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The Development Accelerators

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The Development Accelerators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Development Accelerators. Leveraging Outsourced Expertise in Version 1.0 Product Development. Ottawa Wireless Cluster Ted Burnett, VP Business Development October 14, 2004. Presentation Objectives.

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Presentation Transcript

The Development Accelerators

Leveraging Outsourced Expertise in

Version 1.0 Product Development

Ottawa Wireless Cluster

Ted Burnett, VP Business Development

October 14, 2004

presentation objectives
Presentation Objectives
  • Detail a balanced value proposition - should start-ups consider outsourced 1.0 development
  • Define under what conditions this is advisable
  • How to de-risk a 3rd party relationship
value pyramid
Value Pyramid








real objectives for a start up
Real objectives for a start-up
  • Validate business plan (to your funding partners)
    • Real solutions to Real pain
    • ID Customers who will pay money for this solution
    • Size of market
    • Right plan for all contingencies
    • Right team for the job
    • Confidence in Payback
    • Make IP pay
  • Execute the plan & hit Milestones!
    • Focus and de-risk
1 0 development development acceleration
1.0 Development & Development Acceleration
  • What is it?
    • 1.0 Development is the creation of an initial release of a product, developed from scratch
    • Development Acceleration is the process to develop the product
  • How is it different from “normal” development?
    • Emphasis on gathering complete and continual requirements to create the right product
    • Scheduling and resourcing a complete project from inception to deployment
    • Much larger scope than doing feature enhancement
    • Higher risk of development (i.e. can it be done?)
    • Need to account for resources that may not be needed long-term (e.g. business and requirements analysts)

When to Consider an Outsource Partner

Start-up will receive greatest value if:

  • Time to milestones/market is very important (crucial)
  • Development requires 2 + dev resources
  • Limited resources, will need to hire more staff
  • Development effort is not well defined
  • Management focus is best spent on other things
  • External investment is being sought
concerns about outsourcing
Concerns about Outsourcing
  • Exposing core competencies (IP) to outsiders
  • Not building a strong internal development team
  • Costs more than hiring own staff
  • No direct control over effort provided
  • Question of motivating 3rd party resources
  • Tax credit and R&D cost recovery issues
addressing concerns
Addressing concerns
  • Exposing core competencies (IP)
    • IP…more than just a thought
    • To an individual or company
    • To a company with significant assets
    • To a partner who can mentor
  • Not building a strong internal team
    • Not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN”
    • Size does matter
  • Not growing knowledgebase
    • Not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN”
    • Extended knowledge of IP and Process
addressing concerns cont d
Addressing concerns (cont’d)
  • Costs more than hiring own staff
    • Total cost of employee (hiring,benefits,h/w,s/w,desk)
    • Managing the team
    • Time to milestones/market
    • Size of team on-going
  • No direct control
    • Managing the plan
    • Participate in the development process
  • Motivating 3rd party resources
    • Need more things in same (less) time
    • Contractual incentives
  • Tax credit and R&D cost recovery
    • SR&ED tax credits, IRAP funding
    • Documentation is key
de risking a relationship
De-Risking a Relationship

Track Record

  • Consistently complete projects on-time and on-budget
  • Reputation for high quality products
    • Adherence to sound development process
      • Effective risk management
      • Accurate project tracking
      • Predictable project outcomes
    • Reliable, quality code
    • Rigorous testing
    • Accurate and detailed documentation
    • Has experience/expertise with financial assistance programs, i.e. SR&ED, ITC etc.
  • Repeat business from companies of interest
a development process
A Development Process
  • Booch
  • Fusion
  • Gamma et. al
  • Jacobson

Formal processes such as:

  • ROOM
  • Rumbaugh
  • RUP
  • Wirfs-Brock
what is iterative development

Iteration x




Feature A

Feature B

Feature C

What is Iterative Development
  • Features are defined, developed, and tested for each iteration

Includes business modeling

Includes design, implementation, unit & integration test

System, load, & performance test


parallel workflows accelerate delivery
Parallel workflows accelerate delivery
  • At any point in time, three specialty teams work in parallel
  • As project progresses, team efficiency increases

previous iteration

current iteration

next iteration

de risking cont d
De-Risking (cont’d)
  • Program for start-ups:
  • Incubation services
        • Facilities and Admin support
        • H/W, S/W, infrastructure and Support
        • Technology and Architecture mentoring
        • Funding introductions and programs
  • Financial programs
        • Discounts
        • Payment deferrals
        • Equity for labour
        • IP discount
        • Tenancy rebates
de risking cont d1
De-Risking (cont’d)
  • Architecture focus
    • proper architectures ensures the long-term resilience, reusability and scalability of products
  • Iterative development methodology
    • deliver the highest-quality product in the shortest amount of time
    • development acceleration
  • Team-based projects
    • an entire development team or resources that complement an existing organization
  • Results-oriented
    • an accountable development team that ensures that the right system gets built as quickly and effectively as possible
de risking cont d2
De-Risking (cont’d)
  • Technology-neutral, with deep expertise
    • active R&D program and technology-neutral approach ensures that the correct tools/technologies are chosen for the job
  • Deliver results on-time and on-budget
    • Consistent track record of successful project completion
    • Reputation for producing the highest quality software
  • Specific experience (the tough stuff)
    • Building products from scratch
outsourcing advantages
Outsourcing Advantages



  • Decrease time-to-market
    • Hit the ground running with a development team pre-made for success: no need to hire a complete development team before starting the project
    • Senior development staff are on-board immediately
    • No need to equip & house the development team
    • No need to hire admin & support staff
    • Experienced at converting vague requirements into a solid project plan
    • Look for a documented track record of success
    • An iterative development methodology ensures that the product is created as quickly and effectively as possible
advantages cont d
Advantages (cont’d)
  • Lower risk
    • Trust a team that’s built this stuff before. Find a specialist in building complete solutions (i.e. the tough stuff)
    • Any major project is going to have a variety of unforeseen problems – you should have experts on hand who have seen these kinds of issues before and are able to turn big troubles into workable solutions
    • Implement business plans: look for experience in capturing loose requirements and translating them first into a workable project plan, then into a complete system
    • An iterative development methodology is an excellent tool for risk mitigation: you are able to prioritize (and re-prioritize) features and risks so that the product is built properly
advantages cont d1



Advantages (cont’d)
  • Predictable timetables
    • There is a planned ramp-up and ramp-down of the partner’s development team, so there’s no need to hire full-time development resources immediately for a project
    • During the creation of the product, a partner can mentor and grow the client’s development team to ensure future products and features are built right.

Typical project team:



advantages cont d2
Advantages (cont’d)
  • Better ROI
    • A contract for services are comparable to full-time hires
    • There is no danger of mis-hires in attempting to build the development team
    • No infrastructure cost to house the development team
    • The development team is (typically) smaller for ongoing development after the initial release of the product. By using outsourced services, the client does not have to keep a large development staff on hand for the long-term
advantages cont d3
Advantages (cont’d)
  • You can get your cake and eat it, too
    • At projects end, you are left with a successful product release (on-time, and on-budget), all of the IP related to the application, the knowledge transfer built into the ramp down phase and a proper development process to follow when you move forward with this or future projects
    • The project is successfully completed faster, less expensively and with less risk than companies can do on their own
thank you
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The Development Accelerators


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“bitHeads professionalism, flexibility and 'can-do' attitude, combined with their proven development methodology has allowed us to significantly advance our time to market. As Development Accelerators, bitHeads excels!”