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Bell-Ringer. Write a poem about AFRICA. Your poem should be at least 10 lines long. If you want, then use this line to start your poem: Dry your tears, Africa. Escriba un poema acerca de Africa. Tu poema debe ser por lo menos 10 líneas .

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bell ringer
  • Write a poem about AFRICA.
  • Your poem should be at least 10 lines long.
  • If you want, then use this line to start your poem:

Dry your tears, Africa.

  • Escriba un poemaacerca de Africa.
  • Tupoemadebe ser por lo menos 10 líneas.
  • Si deseas, puedesutilizarestalíneaparacomenzar:

Sequelaslágrimas, Africa.

dry your tears afrika
Bernard Dadié,

Poet from the west African country of Côte d’Ivoire

Dry your tears, afrika.
entry instructions 3 14 12
Entry Instructions, 3.14.12
  • Pick up Notes 14 from the podium.
    • Respond to the following question on the back of Notes 14: What is the best course of action to take against a brutally violent army when that army is an army of children?
  • I CAN…
    • Identifythe following: YoweriMuseveni, Joseph Kony, the Lord’s Resistance Army, “Night Commuters”
    • Trace the history [chronology] of Ugandan governance from the late 1800s to present day
    • Analyzethe child-soldiering crisis that gripped Uganda for 20+ years by identifying its causes and effects
literacy objectives
Literacy objectives
  • I CAN…
    • Gather information that is valid [accurate] and relevant [directly related to] the focus question:
      • How have the crimes of Joseph Kony and the LRA affected the society and economy of Uganda (now and in the future)?
    • Synthesize (Pull together) an argument based on sufficient evidence [enough to prove that my claim is correct or true]

Sample poem, written by a student in B6. What argument is she making?

Dry your tears, Africa!

Your children come back to you.

Ooh! Mama Africa,

Ooh, how strong you are!

You show me the way to freedom.

Ooh! Mama Africa,

Your bravery shines through our lives.

We see hunger but you are so patient for help.

Ooh! Mama Africa,

You might be the most diseased,

But they know nothing about you;

They don’t know the happiness you bring into our lives.

Society might deny you,

But you the strongest.

oppression in africa










uganda s invisible children
Uganda’s “Invisible Children”
  • Background
    • English rule, 1894-1962
      • Uganda – part of the British Empire
    • Brutal dictatorships after English rule
      • Leaders abused Ugandan people, 1960s-1980s
          • Ex: IdiAmin
    • Civil wars and rebellions
uganda s invisible children1
Uganda’s “Invisible Children”
  • New leadership in 1986…
    • President YoweriMuseveni
      • National Liberation Armyseized power in 1986
uganda s invisible children2
Uganda’s “Invisible Children”
  • Trouble in northern Uganda
    • Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)
      • Joseph Kony, OkotOdhiambo, Dominic Ongwen
      • Abducts children to fight against the government
there are still 25 countries in the world today that have child soldiers
There are still 25 countries in the world today that have child soldiers

Including: El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, South Sudan, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Angola, Uganda, Palestine, Myanmar, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and Nepal.

uganda today
Uganda Today
  • Conflict with the LRA has spread to countries around Uganda.
    • Joseph Kony is not in Uganda.
  • Many of the people of Northern Uganda are still homeless and living in camps.
  • New disease called the nodding disease is spreading and killing 100s of children in Uganda.

5000 children who were child soldiers or sex slaves have been returned to their families and are recovering…