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Nature/Nurture – Hypothesis 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Nature/Nurture – Hypothesis 1

Nature/Nurture – Hypothesis 1

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Nature/Nurture – Hypothesis 1

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  1. Nature/Nurture – Hypothesis 1 Hypothesis – People are by nature good OR People are by nature evil You will be divided into 2 groups; 1’s are the good nature, 2’s are the evil nature. Find an article that supports your hypothesis. Read it, print it out and summarize on a notecard or ½ sheet. Bring into class and be ready to share.

  2. Fred Rogers • Ordained Preacher • Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood for several decades • Advocate for all children • Author • Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award

  3. Mia Farrow • Hollywood Actress • Committed to putting an end to genocide in Darfur • Adopted several children from Africa and around the world, some with disabilities

  4. Born in WI to a middle class family Moved to Ohio; later parents divorced Became interested in dead animals Ultimately would be arrested for cannibalism, child molestation, and multiple murders and dismemberment

  5. Aileen Wuornos American; serial killer in FL. Killed 7 men while prostituting; says killings were in self defense. Died by lethal injection in 2002 Severely abused as a child; raped by grandfather @ 14 and became pregnant

  6. Nature/Nurture – Hypothesis 2 Hypothesis: Attractive people are more likely to be successful than non-attractive people 2 Operational Definitions: (define in your own words) Attractive- Successful- *The following slides have examples of well-known successful/attractive people of the 20th century

  7. Mark Zuckerberg • Company: Facebook Net worth: $18.1 billion 2011 compensation: $1.49 million

  8. Larry Page • Company: Google Net worth: $18.3 billion 2010 compensation: $1,786

  9. Warren Buffett • Company: Berkshire Hathaway Net worth: $44.7 billion 2011 compensation: $491,925

  10. Oprah Winfrey Company: Harpo Productions Net Worth: $2.7 Billion Annual Salary: $315 million

  11. Christy Walton - Walmart The Walmart Family Net Worth: $23.5 billion Semi-annual salary in past 6 months: $200 million

  12. Marissa Mayer President and CEO of Yahoo! Net Worth: $300 million Salary: $117 million over 5 years

  13. Mother Theresa • Catholic Nun; lived a life of poverty • Won Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 • Assisted those with AIDS, leprosy, drug addiction

  14. Pope John Paul II • Head of Catholic Church/Vatican from 1978-2005 • Attempted to bring peace to Jews, Muslims, and Christians • Visited his attempted assassin in prison and forgave him

  15. Barack Obama - President

  16. Jennifer Aniston - Actress

  17. George Clooney - Actor

  18. Jennifer Lopez - Entertainer

  19. Your Assignment • You will find an article online based on your assigned number. Print off the article, read it, and summarize on a notecard or ½ sheet of paper in one paragraph. Bring to class with you. • Hypotheses 1 & 2 (if you were a 1 first, you will switch for this activity) 1’s – Attractiveness has much to do with success 2’s – Attractiveness has little to do with success *You may have to play around with the titles, but you are to find one article similar to your hypothesis

  20. Your 2 hypotheses • Find another person with the same hypothesis ( 1 or 2). Share your article and findings with that person. Look for similarities. List 2 facts from their article under your facts. About 10 minutes will be given • Next, the 2 of you will find 2 opposites, to form a group of 4. We might have an odd # of groups. Share your findings with each other and write 3 facts about their findings underneath your findings. Make a distinction between yours and theirs. About 10 minutes. • Go back to your seats and analyze your data. Answer the following questions on your paper: 1)Do you agree with your hypothesis or the other group? Why? 2) Which article/hypothesis seemed to be more research based? Reliable and valid?

  21. Is Homosexuality a product of Nature or Nurture? • You will read your assigned topic and write 5 key points that validate your “yes or no”, whether you personally agree or not (not a debate) • You will bring the article back to class tomorrow with your key points. We will discuss on Monday.

  22. After reading your case study, answer the following questions. • Looking at your five key points, does the author make a valid argument for each of your points? Give evidence for each (one sentence or less) • Find an “opposite (yes or no)List 5 of the key points from the other p.o.v. that you found interesting. • List any statistics found in your article (2) • Was religion a part of the discussion for either the yes or no? • What was the tone of the author? (ex. optimistic, pessimistic, angry, hopeful, purely scientific, emotional) Why? Give evidence found in your article. • Many argue that if it were proven that homosexuality is biologically based, would decrease. Do you agree with that statement? Yes or no, why or why not based on your readings. • Hand in article and your 10 points