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The Death of Enkidu

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The Death of Enkidu. According to Enkidu, what actions resulted in dreams about his own death?. Death of Enkidu. Enkidu believes that his dreams are the result of his cutting down the cedar forest and killing Humbaba. Death. In tablet VII, Enkidu dies In tablet VII, Enkidu’s funeral.

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the death of enkidu

The Death of Enkidu

According to Enkidu, what actions resulted in dreams about his own death?

death of enkidu
Death of Enkidu

Enkidu believes that his dreams are the result of his cutting down the cedar forest and killing Humbaba


In tablet VII, Enkidu dies

In tablet VII, Enkidu’s funeral

summary skills
Summary skills

Re-read Battle of Humbaba

Find key points

Do not include minor details or statistics in a summary

Summarize the battle with Humbaba, and identify Enkidu’s role in it. Do not specifically state “Enkidu’s role is…”


With the help of Shamash, the sun god, Gilgamesh and Enkidu cut down trees, enter Humbaba’s house, and debate whether to kill him. Gilgamesh considers granting Humbaba mercy, but Enkidu talks him out of it. They then kill Humbaba.

the story of the flood
The Story of the Flood

Tablet XI

In this excerpt, Gilgamesh journeys to the underworld to find the secret of immortality. On this journey he hears a remarkable tale of a devastating flood ordered by the gods to cleanse the world of evil. It is a tale that resembles the biblical account of Noah and his ark.

story of the flood
Story of the Flood
  • As you read, identify the details of the cultural context to gain deeper insight into the story.
  • Pg. 25 Ea is bound by his oath to the other gods not to warn anyone of the upcoming disaster.
  • How is Ea able to warn Utnapishtim about the flood without breaking his oath?
    • Whispers to him in a dream, so he never directly warns him
story of the flood1
Story of the Flood
  • Parallel Elements:
  • Ship, animals, humans, storm,, birds, offerings, council of gods, immortality, justice
  • Pg. 26 Is Ea advising Utnapishtim to tell the whole truth?
    • No a half truth b/c he does not want the other gods to know he broke his oath
the flood
The Flood…
  • Pg. 27 be able to summarize the reaction of the gods to the flood
    • The gods are upset and frightened by the flood
  • The god’s reaction now differs with their earlier attitude. How so?
    • Before all agreed to destroy humanity-since it got out of hand, they now fear
  • Would all-powerful gods be frightened?
    • NO! They are not so powerful!
  • How long does the storm last?
    • Six days six nights
  • Pg. 28 Utnapishtim offers the gods a sacrifice

In the bracketed passage, (30) Ea asks Enlil to be more merciful toward humankind. He does not deny the need to punish sin but stresses that punishment must be tempered with mercy.

  • Pg. 29 Why might Enlil have granted immortality to Utnapishtim and his wife?
    • He decreed that no mortal should survive the flood---so by making them immortal, his decree is obeyed.
    • Maybe he wants to reward the couple for being so brave to withstand the destruction
the return
  • Archetype- a basic plot, character, setting symbol, or idea that recurs in literature.
    • QUESTION ON FINAL- How does the Epic of Gilgamesh fit the archetype of a hero’s quest?

What effect has Gilgamesh’s quest had on him, in spite of his remarkable strength?

the return1

An extraordinary leader goes on a difficult journey in search of the secret to immortality.

Gilgamesh bravely tries to overcome all the obstacles he encounters—he is exhausted!

the return2
  • Pg. 30
    • Why does Utnapishtim tell his wife to bake the loaves of bread?
the return3
  • The loaves will decay at different times. That will prove how long Gilgamesh will sleep
    • ( Fairy tale Hansel and Gretel???)

Why does Utnapishtim want to prove how long he slept?

the return4

Wants to show him how difficult the task is and how he failed at it big time!

Pg. 31

What does U tell G to look for?

the return5
  • A magical plant that grants immortality
    • Our fountain of youth??
    • What happened to the gift?
the return6

A serpent steals the plant from Gilgamesh

What is the lesson for G?

the return7

Human beings can’t achieve immortality

Gilgamesh can’t succeed in all his quests


we can count on 5 things:

Change, taxes, love, hope, death!

the return8

Let’s read the last two paragraphs our loud

How do these last paragraphs echo the first paragraphs of The Prologue?

How might the Sumerian and Babylonian values be revealed in these in these repeated descriptions of the CITY AND KING?

the return9

The descriptions reveal the value that both cultures place on security, wisdom, faith, nature, endeavors, strength, and endurance.

final thoughts
Final thoughts?

Complete chart in groups-

1st class work grade for 2nd quarter…

class work grade
  • Group Work:In small groups, you will complete a chart to create your own epic hero and epic journey.

Complete the following:

  • 1 Name of Hero
  • 2 The Force the Hero will battle
  • 3 The Journey (specifically where will the journey start and finish)
  • 4 Obstacles the Hero must overcome
  • 5 How will the epic end
  • 6 Theme or Real Reason hero took the journey
  • Groups will put information on chart paper and present to the class.