Good My friend says I can do no good You see I say I see He says Try as I may But no good I can do

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table of contents
Table of Contents
  • No Good
  • Anger
  • The Guide
  • To Get to New London
  • Spring In this place
  • The Square and Circle of a Song
  • The Rusky Dusky Jazz Club
No Good

My friend says I can do no good

You see

I say I see

He says Try as I may

But no good I can do

I say I knew

Even when something good would happen

I would turn that good into bad

I do not know why

I sigh

He says the last time I tried good

I say the last time I did good

He says the last time I did good

I helped a friend

They told me about their

Life which was in need

So I helped them

Get help to plant a new seed

Oh I say

I felt as though

I had helped them through

He says but that was

Not the case at all

I had only hurt them more

Doing no good again

I say I see

But they moved on

Feeling I did no

Good for them

Just because I was there

I say nothing

He says perhaps

And maybe

I am not meant to do good

Perhaps I should

Just give in and let go

I look out the doorway

My friend has years on me

He says I tried to help

I left him there

Doing no good of my own

You see


I feel you building up

Inside me

From down

Deep you come up

Holding you down

Is much harder

Like stopping Tsunami that is

Rushing forward to wreak havoc

On everything it can possibly touch

You erupt

Like a volcano

Dormant for years, but now ready

For destruction of all in your way

Friendships, memories, moments shared

Not one feeling or bond is safe

Everything is against me

Everything offends me

Everything I am in power of becomes powerless

Everything holding me back snaps in a fury of reckless abandon


You explode


Arms, legs, necks, fingers

But really what does it matter what is broken

Now there is nothing left but

The hot uncontrollable fires of feelings

The Guide

Today is the day you made

Mistakes made that

Change opinions of me and

My character

But with you I am calm,

Relaxed. I feel free from harm

Like a red-tailed hawk soaring high above

This dangerous ground full of

Trees and the unseen forest floor

Where predators lay

There is a cool breeze from the sky

A sign that you are there

Guiding me through life

Blowing me through successes and

Faults I have shaped

I need not fear your presence

For you are there for me to

Help show me the right path

And what I can really do in this

Life I live everyday flying through

Troubles and triumph

To Get To New London

If you want to get to New London

Take highway 89 to exit 11

Travel past the white, fenced-in neighborhood

Past the local pub

Where local men have a drink and watch the game

And local families enjoy food in the relaxed atmosphere of a small town pub

Where the local drunks get their fill of warm whiskey

Only to slowly watch their distaste for the college grow

Like a bitter drink that a new, outsider bartender prepared

Take a left turn at the 4-way intersection

Past the longing of the college students as they search for their destination

Soon to be doctors or lawyers, only to someday return to this place to create a new life

Waiting for their chance to make something of their lives

A life so similar to the one they led years ago in college

Roll down the window and breath in the small town air

Imagine it’s summer and people are swarming the town green

If you want to get to New London

Think of college kids

Think of old folks

Think of a small New England town

A town that seems trapped in by white fencing

Spring in this Place

At a small New Hampshire boarding school

A group of students sits in the cool spring air

As I watch them I think of my life in this world

Cut off from the hustling reality of the

Outside. The chill air blows my hair in the soft spring sun

I think of years past when I would sit there

At that same bench on that same hill

Wishing for the best for my future

Waiting for what’s next in my life

It feels like the times grow smooth

In front of my eyes

Then the wind blows the page right from my pen

I pull it back to continue

Reminiscing. Now I truly appreciate

The spring. Now I truly love the life

I’ve led

The Square and Circle of a Song

To you I owe

Just about everything I know

Of happiness

Though you are but and inanimate creation

You are square but far from un-hip

Like a struggling artist who

In reality is a force to be reckoned with

Inside you spin in circles of brilliance

Portraying thoughts of unseen sound

And audible expression

Unwilling to hear

“No I will not Dance”

Weeks ago you renewed my obsession

Years ago you molded this obsession

Taking on many musical forms I had yet to explore

But now I’m hearing you yet again

I have to listen to what you offer

I have to hear what you

Have to say, because though you are

Lifeless you SCREAM


The Rusky Dusky Jazz Club

In a smokey club

An orange hued double bass

Glistens in the pale light

Of a jazz masters dreams

His brown powerful hands take

Control of the bottom of the

Tune thumping walking grooving

Through a set of jazz standards

Those hands command, Those big black

Powerful hands command music as

They pick up that gorgeous orange

Ancient bass it’s growling tone

Walks the band through places it’s

Never seen nor heard much like a

King lion leading his pride to new

Ground obsessed with constructing the

Perfect bass-line for the tune he

Smoothly moves his fingers across the

Jet black fingerboard the audience

Grooves on his energy and his grasp

On the tune as they sip martinis

And highballs in the Rusky Dusky

Club the music takes away

Troubles of the fast city life

For both him and his audience

Creating a moment of complete

Synch for all who partake in

The infectious groove of that

Beautiful orange bass with it’s

HUGE thumping tone

The set ends as does the

Night and the compelling groove

He sits at the bar and

Waves those large commanding

Hands in the air demanding

A drink to celebrate and

A smoke to commemorate the

Long night of Bird, Diz, and

Duke flowing from his aching fingers