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Leading At The Edge Chapter 2

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Leading At The Edge Chapter 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leading At The Edge Chapter 2. By Dequan Gregory Joseph Hindman Thomas Kennedy Cooper Lemons Matthew McCartney Korey Letterle. Symbolism and Personal Example. Give the Right Speech Use Vivid Symbols Be Visible: Let People See You Leading. Give The Right Speech.

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leading at the edge chapter 2

Leading At The EdgeChapter 2


Dequan Gregory

Joseph Hindman

Thomas Kennedy

Cooper Lemons

Matthew McCartney


symbolism and personal example
Symbolism and Personal Example
  • Give the Right Speech
  • Use Vivid Symbols
  • Be Visible: Let People See You Leading
give the right speech
Give The Right Speech
  • When the situation is dire, the power of the right words is striking, it shows people under your command your confidence in your groups ability. It provides a balance and a different usually more realistic look at your situation.
  • Shackleton used the right words and tone to motivate his men. He tried to provide activities that would get them from thinking negatively.
giving the right speech lessons for leaders
Giving the Right Speech:Lessons for Leaders
  • Tailor your speech for the situation
  • Excitement helps with motivation
  • Confidence and reassurance
  • Mary Jane Fortin, American General Life
  • Personal examples carry profound power
  • P. 37, speech given by Fortin
al pacino any given sunday
Al Pacino: Any Given Sunday
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO4tIrjBDkk
  • Colonel Tim Collins Inspirational Motivational Speech
vivid symbols
Vivid Symbols
  • Keeping the moral of the group up as much as a leader could
  • Mistakes can be overcome
  • Leaving behind material things to increase chances of survival
vivid symbols lessons for leaders
Vivid Symbols:Lessons for Leaders
  • Use visible memorable symbols
  • Incorporate ingenuity
  • Remember not everyone has the same leadership style
be visible let people see you leading

Be Visible Let People See You Leading

Lead by example and from the front.

Instead of giving an order, show it.

real situations
Real Situations
  • Shackelton
    • Keeps moral of men up while on terrible voyage.
    • Stands exposed to weather in front of boat to show men he is with them.
    • Gives his gloves to one of his men when he loses his own despite -4 degree weather.
  • Sgt. Campbell
    • Does not take cover despite hail of bullets in order to calm platoon in a fire fight.
leader visibility lessons
Leader visibility / lessons
  • So what are some important Lessons to take away from the stories of Shackleton and Sergeant “Wild Bill”?

James Caird

expedition log
Expedition Log
  • As you look at and think about the things your team needs to do to reach The Edge, what are the most critical priorities?
  • Think of a vivid image or symbol (i.e. person or movie you saw) that demonstrates a leading from the front or setting the example. How has it impacted you to see those you look up to setting the example and leading the way?
  • Have you ever had anybody give the right speech at the right time? If so who was and how did it motivate the team?
  • How important is it to lead from the front? What would you do to create face time with your subordinates?