quality attribute driven agile development n.
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Quality Attribute Driven Agile Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality Attribute Driven Agile Development

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Quality Attribute Driven Agile Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quality Attribute Driven Agile Development. 100525003 軟工一 吳彥諄. Scrum overview What happened to the software What is the quality attribute ACRUM Q&A. Outline. SCRUM Overview. Backlog focus on implementing functional backlogs in the Scrum.

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Quality Attribute Driven Agile Development

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quality attribute driven agile development

Quality Attribute Driven Agile Development

100525003 軟工一 吳彥諄


Scrum overview

  • What happened to the software
  • What is the quality attribute
  • Q&A
what happened to the software

Backlog focus on implementing functional backlogs in the Scrum.

  • A software project must be redesigned or it fails.
    • Caused by non-satisfaction of functional feature.
    • Caused by non-satisfaction of non-functional requirements called “Quality Attribute”
What Happened to The Software
what is the quality attribute

External and internal quality








Fault tolerance Recoverability

Reliability compliance





Functionality compliance

Analysability Change ability Stability


Maintainability compliance

Adaptability installability co-Existence replaceability

Portability compliance


Learnability Operability


Usability compliance

Time behavior Resource utilisation

Efficiency compliance

What Is The Quality Attribute

ISO 9126 Model for Quality Attribute

acrum introduction

ACRUM was designed based on the development process of the existing SCRUM

  • ACRUM Practice
    • AQUA Practice (Analysis of Quality Attributes)
    • RAM Practice (Requirement Association Matrix)
    • VAQ Practice (VAlidation of Quality attribute)
ACRUM Introduction
aqua practice 1 2

Phase 0: Preparation

Introduction AQUA process

Introduces the AQUA process to all project staff.

Explains the rules that all the members must follow.

Explains the objective of AQUA.

Phase 1: Initial Analysis

Present Business Driver

AQUA Practice (1/2)

Understand the core business driver.

Customer must prepare an RFP or business context data.

Gathering of Quality Attribute

Members have to elicit the related quality attributes

aqua practice 2 2

Phase 2: Complete Analysis

Elicit Quality Attribute

Elicit the quality attribute individually.

Refinement of Quality Attribute

Check the duplicate items.

Remove or modify the duplicate items.

AQUA Practice (2/2)

Writing Quality Attribute Scenarios

Written down in detail using the scenario to reflect properly the quality attributes in the software architecture.

Ex. “Data storing or backup operation should be complete within 3 seconds in a general environment.”

ram practice

RAM is the activity that maintains traceability through mapping between the functional requirements and the quality attributes.

RAM Practice
vaq practice 1 2

Three validation points in VAQ practice.

    • Whether or not there are functional backlog items that were mapped with the quality attribute is validated.
    • The achievement or non-achievement of the quality attribut.
    • The quality attribute will progress using the working software program.
  • If the quality attribute is not satisfied, function should be implemented again or a new strategy must be formulated to achieve the quality attribute.
VAQ Practice (1/2)
vaq practice 2 2

Checking RAM table




Checking Achievement or not




VAQ Practice (2/2)

Checking Validation Field

Checking working program


Produce new approach



case study

Project X and Y are commercial project of Samsung Electronics those develop defense code to protect errors of NAND Flash Device.

Case Study

Agile development methods are being recognized as popular and efficient approaches to development of software systems

  • ACRUM is embedded AQUA, RAM, and VAQ practice into SCRUM to achieve quality attributes in a system.
  • Architectural approach was suggested in the analysis phase.
    • architectural approaches were applied in the design phase, the software quality would have been improved