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Tesseral-Pro. [ “ Professional Level” edition of Tesseral- ]. Tesseral Pro : Modeling solutions for 2D & 3D seismic surveys. Improved thin-layered 3D model building ….

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[ “Professional Level” edition of Tesseral- ]


Tesseral Pro : Modeling solutions for 2D & 3D seismic surveys

Improved thin-layered 3D model building …

Tesseral-Pro provides improved thin-layer model building on the base of collected well log information, utilizes complex well information including well logs, their interpretation, strata boundaries, well coordinates and inclinometer data about the well geometry. Tesseral-Pro can be used for graphical document design compound from sections, surfaces, 3D plots, seismograms and seismic sections, text fields, pictures, etc.


Strata surface maps

Well data

Seismic model

Detailed model for simulation



TesseralPro –

Modelbuilding & Interpretation


Well information

1) well’s co-ordinates and trajectory (inclinometry, deviation survey)

2) strata layout in wells

3) Sonic and density well-logs

Geologic information


maps of strata horizons

Linux: LC

(Cluster Engine)

Windows: WN (Windows Engine)

Seismic information

2D or 3D velocity model and information, cubes or sections of additional seismic attributes (density, anisotropy, fracturing)



Usual Workflow of Tesseral-Pro:

1. Import available well information (well coordinates and trajectories, well-logs, strata tops in the wells) into the database

2. Calculate and/or import the strata horizon maps

3. Build a section frame as a base for further simulation model design. Well and strata information is automatically transmitted to the section frame

4. Edit the section polygons to enrich the section model by extra details and more seismic parameters (migration model can be used too)

5. Design or import an appropriate observation scheme

6. Creation a job passport and submit it to the 2D/2.5D computation engine for simulation

7. Load and view the calculated synthetic seismograms


Increase of precision and easiness of incorporating the well data

Use of strata model in the form of either horizon maps or strata layout in wells

Better use of seismic migration models

Actual geographic or local coordinates

More types of data are supposed to be available

You need to deal with database

You have to prepare well data in special format

More user steps to result

Easy modeling means a lot of ‘already done’ things

Tesseral-Pro vs. Teeseral-2D


  • More complex (more sophisticated?) GUI
  • Lower level of automation
  • Presentation drawings
  • New GUI – WYSIWYG, 3D

Tesseral-Pro’s Model Building Compared to Tesseral-2D’s One


Document Structure and Frames

  • Frame types:
  • Text – for titles and comments
  • Picture – for design, to use as a sample or background, to compare
  • Depth Scale to place anywhere
  • Map – to calculate, import, edit and export horizon maps
  • Model – to develop 2D/2.5D models
  • Seismic – to show cubes, sections and seismograms in SEGY
  • 3D – to design nice 3D plots

Frames of TesseralPro


The frame Seismicrepresents 2D/3D seismograms, models and migrated cubes or sections

Seismic Frame


The frame 3Ddisplays wells, horizons, sections and cubes together

The frame Text displays Unicode (multi-language) texts with upper and lower indices

The frame Picture displays pictures of JPEG, TIFF, BMP, WMF and EMF formats

The frame Depth Scale displays a depth scale anywhere in the document

Design Frames


Well –log data presentation in



Chart of Database Tablesand Tree View


Design of graphical documents, printing of presentational graphics

Tesseral-Pro forms complex documents. Using the WYSIWYG approach you can combine maps, cross-sections, 2D and 3D drawings, multi-parameter models, seismic cross-sections and cubes, pictures and text strings to create high quality plots. Overlay and controlled transparency of fields is supported. Composite documents can be printed or exported in multiple file formats.