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Life in a Professional School. Fall 2010. How/when did it all start?. Melvil Dewey. 1876 ALA Library Journal Dewey Decimal Classification System 1883 Columbia and later Albany in 1888. How/when did it start in NC?. 1904: Wilson began offering summer courses in librarianship

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How when did it all start
How/when did it all start?


  • 1876

    • ALA

    • Library Journal

    • Dewey Decimal Classification System

  • 1883

    • Columbia and later Albany in 1888

How when did it start in nc
How/when did it start in NC?

  • 1904: Wilson began offering summer courses in librarianship

    • “A library school is needed, where

      librarians, like lawyers and doctors

      and teachers, may secure expert

      professional training… to tap the

      vast reservoir of human knowledge.”

  • 1931: School of Library Science opened, with the first class graduating in 1932

  • 1950: MSLS began to be offered

  • 1980: First PhD graduate

Louis Round Wilson

And what about information science
And what about information science?

  • Bush, Vannevar. “As We May Think." Atlantic Monthly, 176(1):101-108, 1945

  • Information explosion during and after WWII

  • Solution: The MEMEX

The memex

  • Coping with the growing amount of data

  • Personal information repository

  • Random access, extensibility, ability to add new data

A walk through history
A walk through history

  • ASIS&T founded in 1937 as the American Documentation Institute

  • 1950s & 60s – Transition to information science

  • 1980s – Library schools become ILS schools

  • 1992 – The Web is born

Today and tomorrow
Today and tomorrow…

  • Digital libraries

  • User-centered design

  • Human-computer interaction

  • Information architecture

  • Social media

  • Information retrieval

  • Knowledge management

  • Personal information management

  • Digital curation

What about the day after tomorrow???

For the future we need ils professionals
For the future, we need ILS professionals

  • But what do we mean by:

    • A professional?

    • An ILS professional?

The professional
The professional…

  • Is an expert problem solver

The professional1
The professional…

  • Occupies a position of TRUST

The professional2
The professional…

  • Builds community

The professional3
The professional…

  • Is a change agent

Ils professions include
ILS professions include…

  • Librarians of all types

Ils professions include1
ILS professions include…

  • Archivists & Records Managers

Ils professions include2
ILS professions include…

  • Information/Knowledge Managers

Ils professionals include1
ILS professionals include…

  • Web designers

  • Database designers

Becoming a professional involves1
Becoming a professional involves…

Commitment to lifelong learning

Becoming a professional involves2
Becoming a professional involves…

Active participation in professional associations

Student organizations at sils
Student organizations at SILS

ILSSA – ILS Student Association

IS Undergraduates Empowered (ISSUE)

Doctoral Student Association (DSA)

Art & Museum Professionals (AMLISS)

Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T)

Librarians (ALA)

Archivists (SCOSAA)

Special Librarians (SLA)

Your formal education at sils
Your formal education at SILS

…Plus 8 electives

Another view of the program
Another view of the program




MS Paper












Info Tech

Info Behaviors




Some core values at sils
Some core values at SILS

  • Collegiality, collaboration, and teamwork

  • Academic integrity

  • Social responsibility

Collegiality collaboration teamwork
Collegiality, collaboration, teamwork

  • Team assignments in classes

  • Use of resources in the School: library, lab

  • Sharing what you already know

Academic integrity
Academic integrity

  • UNC Honor Code/system,

  • Using others’ work: plagiarism

    • Online tutorial available:

  • Re-using your own work:



Social responsibility
Social responsibility

  • Service learning at UNC:

  • Volunteer efforts

    • Project Homestart

    • Habitat for Humanity

  • Devoting your professional efforts to work that is “worthwhile”

Project Homestart,

Chapel Hill, NC

Habitat for Humanity,

Orange County, NC

If you don t know ask
If you don’t know, ASK!

  • One another

    • Individually or via listserv

  • Your instructors

  • Your advisor

  • The office staff

    • Lara Bailey

    • Wake Harper

  • Me

    • 210 Manning Hall