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Melissa Jones-Bromenshenkel Associate Professor Dept. of Special Education

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Melissa Jones-Bromenshenkel Associate Professor Dept. of Special Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Melissa Jones-Bromenshenkel Associate Professor Dept. of Special Education Eastern Illinois University. Presented by: Melissa Jones-Bromenshenkel Associate Professor Dept. of Special Education Eastern Illinois University. There’s An App (or Tool) for That.

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Presentation Transcript

Melissa Jones-Bromenshenkel

Associate Professor

Dept. of Special Education

Eastern Illinois University

Presented by:

Melissa Jones-Bromenshenkel

Associate Professor

Dept. of Special Education

Eastern Illinois University

There’s An App

(or Tool)

for That

reasons ipads tools work
Reasons IPADs/Tools “Work”
  • Predictable
  • Consistent Pacing
  • Allow Control
  • Visualization of Tasks
  • Encourage Communication
  • Sensory Issues Addressed
  • Motivating
  • “Cool”/”Normal”
  • Allow Tracking
some characteristics of a great app or tool
Some Characteristics of a GREAT App or Tool
  • Kid-first
  • Simplicity
  • Options
  • Customization
  • Flexible Content Management
  • Visually Appealing
  • Cost
  • Fragile
  • Must Teach Use
  • Practice
  • Realize technology is NOT magic
  • Individualize
to help our students with ebd
To Help Our Students with EBD
  • Social Skill Development
  • Executive Functioning
  • Behavior Management
  • Data Collection
social skills

Social Skills

Set of skills people use to interact and communicate with one another

  • For iphone
  • For teens, tweens, and young adults
  • 5Rs: Relate, Relax, Reason, Regulate, Recognize
  • Intended to be used in everyday interactions
  • $39.99 but Lite version is available as are individual components (e.g. The Shredder, Voice Meter, Relax) at a reduced cost
social navigator
Social Navigator
  • For iphone
  • Used as teaching tool or behavior management device; can capture data
  • Customizable for each situation by asking four simple questions and then tailoring strategies
  • Targeted for children and teens
  • $49.99
the social express
The Social Express
  • Software and ipad app
  • Designed for children and young adults
  • High quality animation
  • Teaching tool/printables accompany
  • Many settings/choice options
  • Based on work of Michelle Garcia Winner
  • $49.99 but free 10-day trial; Digital Problem Solver $.99
social quest
Social Quest
  • For ipad
  • Designed for tweens and teens
  • Uses Story-Based Intervention which is an EBP (National Autism Center, 2011)
  • Has receptive and expressive activities
  • Reinforcement through rewards
  • Keeps data for records
  • $21.99
between the lines
Between the Lines
  • For iphone and ipad
  • All ages
  • 3 apps in the series: 1,2, advanced
    • Listening– match voice tone with facial expression
    • Body Language & Perspective Taking– what is he thinking
    • Expressions (slang and idioms)– what does it mean
  • $.99- $15.99 Lite versions available; full versions have many more tasks and can accommodate 75 users; have more reward games
quick cues
Quick Cues
  • For ipad and iphone
  • Social scripts (in mobile form) for teens and young adults
  • 5 Modules: Communication, Life Skills, Socialization, Coping, On the Job
  • Text-based—no “bells and whistles”/no visuals
  • $4.99 per module (only for purchase in-app)
  • Script Lists--
social skill builder
Social Skill Builder
  • For iphone and ipad
  • Wider age range (settings include: Preschool, Elementary, Middle/High School, and the Community
  • Uses video-modeling followed by questions
  • Addresses: friendship, understanding emotions, problem-solving, critical thinking, and perspective taking
  • $14.99 for complete version; lite version $2.99
my life skills box
My Life Skills Box
  • For iphone and ipad
  • Teaching app for task analysis
  • 3Environments: Everyday life skills, social skills, playing
  • Free
  • “Boring”
executive functioning

Executive Functioning

The executive functions are a set of processes that all have to do with managing oneself and one's resources in order to achieve a goal. It is an umbrella term for the neurologically-based skills involving mental control and self-regulation.

  • For Setting Reminders
  • Uses Pop-ups
  • Simple
  • Can send to email
  • App and computer based (11 platforms)
  • Task manager
  • Has filtering and color-coding
  • Can integrate with text
30 30
  • App and Timer Combined
  • Very visual
  • Gesture-based
  • Combination of Reminders, Notes, Info Sharing
  • Notebooks that can be reorganized
  • Allows Audio, Typed, Video, Pictures
  • Free
  • Part of the Evernote family
  • Allows handwritten notes
  • Able to synch and search

Combines note-taking and recording

Available as software and apps

Can use Powerpoint slides as background

Insert pictures, drawings, etc.

Highlight important information


  • Brainstorming
  • Collaboration
  • Presentation
  • Paper planning and organizing
  • App and software (Apple or Google)
  • Variety of pricing plans
  • Very visual
  • Online templates
tools 4 students tools 4 students 2
Tools 4 Students &Tools 4 Students 2
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Focused on Understanding what one reads
  • $.99 each
behavior management

Behavior Management

Set of actions (or inactions) that can help enhance a person’s or group’s behavior

  • Allows a teacher to track multiple students
  • Goal-setting
  • Pictures are used as puzzle pieces
  • Children earn one at a time
  • $1.99
  • VisTimer $1.99
  • Time Timer $2.99-$4.99
  • Stoplight Clock $1.99
  • Kiddie Countdown Timer $. 99
  • Homework Stopwatch $.99
  • Sharing Timer $7.99
  • Uses a token system to reinforce
  • Can be applied to multiple users
  • Includes first-then two step reward
  • Many customizable features
  • $4.99
class dojo
Class Dojo
  • Can be used on computer, smart board, ipad, etc.
  • Whole Group Management/Rewards
  • Real-time Reinforcement
  • Customizable
  • Report Generation
  • Tons of “Extras”– certificates, images, etc.
  • Free
data collection

Data Collection

The act of collecting and processing data for the purpose of objective decision making

tx therapy tools
Tx (Therapy) Tools
  • Frequency Counter
  • Percentage Calculator
  • IEP Scheduler
  • Chronological Age Finder
  • Free
behavior tracker pro
Behavior Tracker Pro
  • Data gathering tool– various techniques
  • Can graph (with phase lines
  • Allows Sharing
  • Video
  • Multiple Observers/Multiple Students
  • $29.99
reference tools
Reference Tools
  • Ideas for dealing with different types of “problem” behavior
  • To-do’s and Don’ts
  • $1.99
checklist for apps vincent
Checklist for Apps (Vincent)
  • Use of app is relevant to the purpose and student needs
  • Help or tutorial is available in the app
  • Content is appropriate for the student
  • Information is error-free, factual, and reliable
  • Content can be exported, copied, or printed
  • App’s settings and/or content can be customized
  • Customized content can be transferred to other devices
  • History is kept of student use of the app
  • Design of app is functional and visually stimulating
  • Student can exit app at any time without losing progress
  • Works with accessibility options like VoiceOver and Speak Selection
checklist continued
Checklist Continued
  • App is free of charge or inexpensive
  • No in-app purchases are necessary for intended use of app
  • App loads quickly and does not crash
  • App contains no advertising
  • App has been updated in the last 6 months
  • App promotes creativity and imagination
  • App provides opportunities to use higher order thinking skills
  • App promotes collaboration and idea sharing
  • App provides useful feedback